7 Trendy Salt Shakers For Modern Cooks

Salt – a humble yet essential ingredient in our kitchens. It’s the seasoning that can elevate a dish from bland to savoury. And every modern cook knows the proper salt shaker can make a difference. In this article, we’ll explore seven trendy salt shakers that serve their purpose and add a touch of style to your kitchen.

The Role Of Salt In Cooking

Before we dive into the trendy salt shakers, let’s take a moment to appreciate the role of salt in cooking. It’s not just about adding flavour; salt enhances and balances the taste of your dishes. So, having the proper salt shaker is more important than you think.

Why Were Salt Shakers Invented?

Inventors created salt shakers to help people effortlessly sprinkle a precise amount of salt on their food. Before salt shakers, people used to use their fingers or pinch salt from containers, which could be messy and imprecise. The shakers allowed a more convenient and accurate way to season their meals, improving the dining experience.

The Top 7 Trendy Salt Shakers

Minimalist Glass Salt Shaker

This glass salt shaker embodies simplicity in design. Its clean lines and transparent construction seamlessly integrate into modern kitchen aesthetics. Its practicality shines through in its ease of use and the advantage of allowing you to see precisely how much salt you add to your dishes.

Artisanal Ceramic Salt Shaker

The artisanal ceramic salt shaker is a true testament to craftsmanship. Each piece is a unique work of art, elevating the sophistication of your dining table. Beyond its visual appeal, its handcrafted design serves a functional purpose by offering an elegant way to season your meals.

Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder

Busy chefs and home cooks will appreciate the convenience of an electric salt and pepper grinder. These sleek devices come equipped with adjustable coarseness settings, allowing you to season your dishes with precision and minimal effort. They bring a touch of modernity to your kitchen arsenal.

Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

The magnetic salt and pepper shaker set is a space-saving marvel. Its ingenious design keeps both shakers together, helping you maintain kitchen organisation. Additionally, its contemporary aesthetics contribute a stylish element to your dining area, making it functional and visually appealing.

Himalayan Pink Salt Block and Grater

Embracing the trend of Himalayan pink salt in modern cuisine, this salt block and grater combo lets you fully experience its unique, mineral-rich flavour. Grate fresh salt onto your dishes for an exceptional culinary experience, adding depth and complexity to your meals.

Sustainable Bamboo Salt Shaker

A bamboo salt shaker is a sustainable choice in today’s eco-conscious world. This stylish design, crafted from eco-friendly bamboo, blends well with modern tastes, making it a green and responsible addition to your kitchen.

High-Tech Smart Salt Shaker

The smart salt shaker is a revolutionary addition for tech enthusiasts who embrace technology in every facet of life. It boasts features like portion control and connectivity to smartphone apps, enabling you to season your dishes with unparalleled precision. This high-tech kitchen gadget revolutionises the way you approach seasoning and cooking.

How To Choose The Right Salt Shaker

Choosing the proper salt shaker may seem simple. Still, it’s an opportunity to add a personality to your kitchen while ensuring practicality. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the perfect salt shaker:

Personal Preferences

Your personal preferences significantly influence your choice of a salt shaker. Consider how you like to season your dishes. Do you savour a pinch of salt or prefer a more generous sprinkling? Do you favour traditional designs, or does modern aesthetics captivate you? Understanding your preferences will guide you towards a shaker that aligns with your culinary style.

Kitchen Decor

Consider how the salt shaker will fit into your kitchen decor. The suitable salt shaker can be a subtle yet impactful element of your kitchen’s visual appeal. For a minimalist, contemporary kitchen, go for a sleek, modern shaker that enhances the aesthetic. Choose a salt shaker with artisanal or classic design elements in a rustic or traditional kitchen to blend seamlessly.


When choosing a salt shaker, remember that your budget plays a practical role. The great thing about trendy salt shakers is that they come in a wide range of price points, providing choices that suit various budgets, from affordable to premium selections. So, set a budget that fits your financial comfort, and then dive into the options available within that range.

Material and Durability

The salt shaker’s material matters in terms of aesthetics and durability. Common materials for salt shakers include glass, ceramic, stainless steel, wood, and plastic. Each material offers a unique look and feel. Consider how durable the material is, whether it can withstand regular use, and potential accidents in the kitchen.

Size and Capacity

Think about the size and capacity of the salt shaker and your cooking habits. A giant shaker might be more practical if you often prepare large meals or entertain guests. Conversely, a more miniature shaker could be better if you have limited counter space or prefer to keep things compact.

Ease of Use

A salt shaker should be easy to use, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking. Consider the shaker’s design and functionality. Does it dispense salt evenly and precisely? Is it easy to refill? Look for a shaker that suits your comfort and convenience needs.


Think about the ease of cleaning and maintenance. Some salt shakers are dishwasher-safe, while others require more delicate care. Consider how willing you are to invest time in keeping your shaker clean and in good condition.

How Much Salt Comes Out Of The Shaker?

The salt from a shaker depends on how much you shake it. When you shake the shaker, some salt grains fall out. If you shake it gently, only a little salt comes out, but more salt comes out if you shake it vigorously. So, the quantity of salt from a shaker is determined by how much you shake it.

Wrap Up

A stylish salt shaker isn’t just a functional kitchen gadget; it’s a distinctive decorative element that enhances your culinary environment. It adds style to your kitchen while delivering precise functionality. Whether you prefer minimalism, artisanal craftsmanship, or cutting-edge design, a stylish salt shaker matches your taste. Elevate your kitchen essentials and immerse yourself in the elegance of contemporary culinary experiences.

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