20 Beautiful Bob Braids Hairstyles You Simply Can’t Miss

Looking to switch up your braided hairstyle this year? Short, braided styles like bob braids 2021 top the trend list these days. These styles are great for many reasons like framing your face and trying out unique styles without a full length commitment.

Additionally, shorter braids mean less pulling on the scalp, something we can all embrace. Whether you prefer asymmetrical styles, simple parts, or wild and fun details, there is certainly a bob braids style out there for you.

Top 20 Braided Styles

Continue on to find your perfect bob braid style on our list.

1. Curly Box Braids

Alternating between tight braids and curly, loose pieces adds tons of texture to your hairstyle. On medium hair that isn’t too thick, this look is perfect.

To emphasize the looping nature of the curly strands of hair, smooth and swirl your edges that surround your face.

2. Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical styles are instantly slimming for babes with round or full face shapes. Typically, these styles look best with a side or slightly off-center part to balance out the opposing lengths.

Of course, any hair color will do, but we really love the blend of blonde and black hair giving off a beachy glow.

3. Rounded Bob

This sweet style is so easy and sophisticated. A simple center part provides the perfect structure for this curled under bob that cups just underneath the chin.

This heavily rounded style typically works best on oval face shapes, but it can also conceal a harsh jawline on a square face shape.

4. Caramel Highlights

Sometimes a touch of color is all you need to spice up your bob braids style. Light caramel highlights are very on trend and brighten up the natural warmth found in golden skin tones.

For a casual feeling, add several lighter braids evenly around the head. As for the front of the hair, a golden strand should fall around the face on each side of the hair for an illuminating effect.

5. Fulani Braids Bob

Fulani styles are as stunning as they are ancient. Symbolizing strength, these braids are parted down the middle and move out from there over the sides of the head.

Short Fulani styles like this one feel very fresh, thanks to a resurgence of this style and their Lemonade style counterparts. To make it feel unique, add pretty beads to the ends of braids.

6. Ombre Locs

Locs are great for giving your hair a natural feel with a sexy, laidback vibe. What makes this look relevant in 2021, however, is the ombre style focused on the ends of hair.

Ask your stylist for chocolate brown locs with a super warm honey color on the remaining two inches of hair. It’s totally perfect on a bob hairstyle.

7. Zig Zag Straight Backs

Bump up your basic straight backs by adding a unique zig zag style. This look suits women both young and old.

By sweeping all your hair back, you’re showing off your beautiful face while protecting the hair close to the scalp. Let your braids skim your shoulders for a super fresh feeling.

8. Side Part Braids

You can create a part on your hairstyle or use a unique feature to give the illusion of a side part that feels fun.

Create a point over one of your eyes and use it to fan out the braids from there in a circular motion. This detail is perfectly suited for a short, rounded bob with classy band details on the ends of braids.

9. Burgundy Red

Perhaps it’s a fun fashion color that you’re interested in. This warm burgundy red is great on lighter skin with warm undertones.

To show off contrast between your natural black hair and this reddish tone, create a side braid on your preferred side and secure with a gold bead.

10. Knotless Box Braids

Also known as feed in braids, a knotless style is one of the gentlest braided styles out there. It will prevent traction alopecia while also giving you that flatter, seamless look that many women want.

Just as the braids are simple, so is the straight across length of this lovely hairstyle. To create some balance and add structure, flip a few braids over the midline of the head.

11. Inverted Bob Braids

Inverted styles are great for babes with lots of thick hair and chunky braids that are looking for some necessary shape.

To create that roundness at the back of the head, the braids on top should be shorter in a layered fashion. The ends of the hair should grow longer as you move towards the front.

12. Long Bob with Beads

Perhaps a longer bob is more your style. Also known as a lob, this hair length dips below the shoulders and looks very on trend when cut in a blunt fashion.

Because hair is a little bit longer than a cropped bob style, braids look awesome with beaded details on the ends.

13. Pretty in Pink

Another interesting fashion color to try is this pastel Easter egg pink. Many younger women choose this style with knotted details for a fun, chunky effect.

Additionally, you can add beads and charms wherever you see fit. These medium width braids are tapered so the smaller ends can help shape the jawline and face.

14. Electric Blue Box Braids

This purple and electric blue blend is awesome on a fuller hairstyle. This look is characterized by box braids and alternating loose and curly strands with medium braids.

Because there is a lot going on with color and texture, simple blunt cut lengths provide necessary sophistication and clean lines.

15. Asymmetrical Bob with Side Braids Detail

Creating a part with braids is part of what makes bob braids so much fun. For a clean look, begin braids horizontally on one side of the head and vertically on top.

While your braids can certainly be all one length, this feature looks great with a rounded style done asymmetrically.

16. Blue Box Braids with Beads

A great way to contrast warm skin is with a bright yet cool color scheme. These deep cobalt braids with a touch of teal are perfect for babes with thinner hair and smaller braids.

To add a sense of fullness to this look, consider adding chunky wooden beads to the ends of hair, as seen here. The contrast will add interest to your style, for sure.

17. Jumbo Braids

To give off a sense of fullness to your hair, create super chunky braids done in a center part to frame your face. Thick braids aren’t for everyone, but they work wonders on extra thick locks.

To break up any bulk, this bob should be cut in a blunt fashion. Elongate your face and frame your chin with this slightly longer lob style.

18. Tassel Braids

An easy way to set your bob braids apart in 2021 is with a simple tassel detail. To achieve, simply secure braids and leave a tiny portion of hair loose and straight to give a fringe effect.

To enhance a clean feeling this look provides, try a simple center part created by a thin braid running down the center of the scalp.

19. Chunky Layered Twists

Twists often provide a mature feeling for women of a certain age. This two-strand style has an elegant appearance that is enhanced by a layered haircut.

Ask your stylist for shorter braids around the face to frame the eyes and structure your cheekbones. Layers should be done throughout the hair to add an extra element to this look.

20. Crisscrossing Scalp Detail

If adding a fashion color isn’t your thing, try another on-trend element like this crisscrossing braided scalp detail.

This look will keep your braids from pulling on the scalp all while providing an interesting background to basic black and chunky braids. Add a few golden beads and you’re good to go!

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