Dan Bongino’s health: His recent surgery explained

Dan Bongino is the conservative host of Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, one of Fox News’ most popular shows. Bongino also hosts The Dan Bongino Show podcast and a talk radio show with the same name on Westwood One. Bongino said he would leave the radio show at the expiry of his contract with Cumulus Media. 

The former Secret Service agent said that despite his love of live radio, he couldn’t continue working for Cumulus Media. Bongino and Cumulus Media clashed over the company’s vaccine mandate. Bongino opposed the mandate, but he was vaccinated on the advice of doctors as he battled lymphoma. 

Dan Bongino recently underwent surgery on his elbow but isn’t sick

Dan Bongino underwent surgery on his elbow in early February 2023. The operation was a success, and Bongino is in recovery. 

“Doing okay! Out of surgery and the doc did a massive cleanup operation on my elbow. Thanks for all of your prayers and messages. I really appreciate it,” Bongino wrote on social media

Bongino’s subsequent Instagram issue suggested that the operation corrected a long-term elbow defect. “My new elbow!” Bongino wrote. “Straighter than it’s been in ten years.”

Bongino battled lymphoma and is currently cancer free

According to Survivornet, Bongino learned from a keen oncology nurse watching The Dan Bongino Show that he had a lump in his neck. A biopsy of the tumor revealed that Bongino had lymphoma. 

Bongino said the diagnosis shocked him: he exercised often, he didn’t take drugs, and his family had no history of cancer. He stated:

“I just kind of broke down a bit… I said to my mother, ‘I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I’ve never done a drug in my entire life ever. Not one time. I work out five days a week.’ I eat clean as a whistle, and there’s zero – not a little, but zero – cancer in my family.”

Bongino experienced a few chemotherapy side effects, including seemingly endless ‘chemo hiccups’ that affected his sleep schedule. His wife, Paula Andrea, helped him through the worst of the hiccups. “My wife – I was like a child – she would be patting my back like she was burping a child and we would be up to two or three in the morning,” he said. 

Bongino’s commitment to work gave him the motivation to keep going. He continued: “And I was like, ‘You know what, I’m gonna do it, this isn’t that bad, and I’ll get through it. Toughen up, don’t be a wuss and get on the air.’”

“Every minute of your life is a gift,” Bongino concluded.

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