Dexter Lumis’ wife —The truth about his marriage to Indi Hartwell

Dexter Lumis (real name Samuel Robert Shaw) is a professional wrestler signed to WWE. Lumis played a key role in the early March 2023 fight for the NXT Women’s Championship: he helped Indi Hartwell climb the ladder to win the title. 

Indi’s win and Lumis’ role in the victory were celebrated by WWE fans, who witnessed the next chapter in the couple’s love story. “Delivered,” Lumis wrote alongside an Instagram photo of Indi celebrating her victory. 

Lumis and Indi are married on screen. The couple tied the knot in a September 2021 ceremony attended by several wrestling stars, including Johnny Gargano. 

It’s unclear if Dexter Lumis is married or dating in real life

Dexter Lumis’ off-screen love life is a mystery. It’s unclear if he is married or dating in real life. 

His on-screen marriage to Indi Hartwell is seemingly scripted. Their road to marriage started when Indi proposed to Lumis inside Capital Wrestling Center. On 14th September 2021, Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis wed. The crowd went wild when the often silent Lumis said, ‘I do.’ 

WWE fans have seen their fair share of scripted marriages, including Lumis and Indi’s. Lumis seemingly confirmed that his marriage to Indi is fake when he told Sportskeeda:

“I think the thing that makes it so loved and relatable is that the storyline is relatable, you know. It’s like the girl chasing after this guy who’s, you know, the parents don’t really approve of, and everyone’s trying to pull her away from him.”

Lumis and Indi must promote the narrative that they are married. Therefore, we understand why neither shares information about their real-life relationships.

Some WWE fans invested in the couple’s storyline speculate that Lumis and Indi are married in real life. Others acknowledge that Lumis and Indi may have real-life partners. On 15th September 2021, @JustBilliam tweeted: “Is this legit or does someone come out and we discover that Dexter Lumis is already married?”

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