Did Jeffrey Dahmer kill his grandma? Their relationship explored

Netflix’s DahmerMonster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story explores nearly all aspects of the serial killer’s life and crimes, including his relationship with his paternal grandmother, Catherine Dahmer. After Jeffrey moved in with Catherine in 1981, the pair lived relatively harmoniously. 

Lionel, Jeffrey’s father, and Shari, Jeffrey’s stepmother, sent Jeffrey to live with Catherine at 2357 South 57th Street in West Allis, Wisconsin, hoping the change of environment would reform him. The older Dahmer hoped Jeffrey would quit drinking, find employment, and live responsibly. 

Jeffrey responded positively: he accompanied Catherine to church, sought work, performed chores, and abided by most of her house rules. However, in 1987, Jeffrey gave in to his murderous compulsions and later murdered three people in his grandmother’s house. 

Dahmer didn’t kill his grandmother, who died in December 1992

In Wisconsin, Jeffrey Dahmer continued smoking and drinking, but overall, his behavior improved. Catherine was the only family member to whom Dahmer showed affection, and she appeared to influence him positively. 

Nevertheless, Jeffrey had a couple of run-ins with the authorities: In 1982, he was arrested for indecent exposure after exposing himself at the Wisconsin State Fair Park; In 1986, Dahmer was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior for masturbating in the presence of two boys. 

Catherine didn’t evict Dahmer, a kindness he repaid by turning her house into a murder location. In 1987, Dahmer killed Steven Tuomi at Ambassador Hotel and transported his body to his grandmother’s residence, where he dismembered it. 

Dahmer committed three murders at the location. In September 1988, Catherine asked Jeffrey to leave because he drank too much and brought men to the house late at night. She also complained of strange smells emanating from the basement and garage. 

Dahmer temporarily moved to an apartment at 808 North 24th Street before moving back in with Catherine in March 1989. Jeffrey left Catherine’s residence for good in 1990 and moved into the infamous Oxford Apartments. 

Catherine didn’t kill his grandmother and probably wouldn’t have if they had continued to live together. Dahmer’s murders were sexually inspired, and Dahmer was only attracted to men; therefore, he only killed men. 

Furthermore, Catherine was the only family member Jeffrey enjoyed being around, making it unlikely that he would have killed her. 

Catherine Darmer, 88, died on 25th December 1992, nearly two years before Jeffrey’s passing in prison. 

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