How did Edot Baby die? His untimely death

Edot Baby, one of New York’s upcoming drill rappers, sadly passed away in November 2022. The rapper was one of the pioneers of drill in Harlem. Edot made a name for himself via social media alongside other rappers like DD Osama, Ice Spice, and Kay Flock. 

Baby told On the Radar that his focus was refining his lines: “I’m working on my own sound. One thing I try to be heavy on is my bars. Even if I’m not melodic, I want to have the best bars.”

Weeks before his death, Edot had signed a deal with a major label, underlining the enormity of his talent. 

Edot Baby allegedly died due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head

Edot Baby allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. He was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. 

In the space of months, DD Osama mourned the death of his brother, Notti Osama, and his friend, Edot. Baby’s alleged suicide death confounded fans, considering his career breakthrough seemed imminent. 

Edot’s girlfriend denied rumors that she had something to do with Edot’s death

It’s unclear if the police have officially declared Edot’s death a suicide. Some reports claim that the authorities are investigating allegations of foul play. 

A viral internet rumor claims Baby’s girlfriend had something to do with his death. Screenshots allegedly sourced from the rapper’s niece cast suspicion on Edot’s girlfriend as she moved the gun and took Baby’s jewelry. 

Edot’s girlfriend defended herself via Instagram, writing that she would be in jail if the allegations were accurate. She continued:

“His gun was moved because he was still breathing and I was gonna attempt to take him to the hospital. Was I supposed to leave it on the floor? In the hallway? Pls explain? Cus I don’t even know what I was really supposed to do in that moment.”

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