Fashion Faceoff: Cowboy Hat Vs. Party Cowgirl Hat – Unraveling Style Showdowns!

Cowgirl hats are very popular among folks due to the variety of designs, ready availability and ease of use. Party Glowz is the largest supplier for cowboy cowgirl hats in the US. Party cowgirl hats and cowboy hats share a similar western-inspired design, but there are some differences between the two, both in terms of style and functionality. Here are some distinctions:

1. Brim Shape:

   – Cowboy Hat: Traditional cowboy hats typically have a wider brim that extends all the way around the crown, providing shade to the face and neck. The brim is often shaped to curve slightly upward on the sides. These hats are best suited for ranch parties and more. 

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: These hats may have a more stylized or exaggerated brim, sometimes with unique shapes or decorative edges. They might prioritize fashion over practical sun protection.

2. Crown Height:

   – Cowboy Hat: Cowboy hats often have a taller crown, giving them a more prominent and rugged appearance. The crown may have a crease or pinch in the center and the height can vary.

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: The crown of party cowgirl hats may be lower or more stylized, catering to fashion preferences rather than adhering strictly to the traditional cowboy hat shape.

3. Decorations and Embellishments:

   – Cowboy Hat: Traditional cowboy hats are usually more understated, with minimal decorations. Some may have a leather band or a stampede string for practical reasons. They come in subtle and neutral colors which rarely draw attention. 

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: These hats are often designed with a focus on aesthetics and may feature decorative elements like sequins, ribbons, flowers, or other embellishments. They are meant to stand out and add a festive touch to outfits. Cowgirl hats usually have crowns in the front along with colored stones. 

4. Materials:

   – Cowboy Hat: Traditional cowboy hats are often made of durable materials like felt or straw, depending on the intended use (e.g., felt for colder weather, straw for warmer climates).

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: While they can also be made from similar materials, party cowgirl hats may use a wider range of fabrics and materials to achieve a more glamorous or playful look.

5. Occasions:

   – Cowboy Hat: Cowboy hats are often associated with practicality and are worn for functional purposes, such as sun protection or during ranch work. They can also be worn to formal events. 

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: These hats are designed specifically for festive occasions, bachelorette parties, birthday parties or themed events. They prioritize style and may not offer the same level of practicality as traditional cowboy hats.

6. Color and Patterns:

   – Cowboy Hat: Traditional cowboy hats often come in neutral colors like brown, black, or tan. Patterns are usually more subdued. These fabrics are usually plain in texture and look.

   – Party Cowgirl Hat: These hats often come in a variety of vibrant colors and may feature bold patterns or glittery finishes to enhance their festive appeal. They are adorned with LED lights, EL wire, sequins and more.

In summary, while both party cowgirl hats and cowboy hats draw inspiration from Western fashion, party cowgirl hats tend to be more decorative, stylized and geared towards adding a playful element to outfits for special occasions. Traditional cowboy hats, on the other hand, are designed with a focus on functionality and a rugged, practical aesthetic. PartyGlowz offers party cowboy cowgirl hats which are best in quality and low in pricing. 

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