21 Stunning Hair Styles For Short Hair

Whether you want to give your hair a drastic chop or you’ve always preferred shorter hair, a close-cut crop is always a sophisticated choice. Not only is short hair easy to maintain, but it’s an instant style elevator.

The right short haircut can shape your face, frame your eyes, and enhance your cheekbones in ways that long lines from long hair simply can’t. If you’re looking to freshen up your short haircut, then you’ve come to the trendiest place.

The Best Styles For Short Hair

Below are some of the best hair styles for short hair out there. Read on for some serious inspiration!

#1 Sleek Angled Bob with Highlights

You can never go wrong with a bob! While this style is simple and sleek, an angular cut adds something a little more interesting.

To achieve this look, the hair needs to be longest around your face. It’s not ideal for a long face shape, but rather looks fantastic on babes with a heart or oval face.

#2 Fiery Fauxhawk

Add a little spice to your short pixie cut with a sexy mohawk style. This particular ‘do requires a pixie with more hair on top than on the sides to create amazing height.

When styling, be sure to use a wax or mousse when hair is wet and blow dry in a mohawk fashion. Too much gel can leave this look feeling too wet.

#3 Curly Pixie Bangs

If you think that curly hair is too full to rock short, then think again. It’s all about creating lovely shape and using your curls to help fill out the look.

Opt for a buzz at the nape and a rounded crop on top to let your curls get a little bit wild. Gorgeous side bangs with loose tendrils adds an artsy flair.

#4 Razor Layered Pixie

On the other hand, straight hair can also rock a similar style. The buzzed portion of the nape should be shorter than on the style above, however, to emphasize as much roundness as possible.

Your hair stylist will use a razor to cut cool, choppy layers that give off a vibrant feeling of movement. Pretty side bangs add the perfect final touch.

#5 Textured Blonde Bob

This look is so on trend, you’re likely seeing it everywhere. But when it works, it works! A tousled bob happens to look great on everybody.

If your bob is blonde, be sure you’re giving your locks enough moisture. Creating a few bends with a curling wand shouldn’t be too damaging, but styling on a weekly basis can take its toll.

#6 Tousled French Bob

This haircut is where a French bob and an inspired shag combine to create a uniquely artful look. A French bob is typically cut just below the ears in a 1920s style. It instantly elevates your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing.

To keep it feeling shaggy and laid back, the bangs are tousled in a forward motion and bedhead texture isn’t tamped down but rather, enhanced.

#7 Cropped High Fade with Detail

Show off a gorgeous face with this bare-it-all pixie cut. The best part about a cut like this for natural hair is the ability to play with height according to your face shape. If it’s rather symmetrical and not too thin, a few inches of height at the top looks sexy and dramatic.

To make the look your own, consider line details at your temples. Of course, lines can be added anywhere and can take on any shape!

#8 Gorgeous Height

There is a common misconception that short hair is difficult to dress up for formal events. This style says otherwise! Gorgeous height can elevate your look like no other and make those cheekbones pop.

To create this style, apply a generous amount of mousse before blow drying hair up and swept to the side. It looks especially glamorous with darker, edgy roots.

#9 Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt cuts can be severe, but on a longer lob, they simply look stylish and sophisticated. Try out a sleek center part to really bring this look together.

For a bit of added interest and a pop of dimension, highlight the front two strands of hair that surround the face at least a shade or two lighter than your hair. This will give your face a lovely brightening effect.

#10 Curly Bob with Bangs

Angular bobs characterized by blunt lines and features like straight bangs are very on trend. Give your stunning curls some room to work with by trying out a powerful style like this one.

A tidy cut provides great contrast to free flowing, round curls. Don’t be afraid of a thick fringe, either. It will only spark envy!

#11 Soft Rounded Fringe

Long and angular faces can be lovely, but sometimes you need an element to soften things up. This closely cropped pixie cut is characterized by short and rounded baby bangs that can totally transform the shape of your face.

This look is rather clean cut and is perfect for drawing attention to a gorgeous pair of eyes.

#12 Choppy Layers with Long Side Bangs

A pixie bob is pretty much always in style! We love this in-between look for women who desire a short and easy crop that always has enough hair to style.

Your hairdresser should cut long layers and implement dynamic and tonal highlights to give this look loads of energy.

#13 Piecey Choppy Fringe

Perfect for dimension on a smooth face, this spicy pixie is absolutely stunning. It adds contrasting masculine elements to round cheeks and an edge to soft and feminine features.

Cut bangs at a rough angle so that they sweep over to one side. Of course, any color will do, but this rich easter egg pink is all the rage.

#14 Rounded Movement

Hair styles for short cuts can be so fun for creating movement or a particularly interesting shape. This rounded cut is a modern take on the bowl cut, simply elevated with glamour.

Sweeping side bangs and long layers rounded for the ultimate movement characterize this style. It’s great for enhancing the appearance of a shorter chin as it sticks out from behind the bangs.

#15 Fringe Forward

This style has loads of creative energy. It’s all about the bangs! A medium length pixie works best when using the bangs to do all the talking.

Hair should have some shorter layers, however, for overall movement and so that the long bangs blend more easily.

#16 Classic French Bob

It doesn’t get any more sophisticated than a French bob! Even in a t-shirt, this cut oozes style. The reason why this look is so successful has to do with the length of the bob.

It enhances the chin, emphasizes cheekbones and the bangs elegantly frame the eyes. The length of the fringe is totally up to you.

#17 Heavy Shag Bangs

Shags are truly awesome for long hair, but did you know short cuts can rock elements of a shag, too? This fringe-heavy style has all the elements of shag bangs that we love: loads of texture, a center-part curtain, and deliciously flippy ends.

The length is up to you, however. Large peepers look great with a heavy fringe while smaller eyes should choose bangs of the baby variety.

#18 Easy Blonde Lob

A chic lob looks great on virtually every gal out there. What sets this look apart is light texture and a soft side part that works with the bluntness of the ends.

Regardless of your hair’s color, a few dimensional highlights help take this look from a little bit flat to pretty stunning.

#19 Baby Bangs with Undercut

Undercuts are great for making a short style your own. The barely there look happens to feel clean and refreshing.

This look is characterized by super short baby bangs cut all at the same length but with a choppy finish. This roundness is found all around the head, making the shaved portions underneath feel especially fresh.

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