Truly Transformative Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Just because you’ve reached a certain age doesn’t mean you automatically have to go gray or cut off all your hair. The only rules that mature women should follow when it comes to hair is doing what works for you!

It’s true that hair thins and becomes more brittle as we age, but your hair’s texture and strength can really determine your look. Try a sexy pixie cut or keep your hair long and layered as you see fit. There are so many different styles that can work with your personality and individual hair needs.

20 Fabulous Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Check out these 20 stunning styles that are sure to inspire your hairstyle as you roll into the next phase of your life.

1# Faux Hawk Pixie Cut

This is what we like to call a power pixie! Work with your hair’s natural volume and create delicious texture that shines as you age.

A faux hawk is perfect for mature women as it draws the eye in and upwards, instantly adding youthfulness to your face. This cut keeps it short at the sides and buzzed at the sideburns to let the texture up top do all the talking.

2# Medium Feathered Layers

These soft and subtle feathery layers work on hair at any age. If you’re just transitioning into your 50s, this style could be perfect. You don’t have to make any long-term commitments to going gray or chopping it all off just yet!

Feathery layers add volume on hair that is slowly starting to thin. Shorter layers cut around the face frame your best features and give this style its overall cohesive feel.

3# Rounded Bob

A rounded bob can be perfect for women of a certain age. Its short length can sharpen the jawline, taking years off your look. Additionally, the round shape emphasizes fullness in the cheeks, a place where fat loss can occur with age.

Short layers cut throughout the hair add to the round shape and make your hair feel thicker and fuller than it has in years.

4# Pixie Bob with Stacked Layers

The idea behind a stacked pixie bob is increasing height by drawing the eye upwards, counteracting the sag from gravity that comes with age.

Lots of layers brushed in a backwards motion make this look feel anything but static, giving the youthful, vital feel that you crave.

5# Beautifully Angled

Angled bobs are great for all hair textures, but they look especially sophisticated if your hair is sleek and straight. Have your stylist cut it along your jawline to sharpen things up.

The short stack at the back of the head has the effect of a face lift, giving you the youthful bounce you’ve been missing.

6# Voluminous Undercut Style

Who ever said getting old had to be boring has clearly never seen this cut! A shaved undercut instantly elevates a short hairstyle and feels super sexy.

Sure, you can shave your entire head, but keeping hair long up top opens up a world of versatility in terms of styling. If you wear glasses, you should consider an undercut.

7# Long and Shaggy Pixie

Pixies are ideal for women who have lost volume over time. A long and shaggy pixie, however, means that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal style with a hair chop.

Short layers up top make hair feel much thicker than it actually is. Long sideburns give you that free-spirited shaggy look you’ve always adored.

8# Mushroom Cut

Popular in the 90s, the mushroom cut is great for adding fullness to thin hair and lengthening the appearance of your face by revealing your jawline.

We love this look because it incorporates side bangs that feed seamlessly into the rounded layers found throughout the rest of the style.

9# Wispy Layers for Thin Hair

This isn’t your average pixie! Trying something a little different adds interest to your hair that a simpler style can’t.

A classic cut with a twist, like this pixie with long, wispy pieces is super easy to style. These elements are fun but by no means too difficult to work with on a daily basis.

10# Effortless Long Bob

We really should call this cut ‘the everyone,’ because, with slight adjustments, it can work for curly, straight, thick, and thin hair.

Subtle face-framing layers and long layers cut throughout add some movement for thick hair while the even length is great for creating fullness on thin hair. To finish off this perfect look, a soft side part elegantly frames every single face shape.

11# Blunt Cut Bob

This chop is a little more severe but shows that you like to stay on-trend, regardless of your age. Bobs are typically the go-to for mature women, but this blunt cut feels fresh and modern.

Though this look doesn’t have bangs, feel free to add them if your face shape looks best that way. This cut is ideal for hair that is fine and rather thin.

12# The Wedge Cut

Looking for a sleek style to try as you move into yours 50s and beyond? The wedge cut has always been a hit for a reason. The short cut is low maintenance and easy to style in a variety of ways.

Sweep all your hair back for a face-bearing style that screams confidence. You can always try a side part and work with different angles, too.

13# Short Natural Hair Pixie

A short crop like this one is not only sexy and confident, but it’s probably the most low maintenance style on this list.

Additionally, it’s great if you wear glasses. In terms of styling, make sure your natural hair receives enough moisture and you’re ready to conquer the world.

14# Bombshell Blowout For Long Hair

Most women prefer to cut their hair once they reach their 50s, but long hair can be just as beautiful. If your hair is in good condition and you aren’t experiencing breakage, then keep your locks as long as you desire.

Wear your hair straight, naturally curly, or try a bombshell blowout. It looks especially gorgeous in this lovely silvery hue.

15# Feathery Layers for Thick Hair

An ultra-feathered look is perfect if your hair is especially thick. Lots of face-framing layers look great when blown out and help break up the bulk that comes with lots of hair.

The length of your hair doesn’t matter when it comes to a feathered style, but it adds lots of movement and style to medium length hair.

16# Curly Loose Bob

Show off your natural texture and let your curls do their thing! A short bob like this one cut in a rounded fashion enhances your large, frizzy curls, giving you a sexy, laidback vibe.

Springy side bangs are key for adding some balance to a hairstyle that could easily get out of control.

17# Long Hair with Long Bangs

Again, don’t feel like you can’t keep your hair long if that is your favorite look. If your hair is particularly straight and tends to run fine, then consider long, sweeping side bangs.

They instantly add thickness and give plain hair loads of style. Additionally, a side part slims your face in a beautiful way.

18# Short Spiky Layers

There is a reason short, spiky hairstyles have endured throughout the ages- they are an instant style lifter and volumizer. Instead of dealing with fine hair that falls flat, short, choppy layers create energy.

To style, spray a volumizer at the root of the hair when wet. Lift up and out when blow-drying. Sleek side bangs and smooth sideburns hold this look together.

19# Funky Volumized Pixie

This cut is anything but boring! We love the sky-high volume that brings out the very best of your natural texture.

Cut hair closely at the sides in an undercut fashion while keeping the hair up top nice and long. This look is especially great for round, square, or heart shaped faces.

20# Round Pixie for Defined Curls

Beautiful curls deserve all the attention. If fussy isn’t your thing, then try this minimal rounded pixie that makes daily styling a breeze.

With tightly packed coils like these, you don’t need a transformative style, just something that will get the job done. To bring out the best of your curls, try a nourishing oil like jojoba when styling.

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