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Hannah Meloche is a veteran in the influencer world, which is a weird way to describe someone who just turned 21. Meloche has posted weekly videos for eight years: she started uploading when she was thirteen. With this fact in mind, the word ‘veteran’ doesn’t seem out of place anymore. 

Meloche built her millions-strong fan base through vlogging. She carried a camera around, filming her daily activities, and watched the subscriber count rise to the millions. Apart from being intelligent, attractive, and bold, Hannah has a golden personality: she relates with fans in ways few social media influencers manage. 

Hannah lives in Hawaii, where her grandparents lived, but plans to return to her family in Michigan

Hannah Meloche was born on 26th February 2001. She grew up in Michigan alongside her sister Ella and three brothers: Andrew, Jack, and Reeve. 

Meloche started visiting Hawaii when she was around three years old, thanks to her grandparents, who’d lived on the island for some time. She developed a love for Hawaii and declared her intention to move there. 

In early 2021, the opportunity to move arose, and she took it. Meloche’s family didn’t want to see her go, but her excitement about the relocation won them over. “They honestly were supportive and they saw how excited I was about it and they were sad that I was leaving but I think everyone knew that it was something that I really wanted to do for myself,” Hannah explained in a March 2021 Q&A.

Meloche’s relationship with her parents improved after she moved. She no longer feuds with her parents and communicates with them more now that she’s thousands of miles away. 

Michigan will always be home for Hannah, but she feels mature enough to live away from her hometown. “I feel like I’m finally adult enough to where I have my own life and I have my own separate things going on aside from my hometown,” she said. 

“I feel like I’m embracing who I am and it feels so good.”

Hannah plans to go back to Michigan in the fall to spend time with her family. She revealed via a February 2022 Q&A that she also hopes to visit Europe:

“I won’t be here in the summer. I am planning on going back to Michigan and spending a lot of time with family. I really want to go to Europe this summer.”

Hannah dropped out of school to focus on work, but she might return to school in 2022

After completing high school, Hannah took a gap year that didn’t work out. She didn’t achieve the things she wanted and decided to cut her schooling break short. 

She enrolled in university and had a great time living with her schoolmates. Hannah then moved to Hawaii in 2021, planning to continue learning online. However, she dropped her classes to focus on work. 

Hannah spent the whole of 2021 working. Her days began with a morning routine occasionally involving a light workout. 

She then got to work shooting whatever video or photos scheduled for the day. In between posting or after ticking off her to-do list, she would make calls to confirm or update on developments. She revealed via a 19th February 2022 video:

“I will put in my headphones and I’ll go for a walk and I’ll just talk to people since it’s really just giving updates and checking in. I literally am so obsessed with going on these long walks: it’s so productive. I’ll go for like an hour and a half. I’ll just walk and talk [and] listen to my music in between calls.”

Living in Hawaii and taking a break from school has worked out well for Hannah. “I’ve learned so much from just doing my own kind of path,” she said

Hannah plans to return to school in 2022 but isn’t quite sure where she’ll be at the time. However, she seems inclined to return to Hawaii in the fall. She said: 

“In September, I do want to go to school whether it is online or in person it would be a dream since this place has just become such a home and I do have so many friends here now and I have a nice routine here. I would love nothing more than to come back here in the fall and maybe have my own apartment.”

Hannah is dating Dean Conguista after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Jacob Hoexum

Hannah and Dean Conguista started dating sometime in mid-2021. Meloche confirmed the relationship after pictures and videos leaked showing her kissing Dean. 

The pair frequently posts each other on social media. He’s appeared in plenty of her videos, including a mid-January 2022 video in which Meloche teased that the couple had moved in together. 

Per his LinkedIn page, Dean is a senior at Fairfield University pursuing a Marketing major with a Finance minor in the Dolan School of Business. 

Before dating Dean, Hannah was in a long-term relationship with Jacob Hoexum, which started in October 2017. However, Hannah publicized the relationship in 2018.

She explained that Jacob made the first move, and she gradually fell for his charm. The couple briefly broke up in 2019 before getting back together soon afterward. 

Hannah confirmed the relationship’s end via a March 2021 Q&A. She declined to go into details because it was a personal matter. Meloche said:

“I thought I would address this here. No we are no longer together. I wish him nothing but the best and I hope that you guys can respect that. I did want to tell you guys because I don’t want to leave you confused.”

Hannah is the founder of the jewelry line Starlite Village

Hannah founded the jewelry line Starlite Village in 2019. Following a successful launch, Hannah said (per tubefilter):

“I wanted to create a brand that could be bigger than Hannah Meloche. I want my jewelry collection to inspire my viewers to dream big. Starlite Village was created to be a daily reminder that inspires you to spread your own light, and never forget your own worth.”

Meloche writes on her website that sustainability is a crucial aspect of her brand. “This brand is for anyone and everyone to feel their most glamorous while knowing that the brand stands for them and is constantly finding ways to be more sustainable for our planet!” Hannah writes. 

Starlite Village donates $1 per sale to One Tree Planted Organization, which plants one tree for every dollar donated. 

Hannah revealed that Starlite Village’s goal in 2022 is to find new design methods that help the planet. She explained:

“One of Starlite’s biggest goals for 2022 is to find ways that we could incorporate things, whether it’s sea glass or recycled materials or whatever. I want to learn more about that and talk to you guys about it.”

Hannah, Emma Chamberlain, and Ellie Thumann amicably dissolved The Girdies

Hannah Meloche, Emma Chamberlain, and Ellie Thumann, aka The Girdies, were once inseparable. However, the trio went separate ways sometime around Hannah’s 18th birthday. 

Fans speculated that Emma had left the trio after she failed to wish Hannah a happy birthday via social media. Ellie posted a sweet birthday message, but surprisingly, Emma didn’t. 

In April 2019, Ellie Thumann posted a Q&A hoping to set the record straight and end false rumors about the trio. 

Ellie said she loved Hannah and Emma with her whole heart. She then said that the pair weren’t as close anymore, and it was okay. Thumann said that she would cherish all the memories the trio had made. 

She then clarified that there was no drama behind the break. “The thing is there is no ‘tea’ behind that there is no drama that happened,” Ellie said. She went on to describe Hannah and Emma as ‘non-problematic’ people:

“Emma and Hannah are both non-problematic people, which is why I think it’s so confusing for people to understand that there really wasn’t drama. It just happened and I think we knew each other so well we just kind of knew that we were all going in different directions.”

Ellie then lamented that people seemed to care more about the people she posted with rather than her. “I feel in a bubble where people only liked me when I was being funny or outrageous or crying or having a mental breakdown or being with Emma and Hannah and that sucks because there is so much more to me than that,” she added

The video quelled speculation only for it to return with renewed vigor after Emma revealed that some YouTubers had betrayed her. She said told W magazine:

“I’ve dealt with a lot of people with bad intentions. Just because somebody has a following does not mean that they are a good person or a good friend. And I should have known that. I’ve fucked myself over a few times believing that.”

Ellie and Hannah reunited in August 2021 after one and half years of not seeing each other. They spent a week in the Hamptons and have been inseparable ever since. In early March 2022, the pair visited Disneyland, and if Hannah’s Instagram photos are anything to go by, the couple had an enjoyable time. 

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