Jenna Ortega’s sexuality: Her love life explored

Jenna Ortega is one of Hollywood’s fastest rising stars. At only nineteen, she’s starred in Marvel and Disney productions, won acting awards, and established herself as a scream queen. Ortega has said that she doesn’t want to be pigeon-holed as an actor but is ‘pretty comfortable with all the horror stuff.’

The millions of followers Jenna’s attracted on social media demonstrate her popularity, especially amongst young audiences. Ortega posts a lot of content but is careful not to reveal intimate details about her life.

She’s famously secretive about her sexuality and dating life.

Jenna hasn’t defined her sexuality but has starred in a major gay role

Jenna Ortega has yet to define her sexuality. She’s faced gay rumors but doesn’t seem interested in addressing or dispelling them. 

The gay rumors emerged after she played Vada Cavell in The Fallout. In the film, Vada and Mia, a popular girl in school, hide in a toilet cubicle during a school shooting. 

Vada and Mia bond through their experience in the stall. They become close confidants who numb their feelings after the shooting using booze and drugs. During one of their drinking sessions, the pair kiss and eventually have sex.

By the end of the film, it’s unclear whether the pair become a couple. However, it’s plain that the pair share a deep affection. 

Jenna’s performance in The Fallout convinced some fans that she’s a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Of course, Jenna’s portrayal of Vada says nothing about her real life. Nevertheless, it didn’t prevent fans from speculating. 

Advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community forms a significant part of Jenna Ortega’s life. Ortega’s father divorced her mom after he came out as gay. Therefore, she understands the experiences, feelings, and needs of LGBTQ+ people.

Jenna became an advocate for Pride Over Prejudice at 13. “At the end of the day, you are you,” she told Teen Vogue. “You’ve got to stay true to yourself, and you can’t change yourself in order to fit in or to make someone else feel comfortable.”

Ortega denied dating Jacob Sartorius and Asher Angel

Jenna Ortega’s dating life doesn’t provide any clues about her sexuality. So far, she’s been linked with men but hasn’t confirmed any relationship. 

In 2017, Jenna and Jacob Sartorius were linked after fans spotted them in New York. Jenna then appeared as Jacob’s love interest in the music video for Chapstick. The pair shared a kiss in one scene, sending rumors about their romance into overdrive. 

The rumors died down as the pair’s public appearances ended. Most fans concluded that the couple had only come together to shoot the video. 

A year later, Ortega was linked with Asha Angel following their appearance together at a Halloween party dressed as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. The couple also attended Venom’s premier and a fashion show. Furthermore, Asher captioned a photo of Ortega with a red heart emoji. 

Jenna dispelled rumors that she dated Asher and Jacob during an appearance on the Just Between Us podcast. However, she didn’t discuss her reported romance with Stuck in the Middle co-star Isaak Presley. 

On Jenna’s 17th birthday, Isaak dedicated the following message to her: 

“Jenna, you have, without a doubt, impacted my life so much. You are the most resilient and strong girl, and I am so proud of you. ou use your voice for change and positivity, and I’m so so so freaking proud of you. Enjoy 17 and keep being the person you are. Love you, Junebug. Miss you lots.”

Ortega commented: “So grateful to have been able to see you every day for almost four years and call you brother. I love you most!”

Jenna hasn’t confirmed any relationship, and we can’t use the rumors to conclude about her sexuality. We’ll have to wait for her to open up about it. 

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