Who are Jericho Sims’ parents? His upbringing in Minnesota

Jericho Sims hasn’t made much of an impression in the NBA since the Knicks drafted him in the second round of the 2021 NBA Draft. He had a stellar college career, and he impressed during the NBA Combine, but he’s struggled to adapt to the pace of the NBA. 

In early 2023, the Knicks sent him to compete in the dunk contest, hoping he’d replicate Obi Toppins’ 2022 victory. However, despite some impressive dunks, the big power forward was outshone by his opponents. 

“I thought they should be higher,” Sims discussed his scores. “For sure, everybody watching from the sidelines, seeing the reaction to my dunks, it was great.”

Jericho opted against joining the University of Minnesota despite his father’s ties to the institution

Jericho Sims was born on 20th October 1998, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Charles and Kimberly Sims. He grew up alongside five siblings, including Ty, Jason, and Dominique. 

Charles played college basketball for the University of Minnesota before becoming a dentist. Many expected Jericho to join Minnesota, given Charles’ ties to the institution.

Jericho said in an interview that he had to pick the best institution for him. He selected the University of Texas over Minnesota. For a while, it looked like Jericho had chosen wrong – he didn’t seem to fit into the Texas Longhorns team. 

Eventually, however, the soft-spoken Jericho settled and proved he was NBA material. Jericho doesn’t talk much about his private life and rarely uploads personal posts on social media. Therefore, information about his family is scarce. 

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