Joey Bosa’s wife: All about his love life

Joey Bosa wasn’t entirely to blame for the Los Angeles Chargers’ capitulation in the AFC Wild Card round game against the Jaguars, but he contributed significantly to the collapse. After a Jaguars touchdown, Bosa took off his helmet and slammed it onto the turf in frustration, giving the Jaguars an easy opportunity to convert a two-point attempt. 

“I think he was frustrated,” coach Brandon Staley said. “I think he felt like there were a bunch of things that kind of accumulated throughout the game and tried to talk through it with the officials. But we can’t lose our composure like that.”

Joey Bosa is single following his breakup with Josie Rosario

Joey Bosa is single – he is not married and isn’t dating. Per his Instagram page, his closest companion is a dog named Sasha Bosa. 

Bosa, who maintains a secretive personal life, was dating fellow Florida native Josie Rosario. The couple likely met at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale. 

The couple’s relationship turned long-distance after Joey moved to Columbus, Ohio, to attend Ohio State University. Josie remained in Florida, studying science at the University of Florida. The pair’s relationship ended sometime in 2014. 

Unlike Joey, Josie is married. She married Evan Southern, a University of Florida alum, on 22nd March 2022. Josie moved from Florida to Phoenix, Arizona, in May 2021 following her promotion to senior account manager at staffing company Insight Global.

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