Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak relationship: The breakup explained

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak dated on and off for a little over a year. The two social media stars were dating one minute and breaking up the next for the duration of their relationship. Mike told Adam22 on No Jumper that the relationship went south after two to three months:

“We had two to three months of [a] good, honeymoon-level relationship when we were like, ‘This is fun, this is great, this is happening.’ And then one year of some of the most toxic sludge of [a] relationship ever. Just horrible toxicity.” 

Majlak said the relationship failed due to incompatibility, but Lana said he refused to commit

After Majlak and Lana’s final breakup in 2021, rumors alleged that Majlak had cheated on Lana. The reports claimed Majlak’s flirting with women during his Grand Theft Auto Online sessions had angered Lana. It was true that Lana wasn’t a fan of Majlak’s flirting, but his behavior didn’t end their relationship. 

Lana blamed Majlak’s refusal to commit as the reason for the breakup. She told David Portnoy and Josh Richards of the BFF podcast that Majlak twice refused to move in with her. His reluctance to move in with his girlfriend demonstrated a lack of commitment. “I was just like just get the fuck out of my house,” Lana said. 

Rhoades had previously mentioned Majlak’s refusal to commit to her. In an episode of the 3 Girls 1 Kitchen podcast, Lana said she almost had to force the words ‘I love You’ from Majlak. She explained:

“I had to say it a hundred times before my boyfriend said it back. Actually, I had to…You know the spicy chip challenge? So he made me eat one for one of his friend’s vlog and then he said, ‘I love you’ because I did it. So that’s how I got my first ‘I love you.’”

Majlak said that incompatibility caused the breakup. He said on the IMPAULSIVE podcast that the constant fighting dominated the couple’s relationship. He said:

“ When those fights become the mainstay, when those fights become the norm for months and months on end and the relationship starts to take more energy from you than it provides and you don’t see an end in sight, it’s the time that you have to think about calling it quits.” 

“We made a mutual decision that we were not able to make it work.” Mike said the couple’s relationship couldn’t make sense to the average person. “The thing that really ended up being the breaker was a real normal thing, which was just sheer incompatibility,” Majlak said. 

Mike said he wished Lana the best in life and hoped she found the kind of love she craved

Majlak said on the No Jumper podcast that it was a mistake for him to ask Lana to be friends immediately after the breakup. As the couple attempted to move on with other partners, jealousy fueled fights between the friends. “The lines blurred completely,” Majlak said. “It was a messy situation.”

Mike took care of Lana after her surgery before the pair fell out completely. Regardless of whatever happened between the couple, Majlak said he wanted to see Lana succeed. He explained:

“I care about that girl deeply. I think she is an incredible, beautiful girl. The only thing I want is to see her succeed, find love, find the things that she wants in life to be good. I have no animosity towards her and I literally want the best for her.”

Majlak had a similar message during his appearance on the IMPAULSIVE podcast. He said: “Love the girl. Tremendous amount of respect for her. She is gonna do great things. She’s gonna find a guy who gives her exactly what she wants in life and she’s gonna be extremely happy.”

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