20 Dynamic Pixie Cuts for Older Women to Shave Years Off Your Look

Older women turn to pixie hairstyles for a variety of reasons. These cuts not only illuminate the face, but they work wonders for aging hair and skin. By closely cropping the hair, the eye is drawn upwards, enhancing the roundness of cheekbones while countering sagging skin that typically comes with aging.

As for manageability, short cuts are a dream. Less hair makes styling easy and shorter lengths mean hiding breakage that often comes with brittle, aging hair. Finally, pixie cuts for older women make hair appear thicker and fuller. Styling enhances this by hiding any baldness that may come with thinning hair.

Not convinced yet? Scroll onwards to see some of the most stylish short hair options for women of a certain age.

20 Stunning Pixie Cuts for Mature Women

Below are 20 different and unique styles that are sure to get you inspired before your next trip to the salon.

#1 Sideswept Baby Bangs

This short chop is a laidback gal’s dream. Lots of short layers mean styling this look is as simple as brushing your fingertips through it in the morning.

To give it some style, though, ask your stylist to create a loose part at the side of the head and have your micro bangs fade out on an angle in the opposing direction.

#2 Voluminous Side Part

Consider this the most romantic style on the list. It’s perfect if you don’t want your pixie to be too short, and if you prefer some length up top for versatile styling.

A deep side part is perfect for showing off your hair’s texture. A sweeping cut like this one is ideal if you have thick hair. For balance, shave the opposing temple close in an undercut fashion.

#3 Feathery Layers

Feathery layers are perfect for giving thinner hair fullness and movement. By separating pieces of hair and cutting them so they move in a rounded fashion, overlapping over one another, you’ll give the illusion of loads of volume.

This pixie is perfect for giving off a feeling of vibrant, youthful energy and makes styling a total breeze.

#4 Stylish Undercut

Undercuts are not only super cool, but they are great for mature women who often wear glasses and other facial accessories.

To keep it long and give yourself options for styling, maintain more length up top. A wrap around undercut will definitely show off your youthful side.

#5 Choppy Baby Bangs

Show off your inner Charlize Theron with a fresh pixie with choppy baby bangs. This cut is perfect for any face shape, thanks to the slimming effect for the piece-y, angled bangs.

For extra volume, give the pieces of hair at the top front of the head some lift with a round brush. You can use your fingertips throughout the day to reconstruct height as needed.

#6 Lots of Height

Speaking of height, this may be your next ‘take charge’ ‘do! While this cut isn’t for everyone, it’s awesome for smaller faces, full cheeks, and heart and square-shaped faces.

To make your face appear slimmer, a deep side part and long side bangs do the trick. This cut is especially effective at making thin, fine hair look super full.

#7 Textured Side Bangs

This easy cut uses texture to dictate its shape, making it perfectly low maintenance. Long layers should start at the back of the head and sweep forward over one side of the face.

Don’t be afraid to flip out long side bangs for a funky touch of flair. This pixie is great for coarse, thick hair. It’s softening for square jaws and ideal for elongating a circular face shape.

#8 Short Curly Layers

This cut is great for showing off gorgeous gray color! For thick, curly hair, these short, stacked layers are perfect for showing off texture while removing any bulkiness.

To bring the whole look together, try a slimming mohawk or faux hawk. With so many elements going on, it’s important to keep this look sleek, so be precise when styling, especially when it comes to the short layers surrounding the face.

#9 Elevated Coiff

Perfect for a night out, this elevated coif is elegant, sleek, and super slimming. You’re going to need several inches at the top of the head for this style to work, however.

Using a lightweight mousse so that hair can hold this great height. Use a styling brush and blow-dry hair upwards while still maintaining a side part for balance. Slick down hair at the sides of the head to keep it sleek.

#10 Textured Short Crop

This easy peasy cut is not only low maintenance, but is perfect for an aging gal. The short chop emphasizes full and youthful cheekbones that contrast perfectly with the lightly textured hair.

For this look, hair should be shortest around the sides and back of the head while slightly longer lengths up top show off wispy texture.

11# Wispy Pixie with Layers

Ideal for thin hair, this wispy look requires some blow-dry styling. However, because of the beautiful way the long layers are cut, this shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

Add as much height as possible around the crown of the head to add essential fullness where it’s lacking.

#12 Long Textured Bangs

Getting old is for the birds, but that doesn’t mean your hairstyle has to suffer. This pixie oozes style, from texturized highlights to sweeping side bangs that give off a whiff of sophistication.

Not many layers are needed to achieve this look. It’s all about the highlights and longer side swept bangs that draw the eye upwards.

#13 Perfectly Piecey

The ‘messy look’ defines this stunning pixie that’s perfect for older women of all ages. A texturizing spray should be the number one purchase that you make after receiving this sweeping hair style. It’s all about separation to create a piece-y look.

The shape at the back of the head is just as important, however. Short layers rounded with a brush creates much-needed height that emphasizes youthfulness.

#14 Curly Pixie

Even though you might want short hair, you still want to show off beautiful curly texture. Hair should be worn shorter at the back but longer at the front to let those tendrils do their job.

Don’t worry about being perfect, that will only make this cut look dated. Let your curls do their thing. A few tendrils falling over the forehead adds a touch of style.

#15 Rounded Pixie

Break up the monotony of an oval face shape with a rounded pixie bob. The circular shape of these sweeping bangs open up the eyes and shine light on your gorgeous face.

By covering the ears, you’re shortening the appearance of the face, which is great for long face shapes.

#16 Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Here is another look that isn’t worried about being perfect. Asymmetrical cuts add a little edge to an otherwise traditional haircut.

Your stylist should use a razor to give the ends of your hair that choppy look. A slight stack at the back of the head will encourage the eye to move upwards, cutting years off your appearance.

#17 Opposing Angles

A cut like this is anything but basic. Long side bangs are a common feature of pixie cuts but cutting hair on different angles is rather unique.

Layers should start at the back of the head and come forward over the side bangs. An undercut at the back of the head and the temples makes everything feel polished. Dynamic highlights with dark hair at the roots adds a certain level of depth that makes hair appear fuller and thicker.

#18 Sweetly Stacked

If timeless and sophisticated is your aim, then a rounded and stacked pixie is the way to go. Layers converge to focus the most hair midway through the back of the head, projecting a youthful vibe.

Add sweeping bangs as you see fit. Your stylist will be able to help you find the perfect look for you.

#19 Tapered Pixie Cut

A tapered cut is perfect for concealing dry ends and brittle hair. Short layers at the back of the head add height and volume, filling out the appearance of your face.

Fortunately, a style like this is rather low maintenance. A blow-dry once or twice a week should be all you need to freshen things up.

#20 Smooth Waves

If a beautifully polished look is what you’re after, then this glamorous natural hairstyle is the one for you. A low lineup acts like a deep side part, giving this cut an old Hollywood feel that translates into the everyday.

Smooth down your edges and focus on the roundness for a softening effect that also happens to make you look years younger.

#21 Asymmetrical Pixie

It’s impossible not to notice how transformative a pixie cut can be. Short, spunky layers and sleek side bangs work together to illuminate your face and invigorate your style.

The short and spiky baby bangs over the left eye feels so fresh next to the more sophisticated side bangs over the other side of the face.

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