The Sexiest Shaggy Bobs with Bangs for 2022

There is nothing prim or perfect about a shaggy bob, but there is a reason that so many women are drawn to it. Shaggy bobs have attitude, show off a daring and sexy vibe, and are ideal for a fun girl that loves a good tousle.

There are so many ways to make a shaggy bob your own, but the style carries a few trademarks. You’ll want to focus on choppy ends and sexy, textured layers. While shags are typically desired to break up bulk, it can work on thin hair that has some natural texture.

The Best Shaggy Bobs with Bangs

Below are 20 beautiful haircuts to help you choose your ideal shaggy bob with bangs 2021.

Swept Over Side Bangs

Long gone are the days of the severe bob. A shaggy bob not only adds softness to your hairstyle, but it grows out easily and will save you trips to the salon.

So long as you have longer layers cut around your face, you can work flipped over side bangs. Any face shape can rock the most popular shaggy bob with bangs.

Blonde Ambition Bardot Bangs

Also known as Bardot bangs, curtain bangs act like a frame for your face, deliberately parting down the center to create one long, clean line down the longest part of your face.

With a blunt cut bob with layers, however, this hairstyle turns into a whole ‘look.’ Its mushroom shape may not be for everyone, but it’s stunning on a sweet face. To keep it shaggy, ask your stylist for short, choppy layers cut throughout.

Shaggy French Bob

Nothing communicates effortless style quite like a French bob. To make it modern, evoke short, wispy layers that will add the shaggy look that is so popular right now.

Instead of a thick fringe, keep it piecey and see-through to continue the theme. This look is great for thin-haired gals with lots of personal edge.

Rounded Shag with Thick Fringe

Bowl cuts and rounded shapes are very on trend right now, so why not score the look for yourself? This cut is fringe-heavy, making it perfect for framing your eyes.

To continue the elongation of your chin, hair should be cut at the back of the jawline. Give bangs a wispy chop on the ends and cut short layers throughout.

Feathery Side Bangs

Give off a sexy, laidback vibe with this gorgeous, wispy bob. Easy layers keep this look soft while a deep, side-swept part turns layers into long bangs at a moment’s notice.

We love this look on a rooted yet sunny blonde. For styling, give your hair a few tousled waves and go light on product.

Shaggy Bob for Straight Hair

Shags are often created on thick hair with lots of texture, but the look can definitely be achieved on straight hair. The key is lots of layers with long, curtain-like bangs to give loads of shape.

For oval faces with narrow chins, this rounded bob is completely perfect for adding volume in a sophisticated way.

Piecey Curly Shag

This look is probably the truest shag on the list. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair out long or simply want to give your bob some style, this look may be just the one for you.

Ideally, this cut is best on curly or wavy hair. As for the bangs, they should be cut in a curtain fashion and sweep out away from the center of the face.

Wispy Center Part Bangs

Also known as Bardot bangs, these pretty curtain bangs are parted straight down the middle to open and elongate the appearance of your face.

To match the shaggy nature of this long bob, however, your bangs shouldn’t be too perfect. Keep it slightly piecey in the middle for a laidback The Celebrity Portal.

Winged Out Layers

This shaggy ‘do is great for straight-haired babes with some textured wave. If your hair is fine, however, then this look may fall flat.

Get your hands on a great texturizing mousse to wing out the lower layers. Chic curtain bangs complete this cute look.

Subtle Curtain Bangs on Short Bob

This sexy blonde bob is all about a subtle fringe. To achieve this look, hair should be parted down the middle and focused to the sides of the forehead.

Style hair close together at the top of the forehead and wing hair out around the eyes to open up your face and draw the eye upwards.

Chunky Auburn Bangs

Perfect for thick hair, this lovely auburn shaggy bob is as versatile as it is stylish. Lots of short, choppy layers add a youthful freshness that other bobs can’t supply.

Don’t worry about precision when cutting these bangs. A razor cut will give your fringe the choppy look that it needs.

Wispy Baby Bangs

You may be thinking that baby bangs are tough, but all that matters is how you style them. With a tousled and textured long bob, these little bangs work best when cut in a choppy manner.

To style, create soft curls throughout and use your fingers to separate strands and texturize. The outer portions of the bangs should be cut on a relatively smooth gradient.

Shaggy Curtain Bangs

This look is all about the fringe! A cut like this is very top heavy, making it great for lengthening the lower portion of your face.

Bangs should be cut so long that they skim over the eyes and feed into longer layers that fall over the cheekbones. Cut hair at an angle at the back of the head to give it extra shape.

Short and Easy Shaggy Bob

What’s not to love about this short and sassy shag? This shape is not only easy to wear, but just as easy to style casually.

To frame your face, the pieces around your chin should be cut longer than the hair at the back of the head. As for the fringe, keep it choppy and separated to open up your eyes.

Blunt Cut Beach Vibes

You don’t have to have long hair to get those perfect beachy mermaid locks. In fact, this blunt cut bob has enough shaggy elements to add freshness to the typical beachy style everyone expects.

The bangs should be cut super long so that they tousle around your eyes. As for styling, longer bangs can be left down, swept to one side, or even parted in the middle.

Angled Shag with Long Fringe

This quirky shag understands how to play with shape to achieve a desired effect. Cut at an angle, the thinner layers that fall around the chin serve to strengthen the appearance of your chin, making it great for round face shapes.

To enhance the shaggy feel of this short cut, your bangs should be cut slightly see-through and skim the tops of the eyelashes.

Square-Shaped Shag

Best for curly hair and a heavy, rounded chin, a square-shaped shag is right on point. To enhance the shape, hair should have lots of short layers.

As for the bangs, they should be piecey and have a curtain-like effect at the ends. Luckily, this style is approachable and laidback, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!

Textured Baby Bangs

Super crops bobs and French bobs look awesome when paired with a short fringe. While anyone can wear these bangs, they’re best when cut choppy if your bob is shaggy.

To go for this cute bedhead appeal, ask your stylist to cut short layers around your head and use a lightweight texturizing spray to style.

Eye-Skimming Fringe

The heavy fringe is what sets this shaggy bob apart from the rest on the list. It works best for straighter hair textures and on locks that aren’t too thick.

Keep the bangs somewhat piecey. Any bangs that are too thick will only crowd your face. You may want to consider some beautiful chocolate balayage if your hair is dark.

Sideswept Bangs

Add some gorgeous dimensional shape to your round face shape with soft side bangs. This fringe is super versatile and blends beautifully with shaggy layers cut on the outer hair.

The bottom hair should be cut rather bluntly yet slightly feathered to go along with this easy shaggy style.

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