22 Shaggy Pixie Cuts You’re Sure To Love

Even though pixie cuts are very short hairstyles for women, they can include plenty of feminine versatility. In fact, this style is beloved for the ways that it can transform your look just the way you’ve been craving.

Shaggy pixies can look just like a mini shag or use long layers to create irresistible texture. Overall, movement is key for giving a shaggy pixie that effortless air that can range from bedhead chic to quirky style icon.

Below are 22 of the hottest styles of the year. Check out our favorite shaggy pixie cuts.

1. Bald Fade with Long Bangs

A bald fade is certainly fashion-forward and edgy. Plus, minimal hair around the neck is great for an especially hot climate or summer.

This style is for the babe that isn’t afraid of showing off a little bit. To really enhance this look, try it with balayage to create some serious depth. This cut is all about the bangs, so let them sweep forward over one eye for a little sex appeal.

2. Short Shag Layers

Why not create a truly mini shag for your next short-haired look? A shag allows you to keep lots of length while framing your face.

To truly open up your look, cut bangs short at the center and let them fan out towards short, spunky layers.

#3 Wispy Mullet

Not just for rednecks anymore, the mullet is back among the fashionable crowd. You can use it as a template for cutting a super cute shaggy pixie.

To maintain all the trademarks of a mullet, let your hair run down the nape of your neck and create forward motion with longer sideburns.

#4 Feathery Side Bangs

Nothing balances out your face shape quite like side bangs. They remain the focus of this short chop.

To highlight the highest part of your cheekbones, bangs should be cut at a side angle. Lots of wispy layers will give you the shaggy look you’re craving.

#5 Brilliant Blonde Layers

This style is not only trendy, but it’s approachable for many personalities and hair types. Compliment swooping side bangs with spunky layers at the back of the head.

Of course, any color will do, but there sure is something special about this sun-kissed blonde for summer.

#6 Loose Shaggy Curls

Looking for a great shaggy pixie cut for your curly locks? This loose style is perfect for hair of fine to medium thickness.

Accentuate the style with tendril sideburns and longer hair at the nape of the neck to frame the jawline.

#7 Fabulous Flippy Pixie

This sweet look has so much quirky energy and flair. Bangs are cut thick and heavy but with flippy ends to draw attention to your eyes.

This look is perfect for wavy haired babes. Accentuate your texture with long, winged out sideburns.

#8 Feathery Pixie with Baby Bangs

Try out the 70s look that’s so hot right now with a feathery pixie with short, choppy bangs. Here, feathery sides brush out from the face to open your eyes.

Chances are, if you’ve chosen a pixie, you’re looking for minimal, and fortunately, styling this hair is easy. Use a lightweight gel to blow out hair to get that feathered look.

#9 Pixie with Undercut

This style knows how to maintain your hair’s gorgeous texture and thickness up top by accentuating it with a subtle undercut.

Not only is a medium fade great for styling, but it’s ideal to beat the heat if you live in a warmer climate.

#10 Softly Textured for Fine Hair

When you don’t have enough natural volume to create movement on your hair, your cut can help you carry the weight.

This look is all about soft details, like wispy, choppy bangs and long sideburns with movement. To avoid crowding your lovely face, bangs should be cut short above the eyebrows and fade.

#11 Sandy Blonde Shag

Like a bowl cut and mushroom shag, this sandy blonde ‘do has all of the right elements to put it right on trend. This look is fringe heavy, meaning that it must begin at the back of the head and lie thickly over the forehead.

To enhance the shag appeal of this pixie, hair should be long and flip outwards over the ears and sideburns.

#12 Beachy Texture

This beachy look is all about piecey, choppy layers that provide tons of energy and personality to your pixie.

To really make the short layers pop, darker roots provide the perfect depth. For the ultimate surfer appeal, bangs should be short and windswept off to one side.

#13 Gorgeous Tendrils

The best part about a pixie shag is the ability to play with movement. Here, long layers allow you to create gorgeous shape, like long tendrils that show off your personality.

For evenness, ask your stylist to create short layers all around the perimeter of the head. The bangs and sideburns are where you can get creative.

#14 Disconnected Bedhead

For those with lots of hair, a disconnected bedhead style is excellent at breaking up bulk and giving your hair some movement.

This involves cutting hair into choppy layers that stack onto one another. Styling is a breeze, too. Unless you prefer to simply roll out of bed, use your fingers to separate the pieces of hair in each layer.

#15 French Mullet Pixie

Mullets are definitely on trend, but if you’re looking for a more feminine approach, then topping the style with French bangs is a must.

These bangs are full and thick with a nice, straight chop across the center of the forehead. Play up the romantic aspect with long, luxurious sideburns with forward motion.

#16 All About the Fringe

This style is focused mainly on the fringe with some serious Bardot bangs to play up the fashionable element. These types of bangs are shortest between the eyebrows so that longer layers can flair out at the sides.

It’s great for a small face or concealing a long forehead. To give your look some much needed height, play with texture at the crown of the head. A root lifting spray will work wonders here.

#17 Salt and Pepper Pixie

This look is the shortest on the list but makes for a great transitional style if you’re trying to grow your pixie into a shaggy one.

These styles are great for aging hair because they work with, not against, coarse texture. Don’t fight it, instead, go with it and emphasize it with a shaggy pixie and an easy side part.

#18 Rounded Shaggy Pixie

Great on strong cheekbones, a mushroom shape provides that softening element you’ve been looking for.

Long sideburns help to frame the face, bangs swoop elegantly to each side, and layers come out from a center point at the back of the head for a cohesive feel.

#19 Shaggy Pixie for Straight Hair

Think that a shaggy cut can’t work on your pin straight hair? Well, think again! To get your lank locks nice and shaggy, it’s all about a choppy razor cut that creates texture for you.

From the nape to long sideburns, and a spunky fringe, your chop should be rugged and avantgarde for maximum shag appeal. Short, spiky layers should cover the crown of the head.

#20 Shaggy Pixie Bob

It may not be the shortest style, but this pixie bob is great if you don’t want to cut your hair too short or if you’re looking to grow your pixie cut out.

This look has all of the right elements that a shag requires, including long, sweeping bangs that fan out from the forehead and tons of choppy layers.

#21 Swing Fringe

Also known as curtain bangs, a swing fringe is a crucial element in every shag. When your hair is cut pixie-short, however, it can become the main element to play with.

To do these bangs justice, they must be cut full and thick and sweep out from the center point of your face. We love this framing style if you happen to wear glasses.

#22 Wavy Hair Bowl Cut

We absolutely love wavy locks and a pixie shag. This bowl cut look enhances the shape of your soft curls so as to bring out the very best of them.

To keep it chic, your bangs should separate at the center of the forehead. This will draw the eye in and down towards your beautiful face, providing necessary grounding structure.

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