20 Stunning Straight Back Braid Styles You Can’t Live Without

As far as hairstyles go, straight back braids are likely the most latex catsuit. Hair is braided straight back on the head starting at the forehead hairline and descending the back of the head.

When it comes to different takes on this simple style, well, that’s where things can get intricate and inventive. Straight back styles can be super chunky, finely done, and even include various shapes and patterns.

If you’re looking to stay on trend with your braids, it’s worth your while to see the most timeless styles as well as new looks that dominate today. Scroll down for the latest inspiration.

#1: Classic Straight Back Style

When it comes to your average straight back style, look no further than these small sized braids of even width and spacing. It doesn’t get more classic than this look.

There may not be too much adventure going on here, but little details like rounding and smoothing down edges takes this look to the next level.

#2: Blonde Ambition

Feed ins are awesome because they let you compliment your personal style as well as your unique skin tone. These cool blonde braids work wonders on cool undertones.

As for the style you desire for your braids, width and shape is truly up to you. A tiny braid in between medium braids on each side of the head will emphasize cheekbones and draw the eye upwards for a lifting effect.

#3: Mini Straight Backs with Edges

You may wonder if small braids are better than big ones. On the one hand, small braids last longer and frizz slower than large ones do. But they can’t hold as much hair as larger braids.

So, tightly packed small braids can evenly distribute tension for a pain-free stylish look. Smooth and swirl your edges for some lovely contrast.

#4: Chunky Jumbo Auburn Braids

Meanwhile, bigger braids can sometimes be better! This chunky style uses four jumbo braids to pull lovely auburn locks out of your face and straight down your back in an elegant fashion.

Typically, larger braids can withstand the weight of larger extensions, so it’s prefect for creating a thick-haired look.

#5: Wide Rows

Some braids are tightly packed together while others are spaced farther apart. This hairstyle contains wide cornrows that taper at the base of the neck for a ponytail effect.

We love this wide row ‘do as a sporty look that easily shows off your pretty face. Swirl your edges as you choose.

#6: Jet Black Braids with Zig Zag

Spice things up with cool patterns like zig zags for your straight backs. These rows are set super wide to show off the lightning rod parts.

Of course, braids of any color will do, but there is something so fresh about this look on shiny jet black hair.

#7: Jumbo Straight Backs with Baby Buns

Go for sexy and elevated with a jumbo braid and chunky bun style. By securing braids in a triple bun fashion, you’re creating an easy updo that takes just a few minutes.

You can create this look with smaller braids, but it may be more difficult to create neat and tidy buns with too many braids.

#8: Sweetheart Braids

Having a bit of fun with your braids is perfect for showing off your creative side. We love the subtlety of this heart placed at the top of the forehead.

From the front, this heart will create a narrowing effect on your face, so it’s perfect for fuller cheeks or square jaw lines.

#9: Medium Braids with Tapered Brunette Feed In

What’s not to love about this easy tapered hair style? By using less hair as you braid, you’re alleviating a lot of tension at your scalp. This will help you get more life out of your look.

Here, medium braids come from a strong center part, a look we love for rounder face shapes. As for color, make sure to match your skin’s undertones.

#10: Cherry Hue with Alternating Widths

A rich red is perfect on skin with yellowy, olive undertones. This look is all about a high, glossy shine, so be sure to use a nice oil for maintenance.

You can create any pattern that you choose but alternating a tiny braid with a medium-sized one makes things a little more interesting.

#11: Zig Zag Straight Backs with Accessories

An elegant updo with accessories like gemstones looks stunning for formal occasions. The zig zag part only further accentuates your attention to detail.

Feel free to wear your braids down your back, but you may want to try this low bun style if you plan on wearing something with an open back.

#12: Sunny Swoop

Give a side bangs effect to your straight backs with a gorgeously curved braid. The first braid should start just past midway on your forehead’s center and swoop to the other side. The opposite braid should curve slightly under that.

As for the details in between, use a fine-toothed comb to create a pattern that pleases. As for color, this light, yellow blonde feels totally fresh.

#13: Purple Passion

Who doesn’t love a fun color? Feed ins are perfect for helping you to ground your look in your natural color while allowing you to add a well-placed pop.

To really keep this look feeling elevated, create two skinny double braids along the center of the forehead and focus on the purple color only at the nape of the neck and below.

#14: Stitch Braids with Bun

These large braids really help to show off the stitching effect that comes with cornrows. This style is not only protective and relatively easy, but it also feels so classic.

Wear your braids as long as you’d like or create a chunky bun at the back of the head. Be sure to loop and twist braids for a beautiful, knotted effect.

#15: Ultra Long Straight Backs

Sometimes, you’ve got to wear your braids long, and it goes without saying that ultra-long lengths are back in style. The thing to keep in mind is how much weight you are willing to put on your scalp to achieve this look.

To do the least damage while working this hot look, evenly space and tightly braid your hair.

#16: Tapered Feed Ins

Thick braids are beautiful, especially around the top and back of the head. You may desire a tapered look if you don’t want your style to be too heavy.

We love it on medium-length braids that don’t have any extra details besides tidy rows with plenty of luster.

#17: Caramel Tones

Warm up your look with gorgeous warm blonde and brown tones like caramel or deep sand. For a highlighted look, just let a few flecks of brown come through along the scalp.

Past the nape of the neck, hair can be all one color. This look captures the balayge highlighting technique of the moment.

#18: Curved Straight Backs

For an updo with a romantic flair, try this rounded style where braids hug around the beautiful curve of the head. They should begin at a point that surrounds the center part and fan back and outwards like a crown.

Braids can be worn down the back of the neck if your hair isn’t very thick, but likely you’re trying this style if you have short hair. A simple bun at the back of the head is fashion-forward. Add a flower or decoration for a formal event.

#19: Artful Angles

Getting creative and expressing yourself is what braids are all about. This straight back style starts at the front of the part and moves out on an angle to the top back points of the head.

This effect is perfect for highlighting beautiful eyes. We love this feminine style and the smaller braids along the side of the head.

#20: Swirling Edges

Contrast is the key when it comes to this swirling look. The soft, swooping roundness of lots of edges pairs beautifully with the square structure of tight and perfect straight back braids.

To create your edges, focus two smaller swirls at the top of the forehead, at the temples, and around the front of the ears.

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