The world’s most luxurious watch brands

It’s never been a better time to invest your money into something that will increase in value. As household budgets tighten, savers are looking for ways in which to make the most out of their money. And whilst the most obvious answer might be property, for some that’s still out of reach. Luckily there are other things that will reap financial rewards.

Right now, the watch market is booming. Combining practicality with world-class craftsmanship, precision and beauty, luxury watches have become a staple of the male and (increasingly) the female wardrobe. Even second hand luxury watches are sought after! Here are all the brands to look out for in the coming year.


A statement of power and prestige, a rolex super clone watch is the ultimate conversation starter. With a collection of iconic watches under their belt, pieces like the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Datejust will never go out of style. The fact that the Submariner is the most replicated watch in the world is testament to its sheer quality.

Given their enormous success, Rolex is still a relatively new brand and has a bright future ahead. This is certainly a brand you want to keep your eye on.

Patek Philippe

A watch brand with a long and rich history, Patek Philippe is the epitome of luxury, so much so that it is most watch-wearers’ dream to own one. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is the brand’s most famous model, with second hand watches still going for a lot of money these days, whilst the Calatrava and Grand Complications collections have plenty to recommend them.

If you’re looking for something a little more Avant Garde, perhaps the Aquanaut is the one for you. Only released in 1997, the design more than makes up for its lack of ‘classic’ status.

TAG Heuer

A brand that is synonymous with all the luxury of motorsports, TAG Heuer has to be one of the most famous luxury sport watches ever. Designs such as the Autavia, Monaco and Carrera pay homage to the sport’s most memorable tracks.

They even have TAG Heuer Formula 1 that is the perfect watch for beginners in the luxury watch world. The lower price point proves particularly tempting for those looking to begin their own collection.


The name’s Bond, James Bond. One of the world’s most celebrated fictional spies, OMEGA is part of the fabric of this British institution and has carved a stellar name for itself in the process. After all, who doesn’t want to be James Bond?

Built for endurance, you have the Omega Seamaster Diver that can go up to 300m underwater, and the Omega Speedmaster Professional which is definitely part of their timeless collection and will fetch a very handsome price second hand.

In the universe of luxury watches, these brands stand as beacons of artistry, heritage, and uncompromising quality. Beyond mere timekeeping instruments, they are expressions of individuality and refined taste. Owning a timepiece from one of these prestigious brands is not just a possession; it’s a connection to a legacy of craftsmanship that spans centuries, encapsulating the essence of luxury in every tick and tock.

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