Acne Scar Removal Singapore: How do you Get Rid of Acne Scars Fast?

Acne scars can be so hard to get rid of because of the way some of them form. You shouldn’t confuse acne marks and scars, though. If your active breakouts leave your skin smooth with red or dark patches, you have acne marks which should take just between 3 and 6 months to clear from your skin.

However, if the acne heals but has changed your skin’s texture, you’re dealing with an acne scar which will require a customized treatment plan for acne scar removal. Singapore has a good reputation in cosmetic procedures like acne scar removal, so you may want to consider it for your treatments too.

Different Types of Acne Scars and what to do about them

If acne has left a scar, one thing that’s for sure is that it has caused skin damage, which may be permanent. Raised spots or indentations after acne indicate that the acne caused damage at deeper levels in your skin.

Therefore, it will require more than surface-level acne scar treatment. The program that will be designed for your acne scar removal in Singapore will depend on the type of acne scar you’re dealing with.

An acne scar can be depressed, raised, or discolored. A depressed acne scar is typically sunken on appearance.

It goes down deep into your skin. Raised acne scars, on the other hand, rise from your skin, while the discolored acne scars leave darker, lighter, or red patches on your skin. Depressed acne scars are also known as indented or pitted acne scars. Depending on how they manifest on your skin, they can be shallow or deep into the inner skin layers.

They are most likely to result from inflammatory acne and may form on your forehead and cheeks. If you’re seeking acne scar removal in Singapore for depressed acne scars, your aesthetic doctor or dermatologist will most likely recommend more aggressive treatments.

Therefore, some of the acne scar treatment options that may be recommended for you include Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL) or Fractional Laser therapies, among others. The acne scar removal option, in this case, will help in improving the texture of your skin that was impacted by the acne.

This way, it will help minimize the appearance of that scar on your skin. You may require several treatments or combination treatments if you have this type of acne scar. The need for several or combination treatments to clear your acne scar fast will depend on the steepness of the acne scar edges and its depth.

If you get a raised acne scar, chances are high you had a cyst in that location. Therefore, during the healing process, your body produced too much collagen causing too much scar tissue to form in the acne’s place.

This is what causes that thick bulge to protrude from your skin. Raised acne scars are also known as hypertrophic scars.

Raised acne scars mostly form on three regions: You can get them on your back, the chest, or jawline. If you get a raised acne scar, the most common treatment option that may be recommended for your acne scar removal in Singapore is laser resurfacing.

It has been found effective in smoothing out the raised scars to leave your skin uniform. Corticosteroid injections may also be recommended to help in managing raised acne scars.

Finally, if you get a skin discoloration after acne, you may not be dealing with an acne scar. This effect is very common and not something to worry too much about.

This discoloration can subside on its own, but there are instances where this color change becomes permanent. There are three types of discoloration you can get after acne.

Again, the approach that will be adopted for your acne scar removal in Singapore will depend on the type of skin discoloration you’ve developed. Real quick, there are three types of skin discoloration you may get after acne; hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, and Erythema.

If you get hyper-pigmentation, it indicates that your skin cells responsible for melanin production (the melanocytes) were impacted with the breakouts, thereby causing them to produce excess melanin to heal. If hyper-pigmentation is bothering you, your doctor may recommend topical retinoids, light or laser therapies, or injections to fade the acne scars fast.

Hypo-pigmentation is the opposite of hyperpigmentation. It is caused by the depletion of melanocytes from the skin area impacted by the breakouts, whereby the skin in that area ceases to produce melanin.

Just like hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation doesn’t have health consequences, but you may want to remove it if you don’t like those light spots on your skin. If you’re struggling with hypo-pigmentation, laser resurfacing and chemical peels are common treatment options that may be recommended for your acne scar removal in Singapore.

Finally, if you got Erythema, your aesthetic doctor may recommend IPL or laser therapies to manage the condition. Alternatively, you may also benefit from topical medications that can also help reduce the redness on your skin.

Dermatologist-guided Acne Scar Removal

If you’re troubled by acne scars, it is recommended that you find a dermatologist for your acne scar removal in Singapore. You may be able to manage mild acne scars with at-home treatments, but if you get stubborn acne scars that changed your skin’s texture, your best bet would be to work with a qualified skin doctor or aesthetic doctor.

They will recommend the best medical procedures for your acne scars, depending on the type of scars you’ve developed and how they affected your skin. Besides, you also benefit from FDA-approved procedures so you can be assured of having the least risks of complications.

Not every provider that advertises acne scar removal in Singapore is competent, though. Therefore, you should take time to compare different providers and only work with a skilled dermatologist or aesthetic doctor.

To ensure that they’re knowledgeable enough about the treatments, check for board certification and ensure their clinic is also accredited. Don’t forget about the reviews from former patients, as it would mirror for you what you can expect in the facility.

Schedule an Acne Scar Removal Consultation with a Skilled Aesthetic Doctor

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