Are Motorhome Holidays Worth it in Winter?

Motorhome holidays offer an affordable and versatile means of taking a break whenever the fancy takes you. But they tend to be viewed primarily as a summer activity. Peak season arrives somewhere in late June, with many campsites sitting empty during the colder months.

But does this mean that a winter break in a motorhome isn’t worth the effort? Of course not. There are several good reasons to prefer a break at this time of year. Let’s run through a few of them.


Since demand for the campsites is lower at this time of year, many operators will lower their rates in order to attract more customers. Thus, you’ll be able to spend less – and have more funds available to extend, or expand, your holiday. On top of that, we have the inherent cost advantages that a motorhome enjoys over fixed accommodation, like chalets and cottages.


If you need your downtime to provide you with a little bit of breathing room, then a motorhome holiday during Winter might provide exactly what’s required. With fewer people around, and less noise, you’ll be able to truly relax and appreciate your surroundings. If you don’t have children to worry about, then this makes all the more sense.

The Experience

If you’re holidaying in the countryside during Winter, then you’ll get a very different experience to the one you might get during Summer. Take a hike through the outdoors, and visit a few seasonal, local events. For those who appreciate outdoor pursuits, warming pub meals, and the occasional Christmas market, there’s a lot to like about holidaying at this time of year.


Making a motorhome nice and warm during Winter is often a matter of simply packing a few extra items. You can batch-cook a few soups and stews in order to really bring up that feeling of cosiness and comfort. Blankets and insulation will also help. Make sure that you’ve packed some extra thick socks and dressing gowns, and that the home itself is well protected against draughts and cold weather.

Travel essentials

Among the downsides of travelling with a motorhome (or to one) at this time of year are the road conditions. If you’re involved in a breakdown or a collision, then the fun might be rapidly sucked out of your holiday. You can take out specialised motorhome insurance to protect yourself against this danger. Make sure that you have planned the route, too, and that you know exactly where you’re stopping along the way.

It’s also worth checking the Met Office for any severe weather warnings. If a blizzard is poised to strike later in the week, it’s better to know about it now. That way, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary risk.

However, adequate preparation and a willingness to tackle the challenges associated with winter travel are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey. Ultimately, for those with an adventurous spirit, the rewards of a winter motorhome holiday can far outweigh the challenges.

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