Elegance In Every Size: How To Select The Ideal Hat For Larger Heads

Are you looking for the perfect hat? You’ll want to select your new one carefully to look elegant, especially if you have a larger head. Whether you want a formal or casual style hat, you need to compare all your options. That way, you know you’ve got the ideal one.

Below, you’ll find all the steps to select the ideal hat for your head’s size and shape. So, don’t wait, let’s keep reading!

1. Start By Finding Your Hat Size

It goes without saying that you’ll need to know your hat size before you start shopping for one. Especially if you want to buy the hat online since you won’t have a chance to try it before you buy it. Once you have your size, you can easily compare your measurements to the brands’ guides on their sites.

All you need is a soft tape measure to find your hat size. Take it and measure around the widest part of your head. For most people, this is the area barely above your eyebrows. Wrap it around your head the entire way, above your ears. Pinch the spot where the tape measure sections overlap and remove it from your head. 

This gives you the circumference of your head, which lets you know your size. You can compare this number to online sizing guides. If you’re between sizes, always make sure to size up!

Hat Sizing Tips for Larger Heads

For the most comfortable fit, you’ll generally want a hat at least 0.5 to one cm larger than your head’s size. That way, the cap won’t leave uncomfortable marks on your head. It’s also not too loose, so the hat doesn’t fall off.

Hats stretch slightly over time the more you wear them, but you don’t want to be uncomfortable while waiting.

It’s also worth knowing that hat sizes can vary from brand to brand. There’s no standard size for large hats, so you always need to check the charts that the brand provides. Next, a higher crown can give you more room in the hat, so it fits better. 

Lastly, consider getting hats that come with adjustable features. For instance, a velcro strap on the back or an inner drawstring. These features help accommodate a larger head since you can loosen them as needed.

2. Choosing Elegant Hat Styles

Several elegant hat styles can work better for larger heads. Those with a wide brim will look the best on you since they balance out your silhouette. Wide-brimmed fedoras, Panama, and sun hats are classy and always look great.

Fedoras are elegant and can enhance any outfit. They look good paired with formal and casual fits, making them versatile accessories. Panama hats are great for outdoor wear. They give off a sense of adventure, but you can still find them in elegant designs. Lastly, sun hats are a go-to accessory if you want elegance.

Some other elegant hat styles that look stunning on people with larger heads include berets and boater hats.

You’ll want to avoid hats that have narrow brims since they can look disproportionate on your head, making it appear bigger to others.

3. Try on the Hats

If you can, you’ll want to make sure that you try on the hats before buying them. Check that it fits comfortably and that you like how it looks on you. Sometimes, a hat might not flatter us well, and you’ll want to know before you buy it.

Of course, you can’t do that if you’re buying online. You’ll need to ensure you size the hat as accurately as possible. Then, it would be good to check if the brand offers returns on hats that don’t fit. If it’s too tight or loose when you get it, you’ll have a better idea of what size will suit you the best for an exchange.

4. Avoid Oversized Decorations

Next, you’ll want to avoid oversized decorations on the hat. While large bows and huge flowers can look elegant and stunning, they can make your head appear larger. You’ll want to choose hats that come with smaller embellishments.

Doing so can make the hat appear more proportional to your head.

5. Choose Flexible Hats

Hats made from flexible materials will be much more comfortable on your head. You’ll want to choose ones made from straw, cotton, or wool. Blends of materials can also be very flexible. You’ll want to check out all the materials hats can consist of and pick the one that’s best for you.

You can find elegant, flexible hats in a variety of materials. 

6. Choose Elegant Colors and Designs

You’ll also want to think about the hat’s colors and patterns. Darker, solid-colored hats tend to look the best on large heads. The dark colors can make your head look smaller, and they can match with a ton of outfits.

Subtle patterns also look best because they add visual interest without becoming overwhelming. Of course, you can always go bold if you want to.

Some of the most elegant colors include:

  • Beige
  • Pastels
  • Black
  • White
  • Gray
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Purple

Choosing hats that use these colors can help make your look much more elegant. You’ll want to think about all the different ways you can incorporate the colors and patterns of the hat into your outfits.

7. Experiment With How You Wear the Hat

Finally, how you wear the hat can make it appear more elegant. Once you’ve got your new cap, you’ll want to practice styling it in a mirror. There are so many different ways to wear just one hat.

You can place the brim differently on your head to create various looks. Try tilting it to the side for an elegant, asymmetrical style. It adds more personality to your outfit, too.

Elegance in Every Hat Size

In short, you can find elegance in every hat size. You’ll want to experiment with how you wear your hat after you receive it. Hats can give you a huge boost in confidence, so try wearing them with your favorite outfits.

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