Five simple and affordable ways to add value to your home

Whether you’re thinking of selling up soon or you’ve got some spare time to fill, adding value to your home can be a very fulfilling project. Fortunately, there are so many ways for regular homeowners to increase the value of their home without breaking the bank.

No matter how experienced you might be in home repairs and maintenance, it’s always worth knowing a few of the best ways to cut costs now and get more money back.

Cheaper ways to add value to your home: Our top 5

1. Improve the garden

Experts believe that if it’s well-maintained and suitable for entertaining, your garden could add £45,000 to the value of your home. If you’re about to put your property on the market, there’s no better time to ensure that your garden is manicured and perfectly presentable.

Figures from an exclusive survey by fitted furniture experts Hammonds found that prospective buyers are willing to pay you the biggest bonus for a beautiful garden. Hammonds quizzed 2,000 UK adults on their preferences and priorities when it comes to buying a new house and, perhaps unsurprisingly, they found that Brits would pay more for a garden than any other feature.

For the right garden, respondents said that they’d happily pay at least an extra £5,044 on top of the asking price.

2. Make it energy-efficient

With energy prices still at an unprecedented high and set to rise by 5% in January, energy-efficient homes are in higher demand than ever before for first-time buyers and investors too. Home buyers seeking properties with strong eco-credentials, both for cost-efficiency and futureproof investment, often turn to house and land packages known for incorporating such sustainable features.

Hammonds found that solar panels and triple-glazed windows prove consistently popular through 2023, adding an average value of £3,555 and £3,473 respectively. Almost 10% of prospective buyers said that they would happily pay an extra £15,000 above asking price for these features.

3. Add more storage

Banishing clutter is more important than ever, with minimalist and post-modern styles taking the interior design world by storm. Prospective buyers must be able to see plenty of storage space in your property, or at least the potential to add more.

Don’t underestimate the value of convenient storage solutions, either: Hammonds’ survey revealed that buyers would pay an addition £3,408 for built-in storage. With just some basic carpentry skills and raw materials, you could add versatile solutions from pull-out shoe racks to over-bed storage, all without the need to make structural changes to your property.

4. Double-up the garage

The latest National Travel Survey  found that by 2022, over a third of UK households had two or more cars or vans.

With more and more families inclined to own multiple vehicles, it’s hardly surprising that prospective homeowners prioritise properties with two garages and sufficient parking space.  Respondents to Hammonds’ household survey said that a two-car garage would be worth paying more than £3,500 for – and that’s on top of the asking price.

5. Choose the four-piece suite

Lastly, bathrooms with a separate shower and bathtub are becoming increasingly valuable to the modern homeowner.

Hammonds’ study found that Brits would happily offer up an additional £3,390 for a house that includes this practical and luxurious detail. Not only does a four-piece suite simplify the bedtime routine for families with children, but offers adults more flexibility, choice, and opportunities for relaxation.

From smaller jobs like painting the skirting to planning ambitious ideas and renovation projects, there are plenty of affordable upgrades to choose from. Don’t forget to consult a qualified professional before working around mains gas or electricity, and always wear protective gear too!

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