From Wishes to Wings: Supporting Young Adults with Critical Illnesses through Make-A-Wish

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is known for making dreams come true for children fighting life-threatening conditions. But what you may not realize is the life-altering impact it has on young adults going through similar challenges. From childhood to adulthood, dreams evolve but the power of a wish never wavers. In this blog post, we’ll go over how essential Make-A-Wish International is for these young adults and how it turns wishes into wings.

Empowering Dreams:

When you’re faced with a critical illness your dreams feel like they’re miles away. Stuck in a constant loop of medical treatments and crippling uncertainty about the future. However, when Make-A-Wish comes into play as an unrelenting beacon of hope — that’s when things change. These individuals are empowered to dream big which gives them the strength to make those dreams become a reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s meeting their lifelong idol or jetting off on a dream vacation, these wishes ignite healing and resilience.

Navigating Transitions:

Transitioning from being a teenager to becoming an adult is tough enough without health problems getting in the way. But that’s life sometimes and Make-A-Wish recognizes just how important tailored experiences can be for these young adults who are stuck in between worlds. When given opportunities for self-expression and personal growth — turning their worlds around becomes far more manageable.

Building Support Networks:

Having any kind of critical illness makes you feel super alone whether you want to admit it or not. And feeling disconnected from your peers because of your health condition only amplifies that loneliness — this rings especially true for young adults who often find comfort in relating with one another during their struggles growing up together. Although fulfilling their wishes is great and all, what’s even better is building support networks through these wishes.

Celebrating Milestones:

Graduations, birthdays, anniversaries — these are all milestones that we find joy in celebrating. But what do they mean to young adults who are already dealing with enough? Well, Make-A-Wish understands just how important these moments can be for them. On the surface level it’s a “congratulations” or a “happy birthday,” but deep down it’s so much more than that. Their wish experiences allow for memories to be made that illness and adversity cannot touch. If you want to know More about, please visit this link.

Inspiring Hope:

The most profound impact of Make-A-Wish on young adults is its ability to inspire hope. When faced with the uncertainties of critical illnesses, optimism is far from easy to find. But through the power of wishing it becomes obtainable; showing young adults that even though their conditions throw countless roadblocks in their way — their dreams are still within reach.


At the Make-A-Wish Foundation, our mission goes much further than just granting wishes. Our foundation is all about changing lives and empowering young adults to reclaim their dreams during these times of hardship. Through supporting these individuals after their wishes are granted, we help them fly above and beyond their circumstances and embrace a brighter future full of potential. While we celebrate the impact of Make-A-Wish, let us continue to uplift and empower young adults who face critical illnesses because with a little help and a lot of heart – anything is possible.

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