How Is Cast Iron Cookware Different From Ordinary Cookware?

One of the staples in a traditional Indian kitchen is cast iron cookware. It has been used in India for centuries and has been the choice of cookware for professionals as well as home chefs. With its ability to retain heat and its durability, iron cookware is the perfect choice for stir-fries, grills, and making Indian desserts. It can handle high heat and can last years of use. But how is it different from other cookware? Let’s find out here.

Cast Iron Cookware v/s Ordinary Cookware

Cast iron is made from molten iron. It has traces of minerals like silicon, sulphur, manganese, carbon, etc., and is known for being sturdy, non-malleable, and also for its health benefits. While some brands use this material to make cookware in its traditional form, some premier brands have combined modern technology to make durable, lightweight, and stick-resistant cast iron cookware. One of the significant benefits of this cookware is that it enhances the iron content of food. Children and adults who have iron deficiency are known to benefit from food cooked in cast iron as the material releases iron into the food. The same cannot be said about ordinary cookware. Apart from this, there are other benefits of cast iron cookware, which include:

  • High Heat Retention: Cast iron cookware has high heat retention and evenly distributes heat through the surface. This means food is cooked evenly, and you get great-tasting food every time. This makes it ideal for making curries, stir-frying and deep frying. Ordinary cookware can develop hotspots, leading to uneven heat distribution, and thus sticking and burning of food.
  • Rust-Proof: While traditional cast iron cookware needs frequent seasoning, some cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned with an enamel coating which makes it stick-resistant and rust-proof. It is also easier to clean and maintain. 
  • Less Oil Usage: Stick-resistant cookware is ideal for the health-conscious as it needs less oil to cook food. Whether you get a cast iron kadai or a frypan, cooking in less oil will be a breeze if you go for a pre-seasoned variety. 
  • Durable: Cast iron is one of the toughest materials for cookware. It is highly durable and lasts for many years. Ordinary cookware cannot take the wear and tear as well as cast iron and may not last as long.  
  • Easy to Clean: The pre-seasoned variety of cast iron cookware is easy to clean and maintain due to its safe, stick-resistant enamel coating.  
  • Suitable for Cooking All Kinds of Foods: Pre-seasoned cast iron is non-reactive and is great for cooking all types of food, including acidic foods. Other materials, especially aluminium, may leech into the food and lead to health issues, as it is believed to do so. 
  • Environment-Friendly: Cast iron is natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic. Its manufacturing does not include any harmful chemicals. They are also durable and this will last long, reducing the need to replace them for decades.

Overall, cooking with cast iron cookware has many benefits, which include chemical-free cooking, increased iron intake, even heat distribution, and durability. The same cannot be said about ordinary cookware. So why not use cast iron cookware in your everyday cooking routine and get all the benefits?

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