How To Make Your Bathroom Great Again

You might be thinking that making any changes in your bathroom is going to cost you a lot of money. You’d be wrong. It doesn’t have to be like that if you know what you’re doing. A bathroom is normally not a particularly large space – especially compared to other rooms around the house. That’s why you have to make it count – and we mean every single accessory. Thankfully, we have plenty of interesting options out there that will make your bathroom look fresh and new without any big, messy and demanding jobs. It’s also a great opportunity to make it more convenient, functional and personalized. After all, it’s your space.

Compact Bidet Attachment

For those seeking eco-friendly alternatives, you should probably consider a small bidet attachment. Easily installable on existing toilets, these attachments reduce toilet paper consumption, making your entire bathroom routine more sustainable and cost-effective in the process. Like always, a slightly bigger upfront investment that turns into true savings going forward.

 Bamboo Bath Mat

Elevate your bathroom aesthetics with a natural bath mat made from luxurious bamboo fibres. In addition to its undeniable charm and stylish appeal, bamboo is widely considered an ultimate sustainable material, so it’s also an eco-friendly choice. Bamboo mats are durable, resistant to moisture, and really easy to clean. Don’t miss your chance to coordinate it with other similar products, like bamboo bath towels, and introduce either matching or completely new, contrasting colours to your bathroom space. Much cheaper and less messy than painting all the walls and the ceiling.

Automatic Hand Dryer with HEPA Filtration

That’s a fancy one, but it’s hard to deny its value. These are typically used in public restrooms to reduce paper towel consumption, and although paper towels are not quite as popular as regular hand towels in an average household, you can still get great value and a lot of use out of this little number. Automatic hand dryers, especially the energy-efficient models, are great and pretty eco-friendly devices. Yes, it’s an electronic piece, but when you have one at home, you won’t be using your hand towels quite as much. That means less laundry. Also, hand dryers are much more hygienic as hand towels tend to retain a lot of moisture, which, combined with heat, creates great conditions for various bacteria and germ growth. Let’s not forget how quick and thorough they are. 

Smart Storage Solutions with Built-in Charging Ports

As we mentioned, there’s not a whole lot of space in an average bathroom. But there’s quite a large number of items that need storage. Thankfully, they’re not particularly big but you still need a dedicated space to keep them all close and available. A smart storage solution is the answer. As impressive as it sounds, it’s actually very simple. It can be just a cabinet but with a twist – that one added feature of a built-in charging port can make all the difference. Apart from decluttering your space, you can keep your electric toothbrush, razor, or beauty gadgets organized and charged to make sure they’re ready for use whenever you need them. That’s just next-level convenience.

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