How to Spot Enemies in PUBG Mobile

Spotting enemies in PUBG Mobile can be challenging and often requires precise strategies. Many players may find it difficult due to in-game mechanics or incorrect approaches.

That’s why we have compiled three valuable tips that can help you become a pro at spotting your opponents, allowing you to outsmart and get ahead of them. Before that, make sure you check out our cheap UC code.

Tip#1–Improve your Game Sense

Each PUBG player possesses game sense, but its practical application can vary. To gain an advantage, observe the movement patterns of your opponents. For example, when someone enters a building in PUBG Mobile, they often head upstairs for safety. Utilize this insight to predict enemy actions, such as shooting through windows. When healing, consider the direction of moving vehicles, as they are likely heading toward the safe zone. Analyze the map routes carefully as there are limited options for enemy movement.

Stay vigilant and anticipate potential stopping points such as houses that can be used as a healing station in PUBG Mobile. Keep a close eye on your surroundings, including elevated areas such as mountains where enemies might be hiding. Sharpen your ability to predict opponent moves, particularly during transitions to safe zones. Consistent practice and honing your game sense will give you a strategic advantage.

Tip#2–Looking for Enemies Visually and Physically

It’s recommended that you adjust your settings of PUBG game, to improve your spotting ability. You can increase the brightness level to 150% for better contrast, which will help you distinguish enemies from the background. Additionally, maximizing your phone’s brightness can also be helpful, although it may strain your eyes. This is because a brighter screen can darken the appearance of your enemies, making them easier to spot.

Also, maintain a moderate screen distance of around 15 centimeters and opt for low graphics settings and high frame rates for optimal performance. When it comes to graphic styles, it’s best to choose classic, colorful, or soft styles which make it easier to spot enemies. Avoid other styles that may hinder visibility.

To find enemies in PUBG video game, stay alert in all directions. Focus on areas where you’re ahead or positioned strategically, like outside the circle. Expect enemies to approach from there since they’ll likely move towards the safe zone. Be vigilant to anticipate their movements effectively.

Tip#3–Master Sound Cues

In PUBG game, having a good sense of sound awareness is essential when you are unable to spot enemies visually. Pay close attention to any enemy movements around you to accurately locate them. For instance, if surprised by gunfire, swiftly react by tracing the sound source and retaliating. Improve your ability to locate sounds accurately in 360-degree audio by using stereo headphones and identifying the direction of sounds, including gunfire.

Recognizing footsteps’ distance and direction enhances your tactical edge, enabling you to predict enemy positions effortlessly. This will help you predict enemy positions, anticipate movements, and gain an advantage in engagements.


Overall, in PUBG game, it is important to know the location of your enemies to increase your chances of survival.

This will allow you to either plan an ambush or play defensively. With these three insights provided above, we hope that you will be better prepared to spot enemies during your PUBG Mobile journey.

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