Live Word Cloud Generator – Effective Tool for Collaboration and Brainstorming

Have you wondered why remote teams can collaborate and generate ideas effectively? or Why can teachers encourage students to think critically and submit their ideas on online learning? The answer lies in an innovation from the classic word cloud, which is called the live word cloud generator. So What is it and Why does it benefit us? Let’s check it out!

What is a Live Word Cloud Generator?

Word Cloud is a popular tool for visualizing text data and identifying the most frequently occurring words or ideas. They can be used to engage audiences, stimulate participation, and spark dialogues in a variety of settings, such as presentations, seminars, or brainstorming sessions. Creating live Word Cloud has grown easier and more accessible than ever before, thanks to the rise of online tools and platforms.

When to use Live Word Cloud Generator ? 

There are several ways to utilize live word cloud generators in multiple fields, such as academic activity, working or gatherings. Here are best examples of its uses.

1. Brainstorming 

Using a word cloud to help with class brainstorming sounds excellent ideas! Prompt students with a question, then allow them to think for themselves before having them share their ideas and visualize ideas and class trends with a word cloud. 

This self-producing and analyzing process is best for comparing a list of alternatives, which assist students in getting creative thoughts flowing and narrowing down a topic of study before venturing out on their own.

2. Presentations

How to display words of opinion or ideas in PPT appealingly and effectively? Using word clouds to generate a visual representation of participant responses is a simple, straightforward yet completely creative approach. It can highlight and disseminate data while also identifying recurring themes. You understand the insight quickly just by a glance.

3. Class Activities

We all know students are more likely to be fond of colorful visuals. And Word Clouds with visual appeals in nature can instantly capture the attention of pupils. When using a live word cloud, they can see how their answer was presented in the most vibrant color and alignment. 

4. Business Data visualization

Statistics visualizations, such as charts, graphs, and infographics, are tools that help firms communicate essential information at a glance. However, if your data is text-based and you want to visualize key points, a word cloud may make data sizzle and instantly express critical information.

How to make a Free Live Word Cloud Generator?

Live Word Cloud Generator is easy to make, thus, nothing to worry about. This part introduces you to one of the most well-known live word cloud generators, which are popularly used by teachers, professionals, team leaders, and trainers.

  • Step 01: Create an AhaSlides Account
    Make your own dynamic word cloud into a presentation! Sign up for an AhaSlides account by clicking here!
  • Step 02: Create a Word Cloud
    Select ‘Word Cloud’ from the ‘new presentation’ menu.  
  • Step 03: Set up your live word cloud
    Make a word cloud inquiry. Customize with any of the slide’s six settings.
  • Step 04: Style your Live Word Cloud
    Change the text color and overlay under the “background” tab.
  • Step 05: Invite participants to join
    Give your audience a copy of the special QR or join code for your presentation. They connect to your live word cloud using their phones.

Note that: Keep an eye out for the responses! Participants send their entries into your live word cloud, which are updated in real-time on the screen. A tip for you: Using Hide result function if you want to make sure a person thinks individually rather than be affected by other ideas. 

Key Takeaways

Now that you know how to use a live word cloud generator, don’t miss the opportunities to take advantage of this tool into all your aspects of work, life and study. Sign up to AhaSlides  right away, use a free live word cloud generator and make a huge impact.

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