Mopak: An In-depth Review of Best Online Travel Backpack Vendors

During the challenging times of COVID-19 in 2019, founder Ronnie faced profound depression, finding solace and recovery through the support of friends and family. This experience led to the birth of Mopak, a brand inspired by the healing power of colors and the joy they bring. Mopak, focusing on vibrant hues like white, red, blue, and brown, aims to infuse joyful energy into the lives of busy urban nomads. 

With Ronnie’s background in Korin Design and a keen sense of the post-COVID resurgence in international tourism, Mopak is more than just a brand; it’s a beacon of hope and happiness in challenging times.

What is Mopak?

Mopak, initially a backpack brand, expanded its collection to include smaller bags, catering to the needs of urban commuters. Unique in its approach, Mopak specializes in solving the daily challenges of carrying essentials like 14-inch laptops, iPads, notebooks, and charging cables. 

Distinctively, Mopak stands apart from traditional business-focused brands with its emphasis on color and personal expression. Eschewing the typical black/grey corporate palette, Mopak brings personality to the professional sphere, reflecting individuality and style in the bustling business world.

Introduce the Key Products of Mopak

Travel Backpack

The Mopak City Adventure and City Cycle Backpacks, perfect for the urban explorer, boast an ultra-compact 17.5-liter size ideal for short trips. Despite their small stature, these backpacks are ingeniously designed with scientifically organized compartments, each labeled for ease of use – the computer section sports a computer icon, while the water bottle compartment is clearly marked. The design inspiration for these backpacks hails from the energetic streets of New York City. One of Mopak’s designers, a Brooklyn native, often escapes the city’s hustle for tranquil weekends in nearby towns. His lifestyle, balancing urban duties with rural retreats, and the need to always have his computer and iPad at hand for spontaneous design work, heavily influenced the creation of these backpacks. The City Cycle Backpack, for instance, is a haven for his iPad and stylus, ready to capture inspiration on the go.

Moreover, the City Adventure Backpack features a Quick Access compartment, a boon for places with sunny climates like California, where sunglasses are a staple. The backpack’s exterior design includes two ingeniously constructed pockets, allowing easy retrieval of travel essentials like passports or driver’s licenses – a thoughtful design to streamline your travel experience.

Urban Backpack

The Urban Daypack stands as a flagship product in this series. Its unique design features a magnetic closure system, incorporating the renowned German Fidlock magnetic button technology, which adds both convenience and a modern edge. 

This feature is particularly advantageous for those spontaneous moments in life, like a photographer needing to quickly capture a hummingbird in flight over the cityscape. However, the design also considers security, acknowledging that the ease of opening might raise concerns among those who tread busy city streets and worry about the safety of their belongings.

Smart Backpack

The Sleek Backpack, a standout in Mopak’s Smart Backpack collection, is tailored for the youthful demographic. Ideal for recent graduates working in rainy locales like London or the Netherlands, its waterproof design, inclusive of waterproof zippers and a comprehensive top cover, ensures maximum protection against rain. 

Its design is also perfect for bustling cities like Osaka or Tokyo, featuring a prominent handle for ease of carrying in crowded spaces. This ergonomic handle is the result of over six months of meticulous testing and design refinement by Mopak’s dedicated team.


Mopak’s pouches are designed with the tech-savvy, modern individual in mind. Ideal for storing a range of devices such as Insight 360 cameras, Go Pros, drones, Apple, and Samsung phones, these pouches provide a neat solution for organizing cables and plugs. They fit perfectly into a backpack or duffle bag, ensuring not only tidiness in daily work and travel but also protection against scratches to your electronics. Particularly for those who prioritize neatness, like Virgos, the Tech Pouch is an indispensable accessory.

Duffel Bag

The Weekender Duffle Bag is Mopak’s homage to fitness enthusiasts and travelers. Ronnie, Mopak’s founder and a gym aficionado himself, designed it with ample space to carry gym essentials and clothes for poppin’ competitions. With a generous 30L capacity, it’s perfect for gym goers or for week-long trips. 

Unique features include a separate water cup holder for hydration and a distinct, silky, stain-resistant surface. Its standout feature is a computer compartment lined with pearl cotton, offering superior shock and pressure resistance, ideal for protecting electronics during rough travels.

Sling Bag

The Wanderer Sling Bag, while bearing a resemblance to Bellroy’s design, surprises with its unique features. It ingeniously accommodates a 12oz water bottle or a shirt in a central pocket, though larger bottles might be a snug fit. With three compartments and a robust 600D fabric, it offers both functionality and style. The brown color variant particularly stands out, adding a premium feel to this versatile accessory.

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Pros and Cons of Mopak


  • Mopak stands as a cost-effective backpack brand. In comparison with Bellroy, Mopak’s color tones may appear similar, but its designs distinctly differ. Moreover, Mopak’s pricing is significantly more affordable, at least half cheaper than Bellroy.
  • Mopak’s uniqueness lies in its multi-colored designs and efficient storage solutions, setting it apart in the market.
  • The brand’s backpacks, particularly the City Adventure, are noted for their ample storage with 22 different pockets, each marked with designer icons, despite its modest 17L capacity.
  • The backpacks are designed to maintain their shape and stand upright independently, a practical feature that enhances their utility and aesthetic appeal.


  • Currently, Mopak’s range is limited, offering only 7 products. However, expansion is on the horizon with an additional 10 products expected by 2024 and a crowdfunding debut planned on KICKSTARTER.
  • Mopak’s presence is restricted to online channels, with no offline stores for customers to physically experience the backpacks. This is understandable given the brand’s recent establishment.
  • Sales in Asia are yet to commence. Consumers in regions like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and China have noted the unavailability of Mopak products, possibly due to concerns over design replication.

Why Makes Mopak Better Than Its Competitors?

Mopak’s exceptional customer service is a standout feature. They’ve demonstrated a strong focus on customer satisfaction, as evidenced on platforms like Reddit and other social media channels. Mopak’s flexible refund policy and willingness to accommodate customer preferences, such as exchanging product colors without hassle, underscore their commitment to consumer happiness.

Their attention to detail is evident in their backpack design. For instance, the 14-inch computer compartments are cushioned with pearls to protect devices, and the Urban Daypack features clever additions like a keychain storage spot, reflecting thoughtful design.

Another significant advantage is Mopak’s excellence in waterproofing. Products like the Duffle and Tech Pouch incorporate fully waterproof zippers and splash-proof coatings, ideal for cities with frequent rain, like London. This makes Mopak accessories a reliable choice for weather-resistant needs.


1. Maintaining Mopak Backpacks and Bags:

To keep your Mopak gear in top condition, hand washing is recommended. Use a damp cloth and dish soap to gently wipe the surface. Avoid soaking in water or machine washing, as this can damage the material. For tougher stains, some additional scrubbing might be required.

2. Dealing with Defective Mopak Products:

If you encounter a defect, simply email Mopak at [email protected] with a photo or video evidence of the issue. Mopak will arrange for a replacement, and remember, they offer a lifetime warranty for their products.

Shipping Timeframes:

  • UK & Europe: 3-11 working days (tracked shipping).
  • USA & Canada: 3-10 working days (tracked shipping).
  • Rest of the World: 7-15 working days (tracked shipping), subject to stock availability.


Mopak, established in 2022, has quickly distinguished itself in the backpack and travel gear market through innovative designs, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to sustainability. Their products, ranging from sleek urban backpacks to functional travel and duffel bags, cater to diverse needs, balancing style with practicality. Key features like scientific organization, waterproof materials, and a focus on customer experience make Mopak a competitive and appealing choice. 

Despite being a relatively new brand with limited styles and no physical stores yet, Mopak’s online presence and expansion plans, including a lifetime warranty offer, highlight its potential and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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