Myths About Side Effects of Hair Systems

With the increasing cases of male pattern baldness and alopecia areata, men and women have been considering non-surgical hair replacement systems to retain their gorgeous look. Some wear customized hairpieces to cover their bald patches that would otherwise be obvious when they go out without a hat.

Others try wigs and extensions to increase their hair length and volume and achieve different hairstyles. As tempting as it sounds, there are some common myths surrounding hair pieces. People tend to believe that hair systems, both human hair toupees and synthetic wigs, come with certain side effects. In this post, we will debunk the common myths around hair systems and the reality. Keep reading.

Myth 1: Hair Systems Do Not Look Natural

This might be true in the 90s, but the hairpieces made in today’s time are much better and more natural-looking than ever. If you are concerned about those hideous bald patches, having a hair system is the perfect way to get rid of those. Those who believe the hair pieces will be easily noticeable couldn’t be more wrong.

Hair pieces are customized to fit your hair color, texture, and style. You can easily find a hairpiece that looks just like your natural Best hair growth products and blends in smoothly with your hair texture. You can visit your hair stylist to design a hairpiece that looks absolutely realistic. People will hardly notice that you are wearing fake hair unless you tell them yourself.

That’s the beauty of having extensions. In fact, you may have come across many people flaunting extensions without noticing. As long as you are considering a customized hairpiece, you are good to go!

Myth 2: They Feel Uncomfortable

A high-quality hair system made of human hair should not cause any kind of discomfort, irritation, or itching given that they are installed correctly. Still, there’s a misconception that wigs cause itching and discomfort. There’s no doubt wigs can be itchy, but that’s only when they are not installed properly or you have chosen a low-quality, synthetic wig which is neither cleaned nor maintained.

The difference between good and bad quality hair extensions lies in the material or base they are made of. A good quality hair system is breathable and lightweight, allowing proper circulation and keeping the itchiness at bay. In fact, some hairpieces are designed to stay on your scalp for several weeks without causing any discomfort. The growing demand for fake hair has encouraged manufacturers to produce long-lasting and top-notch hair pieces that can resist weather conditions and other issues seamlessly.

To avoid any problems due to the hairpieces, it’s advisable to get a patch test done and have a trial period. If it doesn’t fit or cause any problems, you can have it replaced immediately.

Myth 3: Hair Systems are Permanent

Another common myth surrounding hair systems says that these are permanent. Once you have them attached to your scalp, they will last forever and can’t be replaced. Contrary to popular belief, hair systems last 6 months maximum and require a replacement after that. That’s the difference between hair transplant surgery and hair systems.

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure of growing hair naturally from your roots by taking the hair strands from one portion and implanting them on the sides with bald patches. That is a permanent solution to hair loss. However, because of the complications involved, hair transplant surgery is not seen as a safe choice. Fortunately, your hair systems are not permanent. You can have them replaced as often as you want. You can also wear them regularly and take them off for cleaning and maintenance.

Myth 4: You can’t Shower or Swim With Your Hair System

Do toupees make swimming off-limits? Well, that’s another common myth we need to debunk today. You can bathe, swim, and get exposed to water without worrying about your hair systems falling. These are glued to your scalp and are attached securely ensuring that they won’t come off unless they are manually removed with a solvent.

If you are a swimmer or someone who participates in water-based activities regularly, don’t worry about your hair systems. They will stay intact and in place. If you have chosen a high-quality hairpiece made of the best material, then having it damaged from water exposure should be the least of your concerns. Manufacturers are focusing on designing toupees made of strong, waterproof adhesives that keep your hair attached to the scalp.

Myth 5: They Can Lead to Baldness

Many people avoid hair pieces as they assume the fake hair can cause baldness. The regular itching, discomfort, and scalp irritation can weaken your hair health and cause excessive hair breakage. That’s another myth. Hair systems do not affect your scalp health, given that you have chosen breathable, lightweight, and good-quality toupee hair. If anything, they will give you a head full of hair.

Keep in mind your hair system won’t cause hair issues or scalp-related problems. It has nothing to do with your hair shedding or growth cycle. If you are losing hair, it’s probably because of the hormonal changes in your body or a major stressor. A few things, however, can cause hair breakage. For example, pulling your natural hair, securing the hairpiece tightly, and not washing it regularly can lead to hair fall.

Myth 6: They Come With Bad Odor

The thought that hair systems have a very ugly odor is enough to make you feel hesitant to try a hairpiece. You wouldn’t want to wear something that has a bad odor, let alone keep it on your scalp for months. Fortunately, that’s purely a myth. The hair system itself doesn’t come with a bad odor, but keeping it on for too long and working in environments that accumulate considerable dirt and debris can create a bad odor. You should also make a habit of washing, shampooing, and maintaining your scalp regularly.

These were the 6 common myths about the hair system for men. Use high-quality hairpieces and say goodbye to all scalp or hair-related issues.

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