Oval Nails For Sophisticated Style

Oval-shaped nails are refined, versatile, and eternally chic. The rounded almond silhouette flatters and elongates fingers gracefully. From chrome colors to floral details, there are so many gorgeous oval nail ideas. Oval nails suit any outfit and polish design.

Filed into soft, rounded square, oval-shaped nails are the most elegant shape that complements all nail beds. The curved edges have a slimming effect on fingers. Oval-shaped nails work for any length and look great on both hands and toes. Embrace this classy oval nails trend with these stunning nail designs.

  • Simple Nude

A classic nude or blush pink oval manicure is effortlessly pretty. Sculpting extended oval nails in a creamy sheer polish creates a clean, chic style. Let the slimming shape take the spotlight.

  • Oval Manicure With Abstract Art

Oval-shaped nails are the perfect canvas for abstract nail art. Paint them black, white, or nude first. Use a detail brush and acrylic paint to create abstract shapes, drips, and designs. Super artsy and modern!

  • Chrome Powder 

Chrome powder instantly takes basic oval manicures from simple to rockstar glam. Sculpt oval tips and paint them black, white, or nude. Use a makeup sponge to dab on holographic or silver chrome powder randomly.

  • Matte Oval Manicure With Glossy Tips

Play with texture contrasts by pairing a velvety matte oval manicure with high-gloss tips. Sculpt oval manicures in a chic matte shade. Leave the tips ultra-glossy for definition. 

  • Marble 

Beautiful marble details give oval manicures major visual appeal. Paint them black, white, pink, or nude. Use water decals to transfer stunning marble patterns onto several nails. The depth is so mesmerizing.

  • Mirrored Chrome 

Futuristic chrome oval manicure in silver, gold, or rainbow reflects light for a mesmerizing shine. The mirror-like reflective finish instantly makes hands look like jewelry. Edgy chrome ovals glam up any look.

  • Frosted Icy Blue 

Frosted blue polish on an elongated oval manicure creates a wintery ice queen style. Sculpt extended oval tips and paint them an opaque dusty blue with a luminous pearl finish. 

  • Matte Nude With Glossy French Tips

A glossy French tip updates the chic matte nude nail trend. Sculpt oval nails in an icy matte nude shade. Leave the tips ultra high-gloss for definition. 

  • Abstract Watercolor Flowers

Abstract watercolor flowers make oval manicures mesmerizing works of art. Sculpt extra long almond oval shapes. Use a dry brush and acrylic paints to create abstract floral shapes on several nails. 

  • Minimalist With Sharp Shape

Let precise oval shaping shine through with a minimalist manicure. File and shape the oval tips to perfection. Opt for a sheer glossy polish with no embellishments. The smooth color lets the immaculate almond shape speak for itself.

  • Matte Nails With Glossy Half Moons

Glossy half-moons create excellent definitions of trendy matte oval manicures. Sculpt precise oval tips and paint them matte nude or pink. Use a striper brush to paint on high-shine half moons in clear, glossy polish. Modern sophistication.

  • Abstract Line Art

Abstract line art makes oval manicures mesmerizing. Sculpt almond oval tips extending just past your fingertips. Start with a blank base color. Use thin brushes and black and white polish to hand paint abstract lines and shapes. 

  • Natural Pink With Rhinestones 

Short pink oval manicures get a sweet, luminous accent from delicate rhinestones. Sculpt glossy pink oval shapes but keep them trimmed short. Glue mini clear rhinestones along the base of a couple of nails. Dreamy sparkle.

  • Chrome Hearts On Matte 

Cute silver chrome hearts update matte oval manicure with sweet flair. Sculpt oval almond shapes in a chic matte polish. Use a heart stamp and silver chrome polish to transfer little hearts onto the nails.

  • Mirrored French Tip

Full chrome nails transform the French manicure into a showstopping oval nail statement. Sculpt oval manicure with classic white tips. Paint the base in a gorgeous high-shine mirrored chrome polish. 

  • Purple Nails With Gold Marble

Gold marble makes an unexpected color, like purple pop on an oval manicure. Sculpt oval purple tips. 

  • Matte White Nails With Glossy Black Stripes

Sculpt precise almond shapes and paint them matte white. Tape off black stripes to paint over in glossy lacquer. 

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