Pros and Cons of Virtual vs. Physical Escape Rooms

Until last year, most events were physical. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused corporations to rethink their digital events. Emeraude Escape, which specializes in corporate Escape Games, has been reinventing the physical Escape Game to play online and help customers solve their challenges for months. Remote prison escape room have replaced physical ones. This article compares the pros and cons of physical and online Escape Games.

Quick Look at Virtual and Physical Escape Rooms

Escape rooms, founded in 2007, became popular in the 2010s as a fun way for families and friends to work together in a new setting. Physical escape rooms, sometimes themed, are a 21st-century adventure comparable to bowling or the movies.  However, virtual escape rooms are newer. Online escape rooms were created in the late 2010s and gained popularity during the pandemic. They offer the excitement of a typical escape room without leaving home or work. Teams may play online using conferencing systems and applications like Mobile Adventures to create a fully realized experience. 

Comparison Side by Side

Physical escape rooms are more established than virtual ones, although they’re location-based. This might be quite useful for teams that live and work together. Their physical surroundings are hard to duplicate online. They are popular and can be found in most large cities, but their accessibility is limited for distant residents and workers.  Online escape rooms give quicker results. They fit well into an employee’s schedule due to their accessibility and cost. Virtual escape rooms compete with local escape room businesses due to their wide selection of themes and activities and the rapid growth of virtual events.

Post-Pandemic Escape Rooms

Online escape rooms thrived throughout the epidemic, but conventional escape rooms are slowly recovering. The chance to unite remote teams in a virtual arena focused on challenging tasks and team development was and is hard to pass up. Virtual team development activities appeal to many firms since many teams have acclimated to working remotely and have no intentions to change.  This does not imply physical escape rooms are dead. Before the summer of 2022, in-person events are rising, indicating a return to socializing before COVID-19. Now that many nations are eliminating their prohibitions, face-to-face meetings are vital. Virtual events can’t always duplicate real-time relationships.

Striking Balance

Zoom fatigue is a newer issue for remote workers. This weariness from remote work raises questions about virtual vs. in-person relationships. Some companies can balance the two well, depending on how they run.  Remote work may fit your team best for daily operations, but an annual conference is the perfect occasion to bring everyone together. The same balance applies to online and offline escape rooms. Ask your staff about their requirements and you may get useful feedback.

Online escape game advantages

The digital Escape Game is limitless! First, the number of players is endless as you may play alone or in multiplayer mode, and then the setting. The online Escape Game immerses you in a realistic setting based on your requirements and photographs. Virtual Escape Games have no spatial or temporal restrictions, another key aspect. The Virtual Escape Game collects data that may be sent to a personalized back office to track player performance, outcomes by city or area, business unit, etc.

Wondering for some things to do with kids near me? The virtual Escape Game’s automation benefits players who don’t require help. No human game master is needed because the clues activate themselves. Another benefit of this online Escape Game structure is that participants may participate offline without starting the game. You may also play on any device (smartphone, tablet, PC) and pause and resume the game.

Online escape game drawbacks.

Unlimited worlds are supplied by remote Escape Games. Unlike the real Escape Game, absorption in these universes might be harder or take longer. Also, you need WiFi to play online!

Physical escape game advantages

Immersion is the physical Escape Game’s key benefit. The player finds a genuine location more absorbing than a virtual one. Thus, the universe projection will be faster than an online Escape Game. Pedagogically, the player’s engagement is stronger since he handles the things and uses his 5 senses. Thus, escape game themes will be easier to remember and integrate. Traditional Escape Games emphasize player involvement and exchanges.

Physical escape game drawbacks.

Not only is the physical Escape Game advantageous. First, it has fewer themes and players. Physical escape games need everyone to be in the same area at once and play in teams, which is another drawback. To conclusion, the Escape Game, whether online or in person, will help your staff work together while enjoying a moment of fun and camaraderie. Mixing remote and physical Escape Games is viable for people who can’t decide. Add a puzzle box to your digital Escape Game for immersion.

Which suits you?

You may decide whether a virtual or real escape room is best for your team by considering their needs. If you need to accommodate a large gathering, an online escape room may be better. Learn about large-group virtual escape rooms.  A local physical escape room may be ideal for a Friday activity with a small, comfortable crew to close the week. Regardless, both options are permanent. Regardless of your choice, you’re investing in a team-building solution. Strengthening team bonds helps people communicate and collaborate. You may make your team more productive and efficient by performing the research!

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