Senior Year true story: All about the film’s inspiration

In Senior Year, Rebel Wilson stars as a woman who goes back to high school after spending two decades in a coma. Stephanie wants to earn her diploma, but it isn’t the main reason why she rejoins high school. She hopes to satisfy an undying desire to become Prom Queen. 

Unfortunately, a lot has changed in two decades, and if Stephanie hopes to become Prom Queen, she has to adapt quickly. 

Senior Year has received mixed ratings from critics and has performed well on Netflix. 

Senior Year is a fictional film written by Brandon Scott Jones

Senior Year is a fictional film penned by Brandon Scott Jones. Brandon developed the story from a speculative script written by Arthur Pielli and Andrew Knauer. 

Stories of people waking up from years-long comas like Stephanie in the film pop up occasionally. 

Martin Pistorius, a South African man, spent 12 years in a vegetative state due to a mysterious illness. He woke up unassisted in 1999 and became a web developer and author. In 2011, he released a book called Ghost Boy detailing his experience. 

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