Strapless Bra Hacks To Keep It From Falling Down

Strapless bras can be the support you need to pull off the right look, but they have a tendency to move around sometimes. The right choice and the right approach can go a long way toward keeping them in place, though. It starts by finding the best strapless bra for your measurements and breast shape, but that’s just a start.

A Strapless Bra With a Thicker Band

Strapless bras stay in place by friction, so when they move around, it can sometimes be because there isn’t enough surface area contact to hold them in place. The wider the area the strap covers vertically, the harder it is for it to slide up and down.

Friction can be affected by many factors, and the best way to maximize your bra’s hold is to understand how it works. Anything that comes between your skin and the fabric can reduce the friction that you need, including sweat but also common products you might not think of as a problem:

  • Baby powder
  • Body oils
  • Lotion residue
  • Other topical skincare products

Make sure you are thoroughly dry before you put on a strapless bra, and remember that even the best fit can slide around if you get wet. Make sure you grab an umbrella if you see rain.

Investing in unlined bras can help with that as well. Lining provides extra material that can move counter to the rest of the garment as well as weight. Both of those things can increase the chances that your bra refuses to stay in one place, especially if you have been wearing one with a thin band. There is a reason unlined bra brands market themselves as moving with you seamlessly or feeling like a second skin.

Try Tape Adhesives

There are always a few people who just can’t find the strapless bra that will stay put on its own, and that is bound to happen with the wide range of body types and sizes out there. If it happens to you, or if you just do not have time to shop for a different strapless bra, you can use wardrobe tape to keep everything in place.

Tape adhesives that are designed to work with skin and fabric for a secure hold that minimizes residue and pain have been a staple of prom nights and pageants for decades, and for good reason. They are not the ideal solution in many cases, but when you are trying to pull off an ambitious look for a special occasion, they might be the right solution. This is especially true if heat or humidity would affect the friction between a strapless bra and your skin, because that affects its performance.

Find Your Best Fit

Conditions might require tape sometimes, but you can reduce the chance of that happening by finding the best bras for women in every style you need, including strapless. Start by taking accurate measurements, and remember to check out sister size options for the right combination of support and stability.

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