Take brow lamination to your brow salon services list

Brow Lamination has definitely become a game-changer for brow artists. With its ability to transform unruly brows into sleek, sculpted masterpieces, Brow Lamination has quickly become a must-have service in brow salons around the world. If you’re looking to elevate your brow salon services, get to know brow lamination costs, and provide your clients with the latest and greatest in brow enhancement, adding brow lamination to your menu is a no-brainer.

What is Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that involves restructuring and lifting the brow hairs to achieve a fuller, more defined look. This process involves applying gentle solutions to the brows, which help to straighten and set the hairs in place. The artistry lies in its ability to strike the perfect balance between enhancing and the natural beauty of every client. The result? Brows that appear thicker, fuller, and perfectly groomed, without the need for daily maintenance. Are you still doubting ‘Should I get brow Lamination’? Without a doubt, we can say YES! We’re sure you will love this treatment, as it makes the brows even prettier. 

Why it is worth to have Brow Lamination in your salon as a separate service 

In the world of brow beauty, trends come and go with lightning speed. This is why offering a diverse range of services is essential for attracting and retaining clients. Let’s delve deeper into what is a brow lamination service and what adding brow lamination services to your salon costs in the end.


One of the most rewarding aspects of performing brow lamination is the opportunity to receive tailored precision. With the expertise and keen eye for detail, a Brow Professional can assess each person’s unique facial features and preferences to create a customized brow lamination plan.

Brow lamination provides an additional option for clients seeking brow enhancement beyond traditional methods. Introducing the benefit brow lamination service can enhance your salon’s repertoire, offering clients a sought-after treatment for flawless, groomed brows. Even with minimal brow lamination costs, you can cater to a wider range of preferences and needs among your clientele, ensuring that there’s something for everyone at your salon.


In a saturated market, it’s essential to differentiate your salon from competitors. Offering brow lamination to your salon the price by providing a unique service that not all establishments may offer. This differentiation can attract clients who specifically seek out brow lamination treatments, giving your salon a competitive edge and increasing its appeal to a wider audience.


You already know it, many clients are looking for beauty treatments that deliver results without consuming too much time. Brow lamination stands as a valuable addition to your salon, delivering semi-permanent enhancement while demanding minimal maintenance, making it worth the investment in brow lamination costs. Clients find brow lamination particularly appealing for its time-saving nature, as it streamlines their brow treatment routine with ease. They just need to brush them a little in the morning, maybe add some gel if preferred and they are good to go for the rest of the day. This service offers the convenience of beautifully shaped brows without the need for extensive daily maintenance, saving both time and money on potential other treatments next to the brow lamination costs. By catering to time-conscious clients, you attract a demographic that values efficiency and convenience in their beauty routines.

Skill Boost 

What is a brow lamination service if it does not allow you to expand your skill set as a brow artist? Mastering this technique enhances your expertise and versatility, making you more valuable to clients seeking specialized treatments. By continuously honing your craft and offering innovative services like brow lamination, you position yourself as a knowledgeable and skilled professional in the beauty industry.

How to combine Blow Lamination with other brow salon services 

We’re seeing a growing trend of people wondering, “Should I get a Brow Lamination in combination with other treatments?” And let us tell you, it is indeed worth it. Combining other brow services with brow lamination costs affordably yet exceeds expectations in many ways. Besides, it allows you to provide your clients with a comprehensive brow treatment. By bundling these services together, you create customized salon packages that address all aspects of brow enhancement in a single visit. This not only saves clients time but also ensures their brows look perfectly polished by addressing different concerts at once.

To integrate brow lamination with other brow treatments, it’s crucial to have access to high-quality, salon-grade products designed specifically for these procedures. In this regard, Supercilium stands out as a leader in brow lamination salon treatments, if we check out the online reviews. So checking the Supercilium Brow & Lash Lamination collection would be an excellent starting point. Specifically made to meet the unique needs of brow artists, it provides all the essential steps and tools necessary for executing a highly sought-after brow treatment. Be sure to explore their blogpost section, where you can find detailed how-to guides on combining these treatments effectively. Now, let’s a brief look at the most brow treatments to combine with brow lamination: 

Brow Lamination & Airbrush Brows

When aiming for sharp, well-defined brows, consider the Airbrush Brow technique. Picture achieving fuller, thicker brows with the added benefit of brow lamination! A big plus of the airbrush technique is that you can really build up the color. While combining these treatments in a single session may seem complex, with proper guidance, you can achieve a flawless brow look that endures, ensuring the worth of brow lamination costs.

Brow Lamination & Liquid Dye

Combining Brow Lamination and Liquid Dye has created quite a buzz within the brow community. But what is so special about it? This powerful duo isn’t just about efficiency; it’s about creating a flawless brow look that will keep your clients returning to your brow salon. A full and defined brow look in one, who doesn’t want to have this, right? Liquid Dye is famous for its power to stain the skin and brow hairs. 

Brow Lamination & Hybrid Dye

Ensure your clients achieve the full, fluffy, and beautifully tinted brows they desire by combining brow lamination treatment with Hybrid Dye. This powerful combination not only lifts their brow hairs but also enhances their fullness with the Hybrid Dye — all in a single session. With such impressive results, the investment in brow lamination costs is well worth it for your salon’s services.

How to inform clients and potential visitors about your new service 

Introducing brow lamination to your salon lineup presents an exciting chance to broaden your services and draw in fresh clientele. Yet, effectively communicating the benefits and potential brow lLamination costs to clients is essential for its success. Here are some tactics to spread the word and kickstart bookings:

  • Promote the launch of brow lamination service through social media, email newsletters, and in-salon signage to create anticipation and interest. 
  • Consider offering special introductory pricing or hosting a launch event to generate excitement and attract attention to your salon. 
  • Educate your audience about what is a Brow Lamination service through informative content. Write blog posts, create videos, or host live Q&A sessions on social media to address common questions about the procedure, aftercare, and expected results.
  • Are they coming for another eyebrow treatment? Tell them all about your new brow lamination service, and make them excited to try out this new treatment. Make sure to have before and after images of brow lamination ready so you can convince them of the beauty of brow lamination. 

FAQ for Brow Lamination 

What does Brow Lamination include?

Many people still wonder what Brow Lamination service is like. So, we are here to answer your questions. Brow Lamination typically includes a consultation, the lamination treatment itself, and aftercare advice. Some salons may also offer additional services such as brow shaping or combining treatments as part of a 314159u package deal, like brow dye. 

How much should I charge for Brow Lamination?

How much Brow Lamination costs can vary depending on factors such as location, salon reputation, and if you include additional eyebrow services. Research local market rates and consider the time, expertise, and cost of materials involved. Consider questions, such as “What is the cost of Brow Lamination on average?” to make your final estimate. Roughly we can state a Brow Lamination treatment goes somewhere between $60 & $120. 

How many sessions for Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a semi-permanent treatment that typically lasts 4-6 weeks. Clients may choose to schedule shaping touch-up sessions within this period to maintain the desired look, ensuring that the investment in brow lamination costs is worthwhile for long-lasting results. However, we recommend waiting 4-6 weeks in between brow lamination appointments, to not overprocess the brow hairs. 

How do you get clients for eyebrow lamination?

Market your Brow Lamination service through various channels such as social media, and email. Post before-and-after photos of satisfied clients to show the transformation effects of your eyebrow lamination service. Consider offering special introductory pricing and try to answer the question from your client’s perspective: “Why should I get a Brow Lamination?” 

Adding Brow Lamination salon services can be a game-changer for your business. By offering this innovative treatment, you not only diversify your service menu but also stay ahead of trends and enhance client satisfaction. Make sure to check our favorite Brow & Lash Lamination collection to elevate your salon with top-quality products and become a go-to destination for full & fluffy brows.

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