The Delicate Art of Replacing Watch Crystals

A finely designed watch is unparalleled in its beauty and glamor, not to mention functionality. Notably, a crystal watch is particularly desirable and sought after. With this exceptional piece of jewelry comes some degree of maintenance. One notable maintenance includes replacing the crystals on a watch. When replacing a watch crystal, there are a few tips one can keep in mind to ensure the success of the process.

Ensure you have all necessary materials to replace the watch crystal

Before beginning this process, it is important to first ensure that you have all necessary materials for the task. Some of the materials needed include a correctly sized replacement watch crystal, a crystal lift to remove the old crystal out of its setting, and if needed, a case back opener. Additional materials needed are a new gasket for water resistant watches, adhesive to secure the new watch crystal, and finally soft gloves to ensure that you do not scratch the watch during the process.

Steps for replacing the watch crystal

Before beginning the process, you should create a clean workspace that has plenty of light for the task. Additionally, make sure you have a clean, soft cloth that you can lay down on the workspace to prevent any scratching to the crystal. Once you have secured your space, you are ready to beg.

First, you should remove the case back of the watch which will expose the movement within the watch. This will allow you to access the current crystal. Next, you should carefully lift out the crystal in the watch. Be sure to use the crystal lifter to avoid damaging the watch in any way. If the watch has a bezel holding up the crystal, be sure to use the correct tool to pry this away. Importantly, complete these tasks slowly and delicately.

Once you have the old crystal removed from the watch, you should take the opportunity to clean the case thoroughly. Once it has been cleaned, you can install the new crystal into the watch. Again, remember to use the crystal lifter to avoid scratches and ensure that no fingerprints or debris has attached to the new crystal. If you opt for adhesive to secure the crystal, be sure to use it sparingly. If you previously removed a bezel carefully reinstall this as well. If the watch is water resistant, be sure to inspect the gasket and reinstall and/or replace it as needed. This is necessary to maintain the water resistant function of the watch. Once this has been done, you can cautiously close the back of the watch. After completing these steps, take the time to test out the watch. Ensure that the watch is still running properly and functioning as intended.

Important tips to keep in mind

Remember, this process should be done with extreme caution as this is a delicate piece of jewelry. Additionally the task should not be undertaken if you do not have the time to devote or necessary tools. If you are uncomfortable or unsure about the task, it is best to defer to a professional, such as a watchmaker or jeweler, with the needed expertise. They not only have the necessary tools, but the time and experience to ensure this task is completed correctly.

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