What are the Top Trends for Women’s Shoes in Australia?

It is enough now you keep away from your regular flip-flops and improve your style statement by adding some trendy and new footwear options to your wardrobe. Every look is incomplete without a beautiful pair of shoes. Now, it is up to you to embellish your attire with a great pair of heels or cool sneakers.

Even if you are going to a stylish event, looking to make an impression in the office, or just enjoying an extended weekend brunch, this season’s women’s shoes are designed with comfort and style in mind. Here are the top trends that come from the fashion-forward shoe stores in Australia.

Latest Women’s Shoes Trends to Follow for a Perfect Ensemble

  • Loafers

Loafers for women? Think about them as not only women’s shoes. Think of them as an amazing combination of style, comfort, and practicality, all assorted together. These are the shoes that go with any outfit and occasion. Is it springtime? Confirm. Mid of the winter? Still, check. No matter, if you are going to have a coffee or into a serious meeting, this footwear is always there for you. Clothes with loafers are similar to an ideal combination of looking good and effective without even trying hard. And do you know what? They match anything that you have in your wardrobe. 

  • Slingbacks

Our lives and styles are all related to balance, so when you love your new footwear, ensure you equalise them out in the most womanly brogans—the slingbacks.

Elegant heels with a dainty slingback will make you channel a timeless style but do not restrict yourself to the classics. This season, the slingback is also a key attribute of chunky heels. If you are looking to fix two main style trends at once, then the fashion experts have offered us slingback shoes.

  • Platform Sneakers

In the past few years, sneakers have topped the fashion game. They are now not those essential things kept inside your gym bag but more of a statement footwear of your most beautiful clothing pieces.

This year, sneakers are the latest shoe option for fashion-forward women. These are paneled, have leather uppers, and can have either zips or laces. But there is one element they must all attribute, and we like it. It’s the height they provide. This year’s trend in sneakers is all about the platform, and the more elevated the platform, the more in-trend.

  • Knee-high Boots

We all know this boot style, but this season, we are observing an upgrade. So, update your boots to a square-toe style and stay bold by keeping a new shade to your rotation instead of your season-on-season black ones. Try new colour combinations of neutrals, greens, and even whites for a bold look.

  • Ankle Boots

Ankle boots in chunky style for the winter season are undeniably what bike shorts are for the summer season. Whether you like it or not, this style has created a firm position in today’s style essentials. Simple to find with their noticeable chunky soles and higher-than-normal boot upper fixing well over the ankle, these boots will be an irresistible to-buy item this winter season.

  • Flat Shoes

If you wish to call a wardrobe staple that all women must have, it is flats with leather. Trends can vary, but the strong desire to have flat shoes will remain here. From regular wear to business or corporate, runway to formal, flats have always succeeded in grabbing the hearts of women since the previous era of fashion.

  • Kitten Heels 

Be in style without compromising comfort this season. The kitten heels take centre stage as the most demanding trend, easily mixing beauty and wearability. Simply cool, these heels match all from your favourite denim to evening party gowns, keeping an ideal balance between straightforward and sophisticated appeal.

  • Pumps

Once an important addition to workwear, pumps are now a must-have for the workplace and beyond. The revival of 90s fashion, mixed with their beautiful, sleek, and updated aesthetic, makes them ideal for all occasions—a significant element to your wardrobe.

  • Mules

Mules are a well-known footwear choice this year. They are closed-toe, backless, or opened-toe and have many heel alternatives that vary from small to big, making them a good shoe option for the newest style trends. Acknowledging these shoes’ versatility, you can adorn them with practically any style or clothing in your wardrobe, which is a factor that has made them trend again.

  • Stilettos

Stilletoes are footwear with slender and extended heels, normally high heels, which will absolutely make you appear taller than regular ones. These are not as slender (thin) as scarpin but are somewhat thin and higher too. They are specifically popular and look much classy and practical. In addition, they are the best for any formal event or party. So, move ahead with this stylish and unique pair of heels to lead the world in them.

  • Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are timeless classic women’s shoes. They are offered in a wide range of toe shapes and heels. However, the most distinct features are the elasticated side panels and flap at the boot’s back. In case you are wearing jeans or a dress, these boots are an enduring wardrobe staple that all women must own.

  • Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are nearly every woman’s go-to option, and for a good reason—they seem feminine, are adaptable, and provide maximum comfort. Whatever the event, whether you are styling casual or smart wear, ballet flats will obviously look adorable! For instance, you can buy a standard black pair for office wear or a brighter shade with beautification when going to drinks and dinner.


If you keep the above-trending women’s shoes in your wardrobe, you can be sure to have the footwear that goes with any outfit without any fashion blooper! So, if you are looking for the above shoe types to create a style statement, Novo Shoes Australia offers a wide variety of trending footwear to match everybody’s style and will have you walking out in style this season.

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