What To Expect When Hiring A Veteran Disability Attorney

VA disability attorneys can help you navigate the process of filing a claim, submitting evidence, and appealing a denial to the Board of Veterans Appeals. When choosing an attorney, ensure the VA accredits them.

Also, make sure to read the retainer agreement carefully. Many attorneys work on a contingency basis for the initial filing of a claim, but most will charge for veterans’ appeals of disability claims.


A veteran disability attorney can help you with the many issues that may arise while filing for benefits. They will ensure your application is complete and accurate to avoid delays and problems. They will also collect the required medical evidence to support your claim. They can also assist you in applying for Social Security benefits if you are eligible.

If your claim is denied, a veteran disability attorney can guide you through the appeals process. They have the experience and training to understand how your specific condition relates to your service and can build a case that will resonate with decision-makers at the VA.

It’s essential to choose an accredited veteran disability lawyer. Some attorneys try to wiggle around the ban on charging for initial disability claims assistance by calling themselves something else, but that’s against the law. Contact reputable firms such as Berry Law Firm in Omaha for legal advice and support.


VA disability benefits can be a lifeline to veterans who can’t work to support themselves or their families. These tax-free payments, such as Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability (TDIU), Dependency and Indemnity Compensation, or Death Pension, can make all the difference in a veteran’s life.

But navigating the process can be tricky. The first step involves filing an initial claim. Current law prohibits lawyers from charging for assistance filing an initial disability claim.

Look for an accredited VA attorney to answer your questions about the process. They should also be willing to stick with the case through a final appeal at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Ask about their focus and specialization in veterans’ disability claims, as that is a massive benefit of using an experienced attorney to fight for your rights. They’ll know all the ins and outs of the system and the best way to get your claim noticed.


Many veterans have a difficult time understanding the VA disability process. A reputable attorney will explain the process, including the steps for filing your claim. They will also make sure you know the details of your initial decision letter. If your request is denied, a lawyer can help you understand why and provide new evidence to support your appeal.

A disability attorney can also help you with a Character of Discharge review, determining whether your military discharge was honorable. They can also assist you with getting more medical evidence to support your claim.

Veteran disability attorneys typically do not charge for their services when filing an initial claim for benefits. However, they can charge for VA disability appeals. These fees are usually charged on a contingency basis. They can range from 20 to 33 percent of your overall award. This is the maximum allowable fee under the law. It is essential to determine how much the attorney will charge for an appeal before hiring them.


A lawyer with a good reputation in the community will have a better chance of getting the best outcome for your claim. This may include a higher disability rating or a faster turnaround on your case.

A reputable attorney should be able to provide you with examples of past cases and their outcomes. They should also be transparent about their fees and processes.

If you are applying for VA disability benefits, a veteran disability attorney can help with the paperwork and information requests. They can also help you challenge a decision from the VA by filing a claim for a Board appeal.

Proving a disability and service connection can be difficult, especially when it comes to complex physical or mental conditions like PTSD or back injuries. An experienced disability attorney can ensure that your claims file has the correct documentation and that the VA doctors understand how your condition affects your daily life. They can also help you obtain outside medical opinions and military service records.

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