5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Soundcloud Plays

A good promotion and a huge fanbase are the keys to success for any musician. Since competition is constantly rising in the music sector, up-and-coming and unknown artists need to take all the best from the leading platform where they can reach a wider audience and thrive effortlessly in their respective fields.

SoundCloud has become an ideal platform for artists and musicians to represent their creativity and reach a worldwide audience. Getting SoundCloud plays, followers, and likes is hard, and can take years of hard work to promote it online and gain improved visibility amidst the vast sea of competitive artists. This is where buying SoundCloud plays comes as the best solution.

In this post, you’ll explore the five most important things to keep in consideration before making a final purchase decision.

What are SoundCloud plays?

SoundCloud plays mean listening to sounds, recordings, and music on the platform. The number of plays on your post reflects how many people have played your content and how they interact with it. The higher the SoundCloud plays, the more your audience and better your new music promotion.

Whenever any user scrolls through their profile, they notice a number of plays on the post as it gives evidence of their content quality, credibility, and popularity. Thus, artists on SoundCloud must have an increasing play count.

Why should you buy plays on SoundCloud?

It is extremely challenging to get noticed and have a broad audience on SoundCloud, especially for artists who have just made an entry into the music sector. If you don’t know where to start and how to reach your listeners, then you must go with the most effective way of purchasing plays on SoundCloud.

Not just beginners but those who want to kick off their musical career quickly and easily can opt for the safest and quickest option of purchasing plays. It has worked for so many podcasters and artists in going viral and increasing their productivity. It provides a strategic solution to spread the reach of tracks and gain more organic engagement.

A higher play count will make your music look popular and provide a valuable advantage over your prospective competitors. This can provide more chances for collaborations, better exposure, and partnerships. By purchasing SoundCloud plays you can get improved visibility and gain traction. Your music is more likely to get credibility, bringing the attention of more potential fans and listeners.

Things to consider when buying plays for SoundCloud

To help you make a right and informed decision, we have enlisted 5 things you must look for before you buy SoundCloud plays for your promotion needs.

1. Are bought SoundCloud plays real or fake?

When buying plays, it is necessary to check the quality of plays. Be sure the received plays will be 100% genuine and are of good quality. They should not come from a bot or any computer program. Fake plays can go against the terms of service of SoundCloud and badly affect your online reputation. Such plays can be easily detected and prevent bringing organic traffic. You are more likely to lose money and listeners if plays are not real. If you want to increase your popularity and user interaction then you must purchase real plays, providing organic followers and listeners.

2. Delivery time

How fast you will receive purchased plays is a considerable factor when buying plays. The more quickly you’ll get the delivery of plays, the faster you can boost the visibility and user engagement on your tracks. The fast delivery allows you to experience great results sooner and maintain the enhanced momentum of your effort.

3. Reasonable costs

Purchased plays usually don’t come with heavy investment. The companies or websites have customized packages based on the number of plays. Moreover, they have different promo codes available for users to avail of excellent discounts. Thus, be sure your service provider is not charging you something higher and there must be no hidden costs.

4. Payment methods

To ease the purchase process, most service providers offer different flexible payment methods to let their clients seamlessly make the payment. They can choose from different options like PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. according to their preference and requirements. In addition, to allow secure payment, some websites like Buy Quality Likes offer a credit card option that ensures a secure transaction.

5. Customer support

Reputable service providers like BuyQualityLikes don’t believe just in providing quality and 100% real plays quickly at reasonable costs but they provide excellent customer support. Although there are no downsides after purchasing plays sometimes problems may arise due to technical failure or any unforeseen circumstances.

The highly responsive and supportive team helps clients with problems associated with ordering procedures, payment, delivery, or other concerns. They will always be available for you during or after the purchase.

Is it legal to purchase SoundCloud plays?

Yes, it is 100% legal to buy plays on SoundCloud because there is no law that declares it as an illegal practice. Buying plays is not against any law. The platform allows the promotion of new releases of a song or track to gain an organic crowd. No SoundCloud algorithm or policy declares purchasing plays as an illegal activity. Thus, you can easily purchase plays from a legitimate site.

Can buying plays result in getting your account banned?

No, you can’t get your SoundCloud account banned or restricted for using real purchased plays. The algorithm doesn’t prohibit buying plays coming from real people as it will bring organic traffic and promote music organically. However, your account can be banned if your service provider is using bots or you’re posting illegal content.


So, as you read that there is no risk in purchasing 100% real plays on SoundCloud from legitimate websites, you can buy plays to appear on the trending list, support marketing efforts, and accelerate your SoundCloud growth. Just be sure to check the reviews and ratings of your service provider to determine how safe your investment will be.

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