Clash of Clans Attacking Tips

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Regardless of the Town Hall level, you always have an opportunity to destroy your adversaries. After you have enough troops, you can use Clash of Clans Attacking Tips to dominate the battlefield.

The “phase one” of Clash of Titans is when you start building your “home.” You set up the buildings and spend your resources on upgrades.

However, “phase two” arrives when you use your army to attack another player. Many players see these gaming mechanics as their favorite due to their destructive appearance. You see your army crushing everything as they move around the field.

Sometimes, the defender knows how to play Clash of Clans and set their buildings perfectly. Indeed, this leads to a possible retreat on your side as you fail to crush the hopes and dreams of your adversaries.

This article will help you improve your attacking strategies and help you crush the enemy’s clans.

Clash of Clans Attacking Tips

Here, you have the best tips and tricks aimed at improving your offensive.

Analyze the Enemy

Before you drop any troop, you need to analyze the entire field. Learn to spot the defensive buildings, gathering structures, and defensive walls. Try to look for mistakes or a trouble-free approach.

If you’re new to Clash of Clans, you might find it hard to differentiate one building from another. As you share your free time in this mobile game, you’ll soon find it less tedious to see the structures.

Plan Your Attack

When you find the weak spots, you could internally debate a possible plan of attack. Remember that you have (almost) no control after deploying the troops to the battlefield.

Sometimes, things could go wrong when your units move aimlessly around the enemy’s base. You could use “last resort” options (which we’ll discuss later) to save your advances.

Use your Hero First

Since they have a tremendous amount of health points, you need to throw them onto the battlefield as soon as possible. They can tank the enemy troops and defensive structures. They (your heroes) will start and end the attack as they destroy everything on their path.

As a result, try to lead them towards the elemental buildings and leave the Resurce buildings to the rest.

Set Your Healers

Keep your supporting units next to your heroes. With enough assistance from these troops, they can stay on the battlefield for the entire encounter.

Deploy your Troops

When the defensive structures focus their attacks on your heroes, you can deploy the rest of your “dudes” into the Resource buildings. If you have good timing, you will keep your heroes focused on destroying the damaging defenses.

Throw Some Spells

Use healing and freezing spells to heal your unit or to save them from certain death. Since you have limited spells, you could throw these items when you have no other option.

Clean the Entire Place

When you mix everything, you will earn victories soon enough. Eliminate the competition and conquer the entire virtual world with your troops.

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