Girls Have Lots of Options to Wear for Their Tropical Surfing Destination!

Are you excited to soak in the warm aloha feeling in Hawaii? Smiling and cheerful faces with good vibes define life on this island nation. The American state receives over eight million visitors annually, with November to April being the peak winter season for tourists. Surfers, beach lovers, and others seek shelter in this tropical destination for some time for adventure, peace, and energy. How do you stand out from the crowd? By dressing like a local! Choose clothing styles that belong to Hawaiian culture to blend with the locals and be different from the crowds. You get many options to choose from. Here is a quick look at what you can pick.

  • Dressing options for Hawaiian holidays

Authentic Hawaiian vibe can be embraced by choosing t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, crop tops, and others that explore the state’s deep connections with integral elements, like surfing, dog-friendliness, aviation, boating, hula girls, and more. Visit a local online store,, for an idea. You can pick solid-colored shorts and pair them with a vibrant aloha shirt to maintain equilibrium in your appearance. Please ensure that you buy aloha shirts from local companies only, as they know how to bring out the perfect essence of Hawaiian culture in everything related to it.  For example, if you are in Hawaii during Christmas, you can buy a full-sleeve t-shirt with the text Mele Kalikimaka, meaning “Merry Christmas.”

Since the tropical island is assumed to have a bright Christmas day, the phrase can accompany some symbolic designs with a fun twist. You can wear a T-shirt like this on shorts or even slacks. If you plan to spend time on the beach to observe locals and tourists taming the swells, you can wear printed t-shirts that express the same. For example, women can choose from vintage themes like The Endless Summer (an iconic surf movie), Plastic Fantastic (a surfboard manufacturing company), Clark Foam (a surfboard blanks manufacturer), etc.

Are you single and don’t mind getting attention from a Hawaiian guy? How do you communicate your singlehood? Interestingly, Hawaiian culture has a very subtle way of putting this across. Single girls usually wear a flower in their right ear, while engaged, committed, or married women tuck one in their left ear. You can convey this by wearing a t-shirt depicting a flower on the right side of the ear of a smiley. A girl gang looking for absolute leisure time in Hawaii can don a crop top with an image of girls doing different things, such as surfing, fishing, climbing up a tree, etc.

  • A few points to remember

To look like a local, you must mimic their dressing style, consisting of simple, subdued-colored t-shirts and solid-hued board shorts. Gaudy or neon shades don’t work. Also, fun prints are allowed, but anything bizarre can be too much.

Whether you plan to spend time in Hawaii for its culture, weather, beaches, or recreational sports, a perfect wardrobe selection for this destination can help you create hundreds of memories and live them as long as you wish. So, pack the right stuff and be ready. Please carry sunscreen and other essentials to protect yourself from UV rays.

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