Is Sienna Mae going to jail? She faces multiple sexual assault accusations

Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright were once among the most famous TikTok couples; everything changed after Jack accused Sienna of sexual assault. Mae and Jack frequently posted together in mid to late 2020 before their videos dramatically dried up in 2021. In May 2021, Wright’s friend, Mason Rizzo, posted a screenshot accusing Mae of sexually and verbally abusing Jack. 

Wright refrained from addressing the allegations for months. However, in January 2022, he posted a viral video detailing various instances Sienna Mae allegedly sexually assaulted him.

Having lost millions of followers following the allegations, Mae’s social media career has stalled. Some fans are calling for harsher action against Sienna, including jail time. 

Police have not charged Sienna with a crime and are unlikely to do so based on available evidence

Police haven’t arrested or charged Sienna Mae with sexual assault and are unlikely to do so based on available evidence. 

In February 2022, Mae appeared on the BFFs podcast alongside her lawyer, Julie Gerschick, and forensic video expert, Motti Gabler. She intended to show that the evidence produced against her wouldn’t support a sexual assault charge. 

Gomez told hosts Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards that she brought Motti and Julie to handle the legal aspects of the accusations against her. She explained:

“I feel like what I want to touch on is how I’m doing and the emotional questions that I know you guys are going to ask. But as for the legal and the ‘what’s going on’ questions, that’s for them to answer because I don’t want to butcher anything.”

Julie said that there was no legal action, civil or criminal, filed against Sienna. Motti analyzed a video posted by Lachlan Hannemann in June 2021 allegedly showing Sienna sexually assaulting Wright. 

The video shows Gomez sitting on top of Wright, kissing and touching him. Hannemann claimed that the video was filmed in November 2020, and that Wright was unconscious in the video. Mae reacted to the video by claiming that Jack wasn’t unconscious and her hand wasn’t on his crotch. 

“The way that Jack’s friend narrated this video, I’ll admit, looks so weird,” she said in a since-deleted video. “If he was unconscious, why did his arm move when you got up, and also, why was he kissing me back?”

Gabler supported Mae, saying that her hand appeared to touch Wright’s leg and not his crotch and that the clip was too short to form conclusive evidence of sexual assault. 

Portnoy described Mae’s use of experts to prove her innocence as ‘weird’ and ‘unusual.’ In his opinion, Mae was trying too hard to look innocent, which would fuel assumptions that she was guilty.

Jack Wright claimed that Mae was guilty of assaulting him and other men

In early January 2022, Jack Wright posted a cryptic TikTok video teasing that he would speak out about something. The on-screen text read: “can’t stay quiet anymore especially when other guys in LA told me what she did to them as well. i’m done being gaslighted and silenced. y’all deserve to know.”

Fans assumed that Jack’s video referenced the Sienna Mae saga and were proven right about two weeks later. On 20th January 2020, Jack Wright posted a viral YouTube video titled what Sienna mae did to me

“I was just chilling on my phone on the bed and she got naked, like completely naked, nothing on and straddled me when I was just literally chilling on the bed,” Jack described the first time Mae crossed the line. “But I didn’t know what to do in the situation. It was just random and weird. Quickly told her Sienna get off, we’re just friends.”

Jack addressed Hannemann’s video, affirming that he was unconscious while Gomez straddled him. Wright narrated other incidents when Mae allegedly assaulted him. He also said that she tended to take ‘advantage’ of him at his most vulnerable. Wright also accused Mae of insistent stalking:

“She would constantly come to my house. Remember my door codes. It had come to a point where I had to like start screaming at her. So I get out of my house because I was sick of her just breaking into my house. I would wake up and see her car just sitting outside at like two in the morning.”

Wright also displayed screenshots of revelations from other men about sexual assault at the hands of Sienna May. 

“Looking back now I don’t know why I stayed friends with her, stayed around her,” Wright said. “I truly thought she was going to change.”

Sienna has repeatedly denied that she’s sexually assaulted anyone

Sienna responded to Matt Rizzo’s allegations by making several statements on social media. She said that ‘allegations of a criminal act are not to be thrown around loosely.’

“Making an untrue sexual assault claim is never okay. I’m beyond saddened by this situation,” she said. “In order for us to all move forward, I will be taking this offline with Jack. Thank you to all who have reached out with love and concern.”

Via a since-deleted video posted on YouTube and Instagram, Sienna denied all allegations against her. “I unequivocally deny the allegations that I sexually assaulted Jack Wright,” Gomez said. “I’m not making an apology video. This is more of a statement.”

After Hanneman posted the incriminating video, Sienna posted another video response, portraying herself as a victim of a smear campaign. She accused Wright and his friends of refusing to handle the situation away from the internet. 

Mae responded to Wright’s January 2022 video by uploading an impassioned essay on her blog, again denying Wright’s accusations. She wrote:

“I have never seen, felt or touched him naked. We spent several nights at the Hype House together but I never grabbed him asleep or awake. Yet I’m still being called a “rapist” across the internet by those who don’t understand the meaning of the word. I’m confused that people say “arrest her” when there has been no involvement by police, no investigations, and no legal action.”

The post echoed a statement sent to NBC News by Mae’s representatives, which accused Wright of trying to hurt Sienna. Mae’s representatives also reiterated that nobody had taken legal action against Gomez. The statement read. 

“There has been no police investigation — not even a police report to our knowledge — no charges, no private lawsuit and no contact between Sienna and Jack or their respective legal teams in many months. She would never want to sensationalize or degrade the seriousness of sexual assault… Jack’s blatant disregard for the truth has left us with no choice but to address these claims publicly.”

Mae says that she loved Wright, but he only used her to build his social media career

Mae has consistently accused Wright of using her to advance his social media career. Gomez and Jack met in high school but got close after meeting in LA. The pair looked loved-up, often kissing and hugging in their videos. 

However, unlike other social media couples, the pair never confirmed their relationship. After the sexual assault allegations surfaced, Mae revealed that she fell for Wright, but to him, their relationship was purely for the internet. 

“When I wasn’t around for the TikTok kiss or the TikTok video, I wasn’t important to him,” she said in early June 2021. Mae said that Wright refused to film a breakup video, but he declined because he didn’t want to lose his ‘online girlfriend.’

In her mid-January blog post, Mae expressed disappointment that a person she loved painted her as ‘loud, crazy, and overly-sexualized.’ She repeated her claim that Wright refused to publicly break up because it would dent their careers. Mae explained:

“I wanted to set the record straight publicly about our relationship. He told me we had brand partnerships riding on our fake one, and that it wasn’t fair to him. I couldn’t believe that someone who I had created with, laughed with, and cried with could so easily disregard my feelings for the sake of money.”

Mae claimed that the pair made mistakes typical of teenagers in love. She said that pressure from Hype House producers pushed her closer to Wright, but he declined to acknowledge the relationship. Mae featured little in Hype House allegedly due to the sexual assault saga. 

The press statement from Mae’s representatives spelled out her intention to move on for the sake of sexual assault victims. She said:

“Sienna has never wanted to engage in this narrative publicly or disrespect the insurmountable pain and trauma associated with credible claims of sexual assault and hopes they can be halted immediately to reduce further harm to sexual assault victim and survivor communities.”

Gomez claims that cyberbullying forced her to take a break from social media

Sienna Mae Gomez last posted on social media before Jack uploaded his January video. 

Julie Gerschick, Sienna’s lawyer, said on the BFFs podcast that her client had endured ‘unbelievable amounts of cyberbullying’ since Jack’s video premiered. Sienna said that she’d suffered mentally due to the sexual assault allegations. 

“I am obviously not doing 100% because how could I be when there’s just so much hatred,” Mae said. 

Sienna’s social media career has taken a massive hit – she’s lost millions of followers in a few months. She continues to lose followers, though slower than when the dispute was trending news. 

Mae’s experts said she’s unlikely to face prosecution unless more evidence arises. Nevertheless, some fans want to see Mae jailed or at least investigated. Anna S. has posted a petition calling for Mae’s arrest. The petition reads:

“This is important to me because I am a female victim of sexual assault, and when I went to others for help, no one believed me because I was young. Knowing that Sienna did this makes me sick to my stomach. I will not be silenced again. I will not let Jack Wright and other male victims of Sienna Mae Gomez be silenced.”

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