Is Tim McGraw Balding? Does Tim McGraw Wear a Toupee?

Born on 1st May 1967, Rim McGraw is a popular American singer who’s gained immense attention and a lot of popularity over time from music fans. The holder of the Academy of Country Music award is also a popular philanthropist. The American singer also happens to be a movie star, who has been featured in movies like The Blind Side, Friday Night Lights, Country Strong, and so on. No doubt, his soulful voice and the beautiful lyrics that make his songs incredible have garnered him love from music fans worldwide.

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Having been in the industry for more than 20 years now, Tim McGraw doesn’t seem to be getting old. However, there have been constant rumors about his hair fall and the fake hair that he wears to cover the bald patches. So, are these speculations true? Let’s find out.

Tim McGraw: Is He Actually Balding?

If you are a fan of Tim McGraw, you may have noticed him wear a hat to most of the events he attends. Whether it’s a public appearance or the street look, he’s often seen flaunting a hat. Now that could be because of his signature style, as most of his fans believe. Or, it can be the hair thinning or balding, which he possibly conceals with his hat. When he’s not wearing the hat, you can see his receding hairline and very thin hair that doesn’t cover his temples. So, one thing is obvious—his hairstylist puts considerable effort into hiding his receding hairline or hair thinning.

Tim has never spoken about hair loss and toupee in public, but he did mention that he was losing weight and had lost around 40 pounds. He mentioned that the reason for his weight loss and fitness journey was to remain healthy for his wife and daughter.

Some fans have linked his drastic weight loss to the thinning hair and the receding hairline, but again, nobody can confirm the rumors as the actor himself has chosen to stay silent about the matter. Some fans believe he is suffering from hair thinning, so he wears the cowboy hat because of the insecurities he has with his hair. Others are content with the fact that his hat is his signature look. Whatever the reason is, McGraw has a lot of fans and is one of the most admirable singers in Hollywood.

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Why Does He Wear a Cowboy Hat?

As mentioned earlier, the followers of Tim McGraw know that the actor always wears either a baseball cap or a cowboy hat to all his public events. There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the cause of wearing a hat and what’s underneath it. Well, it turns out the rumors were indeed accurate and Tim wears a hat to cover his receding hairline and thinning hair.

He has mentioned in one of the interviews that the reason he’s always seen in a hat is because of an underlying condition. He added that a cowboy hat is what defines him and his role in the music industry, but that’s not the only reason why he wears a hat. He rather feels secure with it. However, the reason he mentioned sounded pretty weird. Tim McGraw said that he doesn’t like to go without a hat because he thinks he has a five head and not a forehead. He believes he has a massive head, which looks better when covered with a hat.

Does he Wear a Toupee?

It’s not uncommon for male and female celebrities to wear fake hair. Many female celebrities have opened up about their hair loss condition and that they wear extensions to cover the patches. Others wear wigs to get their desired hair thickness, volume, and color. There’s also suspicion about Tim McGraw wearing a toupee to cover his thinning hair and bald patches. Since he is from the acting and singing industry, it’s obvious that he’d want to look good all the time.

You might feel insecure about your receding hairline and other issues for a while, but at some point, you accept the fact that you are losing hair and go on. The same is the case with Tim McGraw. He was spotted without a hat at many public events and people could easily see his receding hairline. McGraw, however, was spotted with a head full of hair shortly after he was spotted with a receding hairline. Now, this can either mean he got a hair transplant surgery or he could be wearing a toupee that’s customized to match his hair color and cover his bald patches.

For an actor above 50 years, it’s pretty common to lose hair from the crown area and the hairline. And considering the fact that Tim underwent a  major weight loss journey, there’s a chance it could have affected his hair.

A Brief on the Men’s Toupee

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Plus, you get to experiment with different hairstyles. A toupee can last anywhere between 2 and 5 months, with the most durable ones lasting up to 6 months given the proper care and maintenance. Commonly known as a hairpiece, a toupee can be made of natural hair or synthetic material. The former could feature a monofilament base, which has the longest lifespan. Toupees are attached to your hair with tapes or glue, which need to be changed every few weeks. You must take care of the toupees, just like you’d do with your natural hair.

That was all about Tim McGraw and the rumors behind his hair. Whether or not he wears a toupee, his signature cowboy hat style looks mesmerizing.

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