21 Cool Short Wavy Haircuts

2021 is the year of embracing the real you and that starts with your hair! Long gone are the days when pin straight hair was the only go-to. Nowadays, natural texture reigns supreme, so this year it is all about wavy-haired queens.

Long, wavy hair may be easy to style, but short cuts are more likely to show off your personality and frame your gorgeous face. While voluminous waves may seem complicated on short hair, you can use it to your advantage: enhance shape in whichever direction or area that you choose.

Curious about the best bobs, pixies, and bangs for your wavy hair? Check out 21 fantastic styles below.

Wavy French Bob with Tousled Bangs

The ultimate cool girl hairstyle for wavy hair is the French bob. Typically worn short, this style involves an even-length bob with a thick fringe to match.

It works on virtually any face shape. Playing with the length of your bangs can enhance a round, square, or oval face. This cut is not only for the chic fashion girl in you, but it is also so easy to style and maintain to give off that effortless Parisian style.

Wavy Pixie with Side Bangs

If you want to go short with your hair, go for a pretty pixie. Side bangs help to manage that curl and can add so much definition to an oval face shape.

For extra oomph, cut layers on the outermost layer of hair. This will give your pixie a triangular shape that will draw the eye up and around your striking cheekbones.

Bedhead Pixie

If your short, wavy hair tends to get unruly, don’t fight it, just go with it. A bed-head pixie crop takes full advantage of thick, wavy hair that typically runs coarse or dry.

To achieve optimal rolled-out-of-bed style without looking messy, heavily moisturize your curls when wet using a trusty leave-in conditioner. Then use your fingertips to style out each wave.

Blunt Cut for Fine Hair

Fine, wavy hair can be tricky. Waves give an illusion of fullness while fine hair can often appear flat. A blunt cut bob or lob, however, will make hair appear a lot thicker than it is.

A longer bob is ideal if you’re in the process of growing your hair out or adjusting to shorter lengths, or if you desire a cut that is simply somewhere in between. Add some face-framing highlights to take this look to the next level.

Deep Side Part Pixie

Great for a round face, a deep side part narrows and slims in a sophisticated way. It works particularly well for fine hair with sleek waves.

To enhance your waves and bring out the most of your texture, ask your stylist to cut soft, short layers on the top of the head and over the sweeping side bangs.

Round Pixie

To enhance the definition of your waves, choose a round shaped short haircut. This may not be ideal if your face shape is super full, but on any other face shape, this cut should have a softening effect.

To draw attention to your eyes, cut your bangs short and in accordance with your natural waves.

Textured Ombre Shag for Aging Hair

Being gentle on hair transitioning to gray is the key to minimizing breakage. A shag is perfect for brittle hair as it conceals damage and offers the illusion of fullness.

We happen to love this ombre style as it almost feels intentional. It definitely gives graying hair a stylish leg up!

Textured Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs have so much style and attitude! They are so great for adding a sense of fullness and making hair look and feel ultra-thick.

It’s great for getting wavy hair under control, which can often be a little wild and difficult to manage. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut all around and gorgeous stacked layers at the back of the head for a clean, sexy vibe.

Bombshell Angled Bob

I mean, who doesn’t love big bombshell volumes and waves? To create this look, cut an angled bob so that the longest pieces of hair frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.

To style, enhance your wave with texturizing sea salt spray. Lots of root lifting spray will give you sky high volume. Flip your hair into a side part if you feel it falling flat throughout the day.

Wavy Mullet

No, the 80s haven’t returned, but the mullet is certainly back in style. Instead of a harsh drop from the short cut in the front and long hair in the back, the modern mullet has some degradation, making it perfect for wavy textured hair.

Ask your stylist to keep your sideburns long and your layers rounded for a totally edgy look. Baby bangs also happen to look great on this wavy cut if you’re in the mood for it.

Round Degradation Bob

Wavy hair can be so great for creating interesting shape and volume. This round degradation bob beautifully softens, making it great for a thin and angular face.

If you lean on the artistic side, consider this chic cut. To get the most out of this look, cut hair so that the top layers hit at the cheekbones. Short bangs give it a French bob appeal.

Short Crop with Tapered Neck

What’s not to love about super short hair? Pixie cuts are low maintenance and show off a beautiful face like nobody’s business.

Try a tapered look that is buzzed at the neck and cut close at the sideburns. This sleek look will let all your wavy texture up top truly shine.

Ultra Textured Bob

Figuring out a short look when you have loads of hair can be a challenge. Lucky for you, we know that a shaggy and textured bob is the way to go. Short layers help to distribute any bulk while baby bangs open up your face so it’s not hidden by all of that hair.

When it comes to determining which length suits you best, let your face shape guide you. Accentuating your strongest features is a must.

Flipped Out Details

Playing with texture and shape can be so fun if you have curly hair. Why not try a flirty pixie that is as exciting to look at as it is to maintain?

Emphasize the waves on the top of your head with your go-to curl-defining product. Then, flip out the hair at the nape to mirror that texture. Don’t be afraid to define your sideburns, either.

Modern Shag

Shags are always in style and are the ideal haircut for wavy locks. To keep it modern rather than edgy or artsy, let your layers be gradual and not too drastic in their difference in length.

As for the bangs, don’t feel that you must dramatically part them or cut them short, a thick and shaggy fringe is all you need to make this look complete.

Shaggy Bob

This look is what happens when you give a bob hairstyle a shag. The end result is highly glamorous and paints even the coarsest of hair textures in the most appealing light.

Try a 1920s glam appeal and make your waves move in every which way for an artfully romantic flair that will turn heads every time.

Asymmetric Pixie

An asymmetric pixie cut is one of those styles that truly looks great on everyone. You can let your part determine your look, but a side part works on virtually every face shape.

Plus, a side part lets you put your gorgeous waves on display. For a modern look, keep your waves piecey and use a curl-defining crème on wet hair before styling.

Perfect Pixie Shag

This shag is all about the bangs! Even round face shapes can handle it, so long as you honor curtain part that is typically associated with a shag style. That way, you can open up your face and lend the illusion of length.

For the perfect look that frames your eyes and gives your waves some interesting forward motion, try a pixie shag.

Chin Length Wavy Bob

Tousled waves are all the rage, whether you’re a surfer chick or want to rock a chin-length bob, like this one.

A side part adds even more definition to your waves. Try longer side bangs to smooth out a round, heart, or square face shape.

Stacked Pixie with Fringe Bangs

This style knows how to bring the sass! With this look, the focus is all about the bangs and their flipping fringe detail.

With this cut, you’re accentuating your natural waves while highlighting your cheekbones and drawing the eye upwards.

Thick Medium Bob

Not every girl wants a super cropped cut. Medium length is perfect if you’ve got lots of hair and still want to be able to get your hair into a ponytail, even if it’s a small one!

To continue the soft energy of your gorgeous waves, go for a side part that creates plenty of height at the top center of your forehead.

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