23 Best Black Hairstyles of the Moment

Choosing between hairstyles for black woman can be tough when there are so many options. From braids to bobs to bantu knots, there are just as many timeless styles out there as there are looks that have come back around.

As always, the most important thing is maintaining the health of your hair, regardless of the style that you choose. Protective styles like braids are perfect for that. Take a peek at all of the different looks that are trending today to decide which new ‘do is for you.

The Best Beautiful Black Hairstyles

Keep scrolling to see the top 23 hairstyles for black women today.

1. Burgundy Box Braids

Long box braids are pretty much always in style. It’s the rich burgundy color that makes this look stand out from the rest.

Additionally, by draping braids over one side of the forehead and drawing them backwards over the opposite side of the head gives a side part illusion that instantly slims the face.

2. Asymmetrical Braids Bob

Box braids are as versatile as they are protective for your hair. This asymmetrical style is such a fun way to try out different looks without any long-term commitment.

Asymmetrical looks are a fun way to kick up the traditional bob hairstyle. By curling hair under on each side, you’re giving these alternating braids and waves a smooth and cohesive feel.

3. Long Natural Frizz

Despite what we’ve been told in years past, frizz is in! Embracing your natural texture has never been so on trend as it is today.

If you’ve got long hair with a tight curl pattern, you may want to try brushing it out for this soft, fluffy look. To keep it all under control, try a sweeping side part to manage all that gorgeous hair.

4. Rounded Style With Twists

Add some definition to your short, rounded hairstyle by twisting the ends of each section of hair. Suddenly, your natural hair has some seriously beautiful texture.

The best part about this look is the ability to play with length and shape according to your natural face structure. To make your face appear smaller, form twists down in front of your ears.

5. Curly Pixie

Short, round pixies are very on trend thanks to their 90s origins. We love this cut on curly hair for emphasizing envious texture.

This look is heavily focused on the bangs, so don’t be afraid to let those lovely curls fall over your forehead.

6. Bantu Knots

This 90s style is making a full comeback thanks to babes like Rihanna. Characterized by several ponytails twisted up into knotted buns all over the head, a bantu look is iconic, playful, and fun.

To make the look your own, braid each ponytail before you tie it into a bun. It will add just a touch more texture to the style.

7. Medium Straight Style

Of course, you can always try a sleek hairstyle if you prefer a smoother look. You may be interested in straightening your hair daily or prefer an easier route with chemically straightened methods.

Regardless of your hair’s length, this sleek, smooth style is best on hair that is adequately moisturized so that hair stays healthy, and you’ve got that gorgeous shine.

8. Undercut Pixie

Sure, you can try any pixie style, but why not try a throwback look with modern elements? This pixie takes advantage of gorgeous natural curls for a tapered 80s style with lots of volume up top.

To bring it into trend today, try a line up midway through the style around the head. A simple detail like this can be curved or even zig zagged to suit your unique personality.

9. Ballerina Puff

When it comes to simple yet elegant updos, this ballerina puff bun takes the cake. Smoothing hair close to the scalp is glamorous while the puff up top shows off natural texture with ease.

For simple yet dramatic framing of the face, leave a tendril down on each side of the head in front of the ears.

10. Caramel Bob with Highlights

Sometimes, all you need are some new highlights to freshen things up. Lighter skin with warm notes looks fantastic with caramel brown streaks throughout the hair.

While you can do this with curly hair, the smaller pieces look best on wispy, curly hair. Try a cute bob style with a short and curly fringe to make it feel like new.

11. Chunky Cornrows

Cornrows are iconic for a reason- they look great on everyone and can be adjusted to represent your personal style.

These chunky straight back rows are bumped up a notch thanks to cobalt blue feed ins and tiny braids crossing through the rows.

12. Smooth and Wavy Ponytail

This elegant updo is perfect for a major event like a wedding or prom. Hair is nice and voluminous while the ponytail is styled to silky perfection.

To frame your face, leave two large pieces of hair down to frame your eyes and cheekbones. Don’t forget to wrap a small portion of hair around the ponytail for a sleek and pulled together style.

13. Space Buns

Space buns are so playful and fun at any age. We happen to love the way this babe wears them with her cute, layered bob hairstyle to help ground the look.

To help open up your face for this style, let your tendril bangs part slightly in the middle. This will elongate and lengthen the appearance of your face.

14. Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids give the illusion of thick hair without having to put in a ton of work. Plus, you can rock a style that is as long as you desire.

Give yourself a strong center part and have the braids fall along on either side of your face for a sleek, sexy look that is all your own.

15. Medium Afro

There is so much to love about this afro hairstyle that has been brushed out for volume. Afros are such a beautiful expression of culture and style, and by teasing out texture, you’re leaning into its most important elements.

Grow it out as long or keep it as short as you want, just remember to maximize space and play with frizz.

16. Blonde Pixie

Perhaps short hair is your thing. It goes without saying that pixies are easy to maintain, but they can show off your texture just as much as longer styles.

To add a pop of fun, try a warm honey caramel color that will brighten the appearance of your face and show off your personal style.

17. Artful Updo

If you’re going to style your natural hair into an updo, why not make it interesting and unique? This hairstyle uses a mohawk as inspiration to create gorgeous texture up top and to manage a lot of the hair’s bulk at the back of the head.

Spice things up and add two thick braids on each side of the head. This will not only add more detail but will structure your face beautifully.

18. Straight Back Bun

An easy way to switch up straight back braids is with an easy low bun style. This can be done for working out or adding a glam hairstyle into the mix for a formal event.

To achieve, simply wrap your braids around each other and secure with a rubber band. These sleek and beautiful braids are truly irresistible.

19. Sleek Braided Ponytail

Another chic updo is this silky-smooth ponytail updo. Designed to show off your hair’s shine and health, this look is super sleek and perfect for formal occasions.

To make the look your own, add a thick braid down the center of the head. This works on all face shapes but will especially narrow a circular or heart-shaped face.

20. Micro Locs

Use your locs to create the shorter hairstyle you’ve been craving. This bob is super chic and has shorter layers to give you that perfect shape.

Simple black color can certainly do but adding a touch of light brown to the ends of hair adds another interesting element to this bob loc hairstyle.

21. Triangular

Just because you’ve got tons of hair doesn’t mean you can’t have the short style that you want! Creating angular shape in a triangular style is the perfect way to manage bulk in a clever style.

Create a deep part and give the outermost hair super short layers that grown out on a slant on one side and remain nice and full on the other.

22. Headband Updo

This sweet style is perfect for natural hair that needs a little something extra. Leave two tendrils down to frame the face while your curls spring out from the top.

Try a cloth headband like this one for a casual moment or consider something fancier with elements like gold to dress things up.

23. Cornrow Detail Weave

Combining braids and soft ringlets is great for adding a personal element to classic hairstyles. For a sweet style that slims the face, cornrow hair on one side of the head.

Let your beautiful weave curls fall out from here and over the shoulders for a medium-to-long hairstyle that suits all occasions.

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