23 Irresistible Wavy Hairstyles

When in doubt, wear waves. This hairstyle never fails to serve extra volume and added interest to your look, whether your hair is short or long. Waves always look styled, even when they are totally natural, making them a girl’s best friend.

The best way to achieve waves really depends on your specific hair type. For some ladies, it’s a matter of rolling out of bed. For others, it’s a salty beach spray or curling crème applied to wet hair and diffused afterwards. And sometimes, all you need is to create a few bends with a hot tool to get the texture that you desire.

Regardless of how you achieve your waves, we have some of the best wavy hairstyles out there today. Take a look at 23 incredible styles below!

Long Loose Waves

Consider this a super classic long hairstyle. To achieve these waves, focus the volume on the lower half of your hair. You’ll want to also create some soft waves on the hair surrounding your face.

You really can’t go wrong with this flexible style. It’s as ideal for casual days like running errands as it is for going to a formal event. The choice is yours!

Textured Pixie

If you like your hair short, it’s all too easy to choose a pixie style if your hair is naturally wavy. This cut pays special attention to gorgeous volume up top while keep things short and tidy around the neck and sides of the face.

Try some pretty side bangs if you’re into a softer look. This will help display those luxurious waves beautifully and soften a long or angular face shape.

Relaxed Waves with Blended Highlights

These waves are super easy to rock and they look great on virtually everybody. The best part about wearing relaxed waves is that the style can last for several days. Simply touch up as needed.

Any hair color can sport this ‘do, but we happen to love the way these highlights are blended at the root. It gives hair that lived in feeling that mirrors the energy of relaxed waves.

Easy Half-Up Style

Looking for a fun style that will still display your curls? A half-up style can be as playful or as formal you’d like it to be.

Let your waves fall down your back and twist the two pieces of hair that frame your face. Pull them back and tie them in an artful knot at the back of the head.

Long Waves with Straight Bangs

Whether your hair is naturally straight and you like adding wave or your hair is already wavy and you want to play with texture, the contrast between straight and wavy is pretty cool.

To make sure that this style feels seamless and not disjointed, cut your bangs at an angle so they are longest on the sides of your forehead.

S Waves on a Straight Bob

Sometimes you crave tousled waves and other times, you’d prefer a tidier style. If you’re going for a polished vibe, then curling your hair in the same direction will create this S shaped wave.

This works on hair both short and long, but it happens to look awesome on a straight bob. Add some shine spray to bump up the luster of those waves.

Soft Glamour Waves

This is the kind of wave that may come to mind when thinking of Hollywood glamour. Luckily, these soft and romantic waves can be achieved on your own at home.

Even if your hair is naturally wavy, this look needs to be sleek. After using a great conditioner, blow out your hair and get to work with a large barrel curling iron.

Angled Bob for Gray Hair

Shorter lengths are often easiest for managing aging hair, as it become drier and brittle as it loses pigment. That’s not to say your style must be drab, however!

Choose a stylish angled bob to display gray curls. Longer pieces of hair surrounding your face will frame it beautifully while a stack at the back of the head adds shape and body.

Perfectly Tousled

A tousled wavy hairstyle may come with some frizz, and that’s okay! This look is all about natural, and frizz often comes along with that.

To us, a perfect tousle has plenty of movement and volume but isn’t too uniform or pristine. Flip your hair and give it a shake to enhance the sexiness of this style.

Long Waves with Curtain Bangs

If you crave bangs but have a hard time getting them to lay flat, then curtain bangs might be your answer. They can work with your curl, not against it.

These bangs usually accompany shag, but feel free to make your hair only as shaggy as you’d like. This look has loads of short layers around the eyes, but not too many short layers throughout for a more classic look.

Wavy Bob with Long Bangs

A lovely wavy bob is appropriate for all ages, though it suits mature women especially well. Cutting long bangs that hit at the cheekbone will add fullness and a youthful glow to your face.

This bob has taken on a slightly rounded shape thanks to shorter outer layers cut throughout. A round shape is perfect for those with long, oval, or square face shapes.

Wavy Red Bob with Highlights

Dynamic red highlights enhance the rich wavy dimension found naturally in wavy hair. The next time you’re at the salon, ask your stylist about adding lowlights or highlights for a deeper look.

Of course, you don’t have to choose red; blondes and brunettes can take full advantage of a richer color profile.

Cool Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs are for the edgy babe in all of us. On straight hair, it might look severe, but on textured waves, it looks unbelievably cool.

When cutting bangs, make sure they are shortest at the center of the forehead. Keep them choppy and cut them wide so that they fall just before the temple.

Beachy Mermaid Waves

What’s not to love about gorgeously long and wavy hair? Perfect for the beach or any summer occasion, long waves should become your new best friend.

To keep those long tresses protected from the sun and any other damage, be sure to use a hydrating mask at least once a week.

Stunning Wavy Updo

Looking for the perfect updo for your wedding or formal event? A low and loose chignon will honor your natural texture while elegantly framing your face.

Don’t worry about being perfect, this style plays on the slightly messy look. Leave a few pieces down for a romantic air.

Loose Waves Bob

You don’t have to dye your hair a jewel-toned pink to get the most of these waves (though we have to admit, this color is gorgeous). With this look, the waves are concentrated all throughout the hair, especially around the crown of the head. This creates tons of lovely volume.

To define the shape of your style, cut shorter layers at the front of the face. The best part about wavy hair is the ability to play with length to enhance shape and texture.

Chocolate Cascades

This hair looks delicious enough to eat! Not only do we love these toasted cinnamon highlights, but the soft waves look so luxurious on darker hair colors.

Here, hair is all about hydration and shine, so your waves have that iconic bounce. A leave-in conditioner should provide the added moisture that you need.

Modern Shag with Undone Waves

Shags should be a go-to for any babe with wavy hair. Sure, curly babes and pin straight hair can rock the look, but nothing shows off the texture of stacked layers quite like wavy locks.

It’s the rounded shape that really helps these waves stretch. Lots of short layers on top enhanced by rounded bangs that barely reach the eyebrows provide the perfect set up for this soft and silky shag.

Ultra Relaxed Waves

There are all kinds of different waves out there, some are bolder than others. These waves are super relaxed and can be created easily with styling or enhanced on your own.

These laidback waves look great on every hair length, but we love the pop of texture that they add to medium-length hair that is all one length.

The Perfect Angled Bob

Angled bobs have so much style! This cut requires very little day to day work which is great news for you and your waves. In fact, the angular shape of the cut dramatically displays any texture with total ease.

Make sure that the longest pieces of the bob surround your face. If you desire more shape, ask your stylist to cut hair in shorter layers at the back of the head.

Dreamy Waves Pixie

A little bedhead style is the focus of this look. Play with the hair at the temples and the nape of the neck by letting them grow a tad longer and wispier than an average clean-cut look.

As for the top of the head, honor the integrity of each curl and wave and cut the hair in a rounded yet messy manner to get a truly organic-feeling haircut.

Short Shag

We love shags, whether they are short or long! A short shag is that perfect in-between length for babes who like some style but don’t want their hair cut too short.

Shags allow you to play with your bangs however you choose, and this fringe is no exception. Piecey and thickly layered works perfectly on a shag that just barely reaches the shoulders.

Blunt Cut Bob

Also known as a French bob, this blunt cut bob oozes style and sophistication without having to put in too much work.

Feel free to rock thick bangs or part them down the center, as seen here. The blunt cut will make hair appear even thicker than it already is, so keep that in mind if your hair is particularly coarse. You may want more layers if that is the case.

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