All About Louie Castro: He Broke Up With His Ex Fernando Florez After Falling Out Of Love

Louie Castro is perhaps the most flamboyant YouTuber out there. He fits in with most other top YouTubers of recent years with his love for makeup and ability to make even the most mundane story sound enjoyable. However, Castro has an ace up his sleeve in that he delivers his content in ‘Spanglish,’ appealing to both English and Hispanic viewers. 

Some fans have stated that they don’t fully understand his videos, but they watch them anyway – such is Louie Castro’s allure. Castro hopes that his social media exploits will open up opportunities in television. It would be unwise to bet against him. 

Louie broke up with his ex-boyfriend Fernando because the pair fell out of love

Louie and his ex-boyfriend Fernando Flores met at a Pride event in 2019. They started dating and kept their relationship out of the limelight until May 2020. Since then, they dated openly, with Fernando appearing in some of Castro’s videos and social media posts. 

Castro announced the couple’s breakup via a YouTube video posted on 23rd December 2021. He stated that the pair broke up amicably in late November. Louie explained the split as follows:

“We just ended because I felt that I wasn’t feeling it anymore. There were no more ups, there was downs. I had to finally put my foot down and be like what is this relationship. It just wasn’t about how it used to be, and the only thing keeping ups together was thinking about what it used to be. The love wasn’t as strong as it used to be.”

Shortly after the video premiered, a clip showing Fernando kissing another guy while dancing in a club surfaced. The video sparked accusations that Fernando cheated on Louie. Consequently, Fernando started receiving hate for allegedly causing the breakup. 

Flores explained via his Instagram story that the events in the video took place in late December, a month after the breakup. Fernando then pleaded with fans to stop sending hate messages:

“I’d appreciate if the negative messages to others would stop. No one else besides myself and Louie truly knows what’s going on. Not my mom, sisters, or even the guy in the video. The messages directed to them are unnecessary. We tried to keep things private and handle things amicably. Please respect their privacy. Especially today.”

Castro and his sisters moved their parents near LA so the family could stay close

Louie Castro was born on 18th August 1999 in Watsonville, California. He grew up alongside two sisters, one of whom is social media star Yoatzi. 

Castro was bullied a lot growing up, but his father taught him to ignore other people’s opinions. Louie dedicated the following message to his dad on Father’s day 2020:

“You taught me to always keep my head up and stand up for myself. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t appreciate how much love and support you have shown me throughout this crazy journey of mine. I will continue to make you proud!”

Louie told Awesomeness TV that he put maximum effort into education, but it wasn’t rewarding – he wasn’t happy. High school was a nightmare because of the bullies who targeted him for launching a social media career. 

Castro’s social media journey started on Instagram. He moved to YouTube after getting encouragement from fans and his little sister. Louie told Good Times:

“I started getting a lot of comments: ‘Oh my gosh, you should make a YouTube channel.’ But I didn’t even know what YouTube was, because I would use YouTube for music videos and to find lyrics and stuff like that. My little sister was the one who was super into YouTube, so she was like, ‘Yeah, there are people who make videos on YouTube. They are called YouTubers.’”

Teachers and students ganged up to bully Louie for his content, but he didn’t give up. He kept posting videos through high school and after graduation. Castro got his first YouTube paycheck during his time in college. 

At first, his parents didn’t believe that he earned money from YouTube. As the checks started rolling in, Louie began to contemplate dropping out of school. Castro’s parents gave him the freedom to choose whether to stay in school or drop out. 

Castro chose YouTube over college. “It was probably one of the hardest decisions ever,” Louie told Awesomeness TV. Louie also quit his job in Kmart to focus entirely on YouTube. “It was pointless because I was making way less money at Kmart than what I was doing on YouTube,” Louie told Good Times

In a video posted on 24th September 2020, Castro expressed the emotional toll of leaving his parents’ house to move closer to LA and other influencers. Louie and his parents didn’t stay apart for long as he and his sisters got them a home close to his current residence. Castro wrote on Instagram:

“We finally moved our parents out here. The moment I moved away from my parents, my goal was to bring the whole family down here with me. Being super close to them I was going crazy knowing that they weren’t here with me.”

Louie’s mom thought he wanted to be transgender due to his love for makeup

Castro came out as gay in his sophomore year of high school. Louie’s family wasn’t surprised by the revelation. “My mom told me, ‘Ever since you were little, like, I just knew you were,’ and so did my sisters,” Louie told Good Times

Louie’s coming out combined with his social media exploits made him an easy target for hate. However, he developed a thick skin, and by senior year, he’d started wearing more makeup and taking more liberties with fashion. “Still had a tiny friend group,” Louie said. 

Castro’s older sister introduced him to makeup. He hated it at first, but as time went by, he began to enjoy his appearance with makeup. Louie explained:

“As time went by, I started pikcing up more products, like I’d take my mom’s foundation to cover like a pimple. The first thing I ever really did was my eyebrows – started filling my eyebrows, and then little by little just started buying more and more.”

Going out in makeup needed plenty of courage. Castro knew that it would draw attention to him, but he went out anyway. Louie was nervous and scared and needed to keep checking himself in the mirror, but he made it through the day. Castro said:

“I remember asking a worker, ‘Hi, can you be super honest with me?’ I was like, ‘It’s like my first time really like wearing makeup. Do you think this looks good?’ I remember her looking at me, and she was like, ‘Yeah, everything looks really good.’”

Castro’s family didn’t understand his sudden love for makeup; his mom thought he wanted to go transgender. He explained:

“Not that she was against it or anything, but she was like, ‘Hey, I wanna talk to you. Are you wanting to transition?’ I was like, ‘No, no, no. I’m happy with being a boy, but I just love wearing makeup.’”

Makeup slowly transitioned into a family affair. Castro and his mom and sisters do each other’s makeup. Castro’s father is the odd one out, but he compliments Louie’s makeup. Initially, Louie was scared about appearing before his dad with makeup. 

“I was super sacred back then to even come out to my dad,” Louie said. “I was like, ‘Damn, I’m the only boy in the family.’ I don’t want it to feel like I’m letting him down or something like that.”

Castro underwent BBL surgery to reduce his waist and lift his butt

Per a video posted on 15th December 2020, Castro struggled to find videos about men getting Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL). 

Thankfully, the doctor he consulted told him that the procedure was possible as he had fat reserves in his stomach. The elated Castro told the doctor to remove every ounce of fat in his waist and transfer it to his butt. Castro explained:

“I told my doctor I didn’t want hips. I just wanted volume on my butt. What I did want is to have my waist as sinched as possible. I literally told him, ‘I don’t even want to be able to breathe. Take all the fat from my waist. I just want my waist to be tiny.’”

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