Where is Aneska from Dr. Phil now: Her incredible recovery detailed

Aneska Lenardon appeared on Dr. Phil looking as innocent as any other 12-year-old. However, her parents painted her as an ‘explosive, violent, and aggressive’ girl who’d threatened to kill her siblings. Her mom, Melanie, revealed that Aneska had beaten her pet hamster to death and strangled young birds in a nest. 

“I really have no idea [why I get so angry],” Aneska told Dr. Phil. Aneska said her siblings annoyed her the most; she didn’t want them dead, but she asked her parents to keep them away from her. Melanie stated that she and Aneska’s father were considering giving their daughter up to foster care. 

Aneska has controlled her anger issues and rebuilt relationships with her family

Aneska Lenardon is no longer the angry girl who hated her siblings: she’s controlled her anger issues and rebuilt relationships with her family. Further, she graduated from high school and works as a bartender. 

She appeared on Dr. Phil in October 2021 and said she’d built a stable life. Aneska gave a grim outlook of what her life would have been without Dr. Phil’s intervention. “Honestly, I’d be in jail or I’d be dead,” Aneska said. 

“I am doing great,” she continued. “I have held a job for three years. I have a great relationship with my mom and my dad as well as my siblings. And, I’d just like to thank you too. If it wasn’t for you, God knows what would’ve happened.” 

Aneska rarely updates her Facebook and Instagram pages. The last post on her Instagram page dates back to 2018. She clearly values her privacy: her IG bio states, “Yes I was on tv, no I don’t want help.” “Mind your business,” her Facebook bio reads. 

Aneska’s Facebook page reveals that she graduated from Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School. She worked at McDonald’s and Fat Panda Vape Shop after graduation. 

The cause of Aneska’s anger issues wasn’t publicized

Aneska’s parents, Dave and Melanie, said they noticed a shift in Aneska’s temperament after she fell off a tricycle. The accident left the three-year-old with a chipped tooth and a swollen face. The physical injuries healed, but the accident left an indelible yet invisible scar. 

“It’s like somebody had flipped a switch,” Dave said. “Aneska was a totally different child.” Melanie and Dave stated that Melanie became violent, taking out her anger on her siblings. She killed her pet hamster and the baby birds in fits of violent rage. 

Doctors suggested that Aneska had Bipolar Disorder or Sensory Dysregulation disorder. However, the medications they prescribed did little to reduce Aneska’s anger. Melanie and Dave were almost giving up when they contacted Dr. Phil. 

Aneska said during her follow-up with Dr. Phil that her appearance on the show saved her. It’s unclear whether Aneska was diagnosed with a condition or needed medication to improve her mental health. 

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