Is Alpharad married? The gamer’s divorce detailed

Alpharad (real name Jacob Rabon IV) has made thousands of fun YouTube and Twitch videos, but unlike other content creators, he rarely talks about his private life. It surprises many new fans to learn that the gamer was once married. Let’s look closer at Alpharad’s love life. 

Alpharad hasn’t remarried following his divorce from Fiorella Zoll

Alpharad doesn’t have a wife and doesn’t seem to be dating.

The Oklahoma native was previously married to Fiorella Zoll. Alpharad and Fiorella married in 2018, initially settling in their home estate in Oklahoma before moving to Los Angeles. 

In June 2020, Alpharad came out as bisexual. A little over a year later, he announced via Twitter that he’d divorced Fiorella. He wrote that the pair’s relationship had deteriorated, culminating in divorce. 

Alpharad told fans in October 2021 that it had taken him a while to come to terms with separating from his long-time girlfriend. “Fio and I are no longer together,” Alpharad wrote, “and haven’t been good for a while.” He declined to share the reasons for the divorce. 

“I probably won’t ever talk about it in great depth given how personal it is.” Alpharad added that he’d always love and respect Fiorella. He continued:

“She is an incredible person who supported me for nearly seven years and I’d hope for nothing short of the best for her in the future. Given that, please respect our privacy in this situation because it wasn’t an easy or painless decision for anyone.”

Alpharad also wrote about his professional and mental struggles, revealing he almost quit content creation. He stated that his father was undergoing treatment for cancer. “Thank you for everyone who has supported me during these difficult couple years,” he wrote. “Everything will fall into place eventually.”

In late November 2021, Alpharad announced his dad was officially cancer free. 

Contrary to rumors, Alpharad and Jaiden Animations are dating

Alpharad and his fellow content creator Jaiden Animations aren’t dating. Reports about their rumored relationship surfaced when they bought a $4.8 million house in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

In 2022, Jaiden Animations released a video announcing she is aromantic and asexual. During an appearance on the podcast How Did We Get Here?, Alpharad stated that he is somewhere in the aromantic and asexual spectrum. 

Some Redditors allege that Alpharad is dating, but we’ve found no evidence to support the claim. 

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