Andrew Tate’s parents: His chess champion father discussed

Controversial social media star Andrew Tate might feature in a boxing match against Jake Paul. Andrew, a former kickboxer, and Paul, an aspiring boxer, have teased an encounter since 2020 when Andrew offered $3 million to fight Jake. A lucrative bout between the pair seems increasingly likely, considering Andrew’s recent effusive praise of Paul. In an episode of the Full Send podcast, Tate said:

“It seems that Jake Paul is taking his boxing career seriously. I’m no longer angry at the guy because he’s a boxer, effectively. And he’s using attention, he’s using provocative marketing to make himself as much money as possible.”

This piece will look at Andrew Tate’s parents. 

Tate’s father was a widely revered chess player famous for making risky, unconventional moves

Andrew Tate was the first-born son of revered chess player Emory Tate Jr. and his British wife, Eileen. Emory Jr. learned chess from his father, Emory Tate Sr., a World War II veteran turned successful lawyer. 

The senior Emory taught all his children chess, but none flourished in the game better than Emory Jr. Aged 13, Emory Jr. usurped his father as chess master in the Tate household. 

Emory’s fame as a chess master proliferated after he joined the Air Force. He won multiple Armed Forces Championships and traveled worldwide, learning Russian, German, and Spanish.

Despite having never studied the game, Tate was supremely talented. Andrew Tate once shared: “I never saw him study chess books, ever. He also hated chess computers and never used them. He just sat down and played.”

In hindsight, studying would have been a futile exercise for Tate. Emory gained fame for making risky, unconventional moves. Maurice Ashley, a fellow black chess player, viewed his match against Tate as historic in the black community. Ashley said he was surprised by Tate’s rapid sacrifice of a bishop in a game that ended as a draw:

“The final position is amusing: we had nothing left to sacrifice and reluctantly had to accept a draw! We actually chuckled at each other, two fighters gaining much respect for each other’s attitude at the board.”

Emory’s daring style earned him victories against many Grandmasters, including a much-publicized win against Leonid Yudasin. Conversely, Emory’s approach occasionally backfired, leading to a fair share of losses. 

Nevertheless, the respect and adoration he received from the chess community never waned. Alexander Yermolinsky, a Grandmaster, wrote in his book The Road to Chess Improvement: “Emory may have certain shortcomings when it comes to all-around play, but he’s not the kind of guy to back down from a challenge!”

Emory was perhaps the most talented player to never earn the Grandmaster title. He spent his last years teaching chess to school children. In October 2015, he collapsed and died at the Sam Shankland Open. 

Andrew retired his mother after he started making money

Emory and Eileen Tate raised three children: Andrew, Tristan, and Janine. Andrew and Tristan are controversial social media stars, and Janine followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and became an attorney. 

Andrew recently revealed he received criticism for retiring his mother after he started earning money. Tate said:

“When I started making money I retired my mother. I called her up – she was still a dinner lady, still washing dishes – and said, ‘Fuck that off. I’ll triple your money. Stay at home.’”

“And when I told people I do that, they go, ‘Don’t you think it’s weird you look after her? She is a grown up?’ I was like, ‘Isn’t that as old as human life: the sons make money to look after the parents? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?’ I thought that was normal.”

Eileen has stayed away from the limelight, occasionally coming up when her sons talk about her. In a viral video, Tristan answered a phone call from Eileen during a live stream with Andrew. 

“There’s three thousand people watching me take this phone call,” Tristan told Eileen. “Hit me up anytime. Your wish is my command.” The brothers then mocked Eileen’s concern about press coverage of their controversies. Tristan asked Eileen to send their fans a message, but she declined. 

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